[Julian Huguet]: Hello and welcome
to GeForce. I’m Julian, here with Buu from ZOTAC, and we are
going to talk about some systems that you guys are unveiling
here at CES 2020. [Buu Ly]: That’s right.
And they are ZBOX Mini PCs. So we’re very interested to show how
powerful and how capable they are. Just as powerful as your clunky desktop
that you have on your desk. [Julian Huguet]: So, specifically,
what models are we looking at here? [Buu Ly]: We’re looking at the MAGNUS
of the E Series of ZBOX Series. These are the ones that come equipped
with GeForce RTX inside. [Julian Huguet]: So, you’ve got a couple
that are more specifically for gaming, but this white one over here is catching
my eye. What is the deal with this? [Buu Ly]: These ones are new
for CES 2020 and what we call our Inspire Studio Line
of ZBOX Mini PCs. These are meant specifically
just for content creators. So, we wanted to remove
the hardware decision process, so we wanted to just have one model
that people would know, this is what I need to do:
digital content creation. [Julian Huguet]: So, just making
it simple. There’s a box that if you’re a creator,
this is right for you. What about it makes it suited
for content creators? [Buu Ly]: Oh, it’s super compact. It’s so
small, you can put it in your backpack. You can carry it with you anywhere
when you’re traveling, so you can edit pretty much anywhere
as long as you have the system and your additional peripheral, which is
your keyboard and your monitor. But very powerful, very capable,
and just as quiet. [Julian Huguet]: So, what about
the hardware inside of it, the CPU and GPU that
content creators need? What’s it got? [Buu Ly]: It’s going to be one of
our most powerful systems we have available here at CES 2020
and for the entire ZBOX product line. So this is going to be with an
Intel 65W i7-9700 processor, so that’s specifically
a desktop socket processor, equipped with a
GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER. So it’s going to be ready to go
out of the box with Windows 10 Pro. 32 Gigs of DDR4 memory,
so that’s maxed out. You’re not going to be able to upgrade
that anymore because it’s already maxed. 512 Gigs NVMe storage
and a 2TB hard drive. In addition, if you wanted to
be able to accelerate your hard drive, you have an additional
Intel Optane slot. [Julian Huguet]: Speaking of small
but powerful, we have a refresh of the MEK Mini,
which is just the cutest little battle box I’ve ever seen.
What’s new with the MEK MINI? [Buu Ly]: It’s also the most powerful
as well. So now, it has an RTX 2070 SUPER inside, in addition
with an 9th Gen Intel i7. But the other additional update
we did to the side panels, that we added more
ventilation so that the RTX 2070 SUPER Mini can breathe
a lot more inside. [Julian Huguet]: Well Buu, thank you
so much for showing us what ZOTAC has to offer here
at CES 2020. [Buu Ly]: Glad to be here.
[Julian Huguet]: Thank you guys for tuning in here on GeForce. We’ve got plenty of
coverage from CES coming your way, so stay tuned
to GeForce for more.