– What is wrong
with these stupid ads?! – Mobile game ads right now
are just awful. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (soft piano music) ♪ – Hmm.
– She’s excited. – Already, it just looks
like a really crappy mobile game ad.
– Oh! (laughs) I feel like I’ve seen this before.
– (as woman) Got a baby in my belly. Daddy, I think it’s your baby.
(as man) No! Go away! No babies! – Am I gonna cry?
– I don’t understand what’s happening at all.
– Is this gonna be some level 99 mafia boss thing? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh my god. What a power move.
– Hey, you know what? I don’t need to be pregnant.
Yeah! [Bleep] my baby! – (laughs) What the hell was that?
– That’s a real game?! – What is wrong
with these stupid ads?! – Mobile game ads right now
are just awful. – Dude, pregnancy is always
a huge theme of these too, and it makes no sense.
– I’m scared now. – Yeah, so am I.
– Oh, don’t let this guy get away. He’s hotter than the last one. – (both gasps) – (laughs)
– I love the Seinfeld bass slap. ♪ (imitates bass) ♪ – I’m [bleep] dead.
– Oh. That’s an eggplant. – What the?
– (laughs) – Honestly, this one
was very spiritually deep. Like, the macho, it was tiny.
His platter was small, but he was still bragging about it.
Like, he still put it on a silver platter.
– Did they just hire some 15-year-old kid who they thought
was “in touch” with social media or Twitter or something?
And like, “Oh, the emoji. Do that”– I just don’t–
I don’t understand. – Oh!
– (gasps) – (both gasp) Oh!
– Oh, no! (thunder crashing) – Oh my god.
– Don’t hurt my Lily! She got a baby!
– Ohhhh… she’s dead. Nope. She’s alive.
Wow. – I’m failing to see
how this is supposed to make me wanna go to the App Store
and spend time downloading this game. – I thought we were
getting romance vibes. Now we’re getting horror vibes.
What is this game about? ♪ (somber music) ♪ – Oh, no.
– Oh, it’s Lily on her phone. – (both) Oh!
– Thinking of you. That’s nice. Oh.
Ohhh. No, he didn’t. – Oh, he found a new bitch.
– (both gasps) Ohhh, no! – That was depressing. – Oh, she’s pregnant again? Oh.
– Oh, is this– – (gasps) Oh!
– Oh. Who are you?! – And it happened again.
– Wait, what? – (gasps) Twist.
– Oh, he came back with a baby– yeah!
All right! – What happened to the first baby?
– Eh, tomayto, tomahto. What are you gonna do?
Life in the garden moves quick, baby. – (FBE) So, we actually have
one more ad to show you from this game, but we’re actually
gonna have to censor this when we upload it
because of YouTube’s policies. We still want to show it to you,
so maybe you can describe what’s happening in the video
to our viewers at home. – Okay, great. But it’s an ad
that YouTube has probably played themselves,
which we run into all the time, YouTube playing ads
that are so inappropriate that the actual content
that the ad is placed on wouldn’t actually be allowed
to be on YouTube in the first place. Ah. Love it. ♪ (funky rock music) ♪ – Okay, I’m ready for this one.
– (both) Oh. – Oh!
– Confidential. – Hands him secret photos. Uh-oh.
– Ah! They’re going in and out of each other like acrobats.
– AHHH! (laughs) I’m so confused!
– Wait, what?! – Oh, pottery,
but with an eggplant. – Dude! All right.
– That is not an eggplant emoji! – Oh, boy.
– Still have no idea what’s going on.
– If I was the head of this company, I would be using
these ads too, because it gets people
talking about it. You and are I talking
about it right now. – (FBE) Before we talk
a little bit more about this particular game,
we actually found some other mobile game ads
that are a bit odd, so we thought we’d
show you those as well. – Mm-hmm. Let’s do it. (chuckles) – (gasps) They don’t have any armor!
Get out of th– oh, they got powers, though. – I don’t like this.
(gun cocking) – Oh, hell yeah.
– I like this. – Wait, why are they
launching people like that? – There’s no way
this is a real game. There’s no absolute way
this is a real game. – (laughs) It is. Look. – (both laugh)
– What the hell is it? – Yeah. Get ’em!
– Look at all those coins. – I’m so confused.
– I wanna play that game. – No, I don’t want to.
– That game looks great. – I gotta be honest.
I really wanna click all of these ads.
Whoever is behind the marketing in these games is doing
a very good job. – Whoa.
– (woman screams) – (laughs) Oh my– okay.
– (woman crying) – (giggles)
– Is this speech to text? – I think so.
– “She’s not pretty.” (chuckles) – (man) Nobody wants her. Nobody want!
– “Nobody want.” – (man) Nobody want.
– “Nobody want.” – What?
– “If the man is guilty?” Guilty! [Bleep] him!
Yeah! – I don’t know how many
downloads they got, but it’s probably not very many.
– I still don’t understand what each game is.
None of these ads give me any context. – That looked weird.
That looked uncomfortable. I don’t know why the guy’s guilty.
Why is he guilty? I mean, I get why this works.
I wanna play the game now. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Uh-oh. Level one mafia boss. Fight back. He’s gonna go
level 99 in no time. – “Fight back.
Give up on life.” Jesus. – Oh, wow. He’s a zaddy now.
– Intelligence! Intellig– IQ! Charisma!
– I’ve definitely played one of these games before.
– Oh, he inherited the family business.
– Oh, she wants– oh my gosh! Huh?!
– What? – That’s how I got Sabrina.
I was just walking down the street one day.
There was a line of, like, seven women just clinging
to my ankle, and I picked her out of the little line
just like that, and we’ve been together ever since.
– (FBE) So, focusing on those first ads we showed you
for the game Lily’s Garden, based on the advertising,
what kind of game do you imagine it will be and what it’s about?
– Like, The Sims or something maybe. – I’m assuming it’s
like a story time app, where you can choose
what the character does. – Bejeweled.
– Lily’s dirt time sex simulator. – (snickers)
– From past experience of accidentally downloading games from the ads
and it being the completely wrong thing you thought it was
supposed to be, I think it’s one of those Bejeweled games.
– (FBE) We’re quickly gonna show you just some actual gameplay
from Lily’s Garden. – Hell yeah. Take me to the garden. ♪ (tranquil music) ♪ – I swear, if it’s actually
about a garden… – Has FarmVille vibes, 100%. – (in English accent) “There’s
the old pond! No big deal! I might even have time
to go fishing, ha-ha.” – (chuckles) Oh my god.
It has nothing to do with men. – She and Great Uncle Arthur
are gonna plow on the front lawn. I’m calling it.
– Are you– it’s literally a garden. She has a month to do a garden. – (gasps) Ahhhh!
– It is Bejeweled! – What did I say?! Yes!
Never played this game before. I called it! Yes!
– See. – Exactly. It’s a
freaking Bejeweled game. – Did ads really have nothing
to do with the actual gameplay? – Wait, this is just
a Bejeweled game? – Isn’t that false advertising?
– She’s not even planting stuff? She’s doing like
a Candy Crush/Best Fiends? – Oh, [bleep].
– This game is all over the place. I would never download it. – Wow.
– Wait, really? That’s it? – That’s the game?
– That’s the game? – I’m very upset.
Where were the dream daddies? Where was the babies?
I saw no pregnancy tests! – I mean, that’s a much better way
to market a game than to just be like, “Here’s another puzzle again.”
If you typed in puzzle on the App Store,
you’d be scrolling for weeks, I’m assuming.
– (FBE) So, as you just saw with what we just showed you,
there seems to have been a rise in mobile game ads,
many of which have little or nothing to do with what
the actual game is like and tends to be a bit over the top
and sometimes poorly made. So, why do you think
there is so much intrigue over these ads
from the internet community? – I think people are just shocked
and appalled that these things get created.
– I think it’s shock value. It’s so hard to grab
anyone’s attention on social media, because we’re constantly
being thrown ads not just from places
you expect to see ads but in places you
don’t expect to see ads. – The ads are just crazy.
You don’t understand what’s going on. You don’t. And it contrasts
the game itself. It’s just like shock factor,
you know what I mean? It’s just trying to–
it’s trying to cause a discussion about it.
– Now I wonder if the problem’s gotten worse,
where it’s like you have some of the commentary channels
talking about it or game developers going out
of their way to make cringy things so that they get more
free air time. I’m so confused
about all angles of this. – (FBE) So, the actual game
is similar to Candy Crush. It’s a tile mashing game,
but it does have a storyline around relationships.
It just isn’t as extreme as what is shown in the ads.
– Okay. Well then, it’s not that much
of a bait and switch. – I don’t buy that.
Yeah, it’s Candy Crush. Yeah, but guess what?
Candy Crush did it better, ’cause they’re Candy Crush.
– (FBE) Their marketing goes even further than these ads,
but also into the world around the game,
where they have an Instagram account as if Lily is a real person
who engages with players of the game. – (gasps)
– That’s actually really smart. – That is smart. – So smart.
– I kind of wanna go see her Instagram now.
– (FBE) What do you think about the choice that they made
to advertise in this way versus kind of being true
to what the actual game is? – Smart, but weird.
– So smart. Lily’s making coin.
She’s making bank from this. – I think it’s just
morally wrong. It’s cheap. It’s like clickbait, right?
It has nothing to do with the game, and so it’s just
false advertising almost. – I think it’s manipulative,
and I think that they can get away with it now.
Companies can do this. But as soon as we start
to realize that the more shocking and strange and confusing ads are,
the less likely it is that there’s any payoff,
we’re just gonna start ignoring those as well.
– I’d much rather see a game made by somebody who
marketed that unironically. What does a game look like
by somebody who wasn’t trying to be ironic or go viral?
– (FBE) So, advertising used to be a bit more narrow,
starting with print, radio, and television,
but nowadays, there are ads all across the internet
and social media. So, when it comes to advertising,
do you feel that there needs to be more oversight on what
is allowed right now? – I think so.
And I think that will come in time. I feel like the internet’s
still so new. And I feel like with TV
and movies and whatever, advertising rules there
are so set in stone, because it’s been years
and years of that. – There’s been structure
for advertising since the beginning
of advertising, I guess. And everyone’s following
this textbook way to do it, and I think the people who push
the boundaries are the ones who see the results,
so I think that’s kind of just what Lily’s Garden is doing.
– All advertisements are pretty much fabricated
to a certain extent, especially when you got
marketing teams and people behind the scenes
trying to reverse engineer the brains of people.
– It’s misleading, it’s inappropriate, and it’s making probably
an addiction more consumable to children certainly.
– Yeah. – But at the end of the day,
marketing that results in turnovers like that is ultimately successful
just from a financial standpoint. I’d like to think that this
probably worked out for them. – (FBE) So finally,
as a content creator who relies on YouTube advertisements,
which play before or during your videos, would you want
these ads playing on your content or in your Instagram feed? – I really don’t care.
People are watching my videos to watch my videos.
I’m not the kind of viewer that watches a video and says,
“Oh, they had this ad. They’re associating
with that compa”– No. – No. (laughs)
I mean, it’s an honor to be monetized when you are,
but can you not do that one? – Unfortunately, we don’t really
have control in what comes before our video.
We have no say in that. – The advertisers have more power
than the content creator, for example, on YouTube.
– Absolutely. – So, the advertisers say,
“Oh, I don’t want anything that’s risqué,”
yet I don’t have a choice in saying what I want
to be displayed next to my content. – You can actually go into
your Google AdSense settings, which I’ve done before,
and you can choose what type of topics you don’t want
featured on your channel. So, I’ve gone through that,
and that is why I can’t rely on my AdSense to make
a living. (laughs) – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Subscribe to all
the creators in this episode. – Links are in the description.
– Bye! – Hey, everyone. Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. Make sure you guys go check out
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Bye, everyone!