– (man) I can’t rebuild that.
– I’m actually tearing up. It’s about Lego,
but I’m tearing up. – Eight years of your life.
– You don’t get those hours and days of building
these things back. ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – (man) Hey guys,
it’s me, Republicattak. – We know this. – Oh, I saw this.
He got robbed, didn’t he? – (man) Probably
my last video. – What? – (man) I came back home
two hours ago and found the car in the parking
being having the window destroyed. – Oh no. – (man) I found Lego pieces
all over the garden and the terrace.
– Someone break in? – His Lego collection was stolen. – (man) Broken windows and doors
and finally, I saw also destroyed Legos just
down the stairs. – Damn. – Have you ever been working
on a video and then you lose everything?
That’s what this is like. – (man) And my creation,
which was here, gone. Totally destroyed.
– Why would anyone do that? – Someone just randomly
came to his house and destroyed all his Legos? – Dang, that’s a lot of hard work
just destroyed. – Was it a random burglar
or rival Lego gangs? Are there Lego gangs? – (man) [inaudible]
before departing for work, because I can be gone…
– Why are you making me react to this?
This has a happy ending, right? – (man) And the same for
many of my sets. All many UCS, too,
many new sets, all including the
Millennium Falcon, which I didn’t have
the occasion to build yet. – Really?
Oh no. – He’s so sad.
This is so sad. – It’s very sad.
It’s something that you can totally just relate to. – (man) So, I’m just stopping
videos. – Just gonna give up? – (man) It’s been…
– Oh my goodness. Aw.
It’s okay to cry. Please don’t bottle it. – (man) Fourteen years
of collection. – Fourteen years? – Fourteen years of collection? – (man) Without maybe with
a lot of money, I can’t rebuild that.
– I’m actually tearing up. It’s about Lego,
but I’m tearing up. – (man) My bricks gone.
They took whole spots. – It’s extraordinarily sad.
It’s awful. – (man) So, I’m just stopping.
– No, he’s giving up on his dream. – Poor guy. – (man) I don’t know
what I’m going to do, but yeah, so it was
pretty great to have you follow me [inaudible]. – It sucks.
It’s the nostalgic thing and then it’s also
the business that you’ve built. It’s [bleep]. – (man) Inspire other people
doing also Legos. I really enjoyed that.
– You’re a talented architect. – (man) I had some plans
for my creations. It was an Imperial March.
– (both) Oh my gosh. – (man) No.
Not what it was supposed to be, but how it was.
– Aw, this is just sad. – (man) With an AT-AT,
[inaudible]. – We’re huge Star Wars fans.
This is really– I’m wanting to cry. – I feel really bad because
I can tell how passionate he is about Legos and I have the same
passion– I used to have the same passion
about Glee, as dumb as it sounds. – (man) I really enjoyed Legos
since a child. I was six years old when
I got my first set, was really a passion.
– He’s still a little kid at heart. – It seems like his whole life
has been about Legos and this just completely
destroyed him and I feel really bad. – (man) It really was my passion.
In fact, it was a part of me because when I walk
and I come back to weekend just for relaxing.
– They came for Legos, but they left with his heart. – (man) For troubling
and what I’m thinking about for leisure and trying to relax.
I’m thinking about my Lego projects.
– Oh no. He can’t relax. – (man) Gone.
So next week, I have to go again.
– Ah. This guy’s going through
so much emotion right now. – (man) And so that’s the end
of this channel. – No. – (man) What’s really strange
is that they personally come for Legos.
I mean, no laptop been stolen, no computers.
– Wait, they personally came for Legos?
That’s really [bleep] up. – (man) There was a brand new
Mac computer. They didn’t stole it.
– Must have been people watching his video. – This is honestly something
a third grader would do. – (man) So thank you
for following me for all those eight years
and bye. Wishing you the best
with your Legos and just be careful,
because there are some bastards out there
and so goodbye. – Aw.
– That is so sad. – I’m kinda tearing up.
– I’m tearing up. – Eight years of your life.
What was it, like $18,000 or something that was
stolen? – You don’t get those hours
and days of building these things back. – If this was just pure
malicious intent, that is incredibly disheartening,
incredibly sad. – Some people think sometimes
some things are funny to destroy or something.
Even if you don’t care, it can affect another person. – (FBE) So this video came
from YouTuber Republicattak, who’s been on YouTube
for eight years. – Whoo, okay. – Wow, and every year he was–
he said eight years he was building that. – (FBE) He’s been collecting Legos
since 2004 with the hopes of turning this into a career,
however as he mentioned, the majority of his collection
was stolen a few weeks ago. – Dang, that is so awful.
– That’s depressing. Why are people so mean? – (FBE) However, this video
went viral on Reddit and actually lead to
a GoFundMe page being created with the hopes of restoring
the $18,000 worth of property that he lost.
– Wow. – 18,000?
Now I can really, really understand also why. – It’s cool that people
jumped in to help. That shows the power
of the internet and how people can
get together. – (FBE) As you’ll see here,
he hoped to raise $18,000 and here is the page.
– Aw. In eleven days?
Wow. – With a thousand
and they reached it. They got 18. – People watch people
to live vicariously through someone else’s passions
so that if their passion gets destroyed, they obviously
wanna support in any way that they can and it seems like
he’s got a very engaged, sweet audience that really
encouraged him. – It’s another one of those times
where the internet just comes together and helps
this poor kid out, but I feel like something
else needs to be done. I feel like we need to find out
who this Lego bully is. – (FBE) Once they reached
the $18,000 that they needed, he immediately shut down
the campaign because he said he didn’t wanna take more
that what was needed. – Oh wow.
Well damn. He’s a good guy.
He just wants to collect his Legos. – The fact that it actually
happened though, that someone broke into
his house. That is so scary
’cause you know, as YouTubers, that’s our
biggest fear. – This is one of my biggest
fears being a creator is that someone will target me
and infiltrate my personal space and take things away from me
that I hold of value. – If there’s any silver lining
to this, hopefully this tragedy got him more people
watching his channel when he rebuilds all the
Legos again. I hope that happens.
– It’s not just about the money too, ’cause it’s gonna take all
the time and effort to rebuild all that
and he was even making things that aren’t sets.
He was creating whole scenes and stuff from Star Wars. – (FBE) So Republicattak
is a relatively small to mid-sized channel
who at the time of the robbery had just over 4,000 subscribers.
– Oh wow, that’s even crazier then. – We all know what he’s feeling.
We all can see just that raw sadness.
Just having this big collection just taken away. – (FBE) How would it feel
if something like this happened while your channel was around
that size? – It sucks, ’cause you’re beating
people when they’re already sort of not down,
but on their way up. – Ooh, I’m a constantly
paranoid person. I think I would be even more
scared to have more attention on me for this sort of thing
that there might be a lot of bad apples out there
that now see this as a funny thing to take advantage of
rather than a real thing. – It’s more positive now,
because his story doesn’t end, ’cause that’s just messed up
for that to go unfixed, but man, that’s just
a traumatic event in that dude’s life
and it’s obvious from his video that it really rocked his world
and you can empathize with that and I think that’s why
people donated. – When I first started
my first channel that got hacked and deleted,
it was a channel called Funky Fresh.
They figured out my password, which was “funky”
and deleted all my videos and uploaded some dance videos,
so I understand that even– it might not seem like a lot,
but when it’s all you have and when you’re beginning
to build something, it’s like, “Dude,”
I can see why he wanted to just give up. – There’s good and bad
on the internet. There’s always gonna be
good and bad, but if we just highlight
the good stories and if we focus on that,
I think there’s always hope for better things. – (FBE) Speaking of leaving
YouTube, there’s been so much discussed of late
about YouTuber burnout and in addition to creators,
viewers are starting to understand the reality of being reliant
on a platform and algorithms and the grind that that is.
– I know all about that. – I definitely think it’s
a conversation that’s being discussed a lot more.
I have made a video about burnout and I know that I get asked
about it. – (FBE) So, we want you to tell
us honestly, has there ever been a time where you have
thought about leaving YouTube? – There’s never been a time
where I wanted to leave YouTube, but there’s definitely been
a time where I felt not motivated
or just like I’m personally burning out on trying
to be creative, ’cause we’ve been doing this
for six years and we post every single week
and we’ve never missed a Tuesday. – In the beginning,
when I wasn’t big, a lot of times I was like,
“Well, this isn’t working. I’d better quit,” so I took maybe
four breaks. – I’m not burnt out
because I take breaks. I have a balance, you know?
Because I don’t feel the need to turn my camera on 24/7
and document everything. When I started making
YouTube videos, there wasn’t even money in it,
you know? And I was doing it for fun
and ’cause I wanted to just make cool content
and share it with people. As an established YouTuber,
you lose some of that because you kind of get
into this mindset of algorithms and views
and money, you know? And it’s difficult to really
remember why you started doing it. – I had a huge mental breakdown
the beginning of this year and I was not okay.
It’s something I’m so passionate about
and it’s the one thing that makes me happy
and it’s also the one thing that makes me the most
stressed and burnt out. It’s like weighing and balancing,
finding the balance for sure. – I mean, it’s the bread and butter.
You can’t leave it if you need a job.
That being said, there are always points where
you’re burnt out. – It’s super fun, the stuff we make
and we’re super grateful to be able to do it,
but it is still a job and that’s not a bad thing,
but that does require a lot of effort and focus
and hard work. – I’m currently on a hiatus
from making YouTube videos for my own mental health.
There is no– has never been a blueprint
for making YouTube videos and there’s no rulebook
or no psychological guidance on how it can affect you
over time and we’re all, as much as we’re exploring
and discovering these new creative endeavors,
we’re also exploring and discovering the way
that they affect our emotional state and so, it’s really a matter
of checking in with yourself and getting professional help
and not being afraid to do that. – (FBE) So finally, there are
signs of encouragement with the GoFundMe
that this creator might eventually start making videos again
due to the massive support he’s received.
So, what do you wanna say to him as he makes
his potential return? – It actually reminds me
of my when I first started my YouTube.
I started out with pretty much nothing
and that’s what I like about him is he’s just doing what
he loves and then sharing it. – If you want to make
your potential return, then do it,
but I do think that there’s gonna be a lot of trauma
around what happened to you and so I really encourage
you to talk to a professional or talk to someone about it. – When I do stumble upon
a channel like this, it is always very endearing.
It also is seeing how authentic these people can be.
Keep on doing it, dude. As long as you enjoy
making those videos and it seems like you
really enjoy Legos, I would say keep on living
your dream. It sucks that it happened to you,
but there’s a lot of people who wanna see you succeed. – Republicattak, please keep
making videos. We love Legos
and we love Star Wars. – Yes.
So, we would love to see you build those Legos,
’cause I never imagined buying it myself,
but seeing someone else make it would be absolutely incredible
to watch, so please, please continue
your channel and do not give up. – It sucks, what happened to you,
and I can imagine how that makes you wanna just
stop and just give up. Just don’t give up, man.
I’m excited. I’m gonna subscribe
and I can’t wait to see your next video. – Hey, make sure you subscribe
to Lego man. Seems like a sweet guy.
He loves Legos. We all loved Legos at some point.
He probably has so many scars on the bottom of his feet
from walking around in that house with all
the Legos everywhere, so subscribe and support–
let’s support each other, all right? – Thanks for watching this
episode of YouTubers React. – Make sure to subscribe
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Links in the description. – Let us know in the comments
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Thanks guys, bye.