– OHH! (laughs)
The owl doesn’t play around! – Oh, no! No, not the booty!
Ahh! (laughs) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) Here at FBE,
we have covered many memes that have gone viral over the years.
– (gasps) – (FBE) But since memes come and go
so fast, it can be really hard to cover all of them.
– (laughs) Is this everything that got away?
– I do a lot of scrolling just to make sure I know
what the memes are, what the kids are joking about.
It’s good to stay current. – (FBE) So, the first meme
that have is called… Here’s the [bleep] Tea.
– OH! I know this one! I know this one! Good! – (woman) Here’s–
(kaboom!) – What– what just happened?
That tea had some dynamite in it. – (woman) Here’s–
(kaboom!) – Whoa! All right.
Here’s what? – (woman) Here’s–
(kaboom!) – What?
– That was it. Good job. Good going, you meme.
– The explosion? – Threw me for a loop there.
– All right. – (woman) Here’s–
(kaboom!) – (laughs)
Why are explosions so funny? – She just said, “Here’s” and then there was an explosion.
– And then she died. – Oh, god. I hope she didn’t die.
But… where’s the tea?! – I’ve seen that meme going around.
I’ve never seen the original, but it’s so funny. (chuckles) – This is amazing.
– She’s just– she’s coming. She’s coming at all angles.
She’s coming everywhere. She’s going… places. (“Here” repeating incessantly) – Yeah, I don’t like this. (laughs)
– (person screaming) – See, this is the dark side of ASMR.
– And someone is just screaming in the background?
– I’m scared. – That is like Chinese water torture.
Just put that one on for 10 hours. Woo!
– Anybody who is– all of their catchphrases
and all of their intros all lined up all the same time,
I think, yeah, that can be a little overwhelming.
– Oh! No. Grandma! – I love her. – (exhales)
– (laughs) – (woman speaking in Mandarin) – Oh my goodness! That is
tea in other languages! Yes! – There’s something very sweet
about old ladies and memes. – Yeah, when they’re current,
they’re hip, fresh. It’s like a rapping granny, but way cooler.
– Yeah. – (FBE) This meme seems
to have started on TikTok. – Now that I am a TikTokker myself,
I’ve actually learned this stuff. – (FBE) It’s from a TikTok user
who makes short rant videos and has this as her intro.
– Okay, that explains why I don’t know it. (laughs)
– Ohh. So, it’s her, like, “What’s up, everybody?”
– It’s her brand. – Got it. – (woman exhales) Here’s…
the [bleep]… tea! – (FBE) Now that you’ve seen
this one, do you hope to see more of these memes?
Or do you think it should just stop? – This meme can stay.
I like tea. I like sipping tea.
I like spilling tea. I like all of the tea.
– I’m okay with this not being a thing.
– I’m all for… making fun of somebody that’s cringy.
Let’s keep the party going. – We can see a little bit more.
– I do kind of wanna know what it is. Like,
what is the tea? Tell me. So, yes.
– I like the permutations I’m seeing. I like where it’s going.
– Mm-hmm. – This meme has legs,
and I’d like to see them stretch. – If you think it’s still funny,
keep doing it. Do your own thing, right?
Just make more of the tea memes. – Heck yeah. Honestly, 2019 memes
have been a bit trash, and this one just got me.
– I like this meme, and I wanna see some more.
– Sure. We could see more of the meme. sure.
– Do I expect to see more tea circulating online? Absolutely.
(ding) So, the tea is hot and everyone
is willing to serve it. – (FBE) Next, we have some memes
around the DuoLingo app. – DuoLingo app. I feel like
a really bad internet content creator that I don’t know
half of these. (laughs) I have used DuoLingo to try
to teach myself French. Je m’appelle Rosanna!
That’s it! That’s all I got! – “I wrote a comic
about duolingo-chan.” Duolingo-chan?!
They made it an anime? – “Looks like you missed
your Japanese lesson. You know what
happens now. Let’s see”– (chuckles)
“Let’s see if you remember how to beg for mercy.”
Oh! Okay. Okay, so it’s just
smacking you over the head with notifications.
I get it! – I’ve seen a couple
of the memes where it feels very threatening if you miss
one of the lessons, and I think
that’s hilarious. (chuckles) – I know this one,
so I feel good. I feel hip. When you forget to do
your daily lesson or something, it’ll come after you.
– I feel like if I went home and I was like, “Yo,
I’m hip. I’ma make a DuoLingo joke,” no one’s gonna know
what I’m talking about on my feed, you know?
Nerds! – So, you earn 10 experience
for completing a lesson, and that means you’re only
10 XP away from seeing your kids again!
– Incredible. – Isn’t that wonderful?
– “Away from seeing your kids again.” (gasps) (wheezing laughter)
Extreme! – “10 XP away from seeing
your kids”– Joke’s on them,
I don’t know have any kids. – Oh, but that owl,
he doesn’t look that threatening. But it’s always the cute ones
you gotta watch out for, right? – When I had the DuoLingo app
installed and was using it, it did send notifications
literally all the time, basically guilt tripping me.
So, I could totally see them, you know, this cute little
owl creature kidnapping my child. – (laughs) Learn Spanish! – This is great.
I kind of– I almost now want to download
this app just so that I can feel the threats.
– You think the people at DuoLingo are happy that this is happening?
Or is there somebody that takes DuoLingo way too seriously,
and they’re like, “Our DuoLingo bird is not about this”?
– (boy) Time to log in to RuneScape and enjoy the day. Wait.
What the hell is this? (notification dings)
– Nobody plays RuneScape anymore. – This is amazingly animated.-
– Uh-oh. – Oh, no.
– Oh, his sad eyes. Don’t click.
– Ohh! (laughs) – Oh my god.
– I’ve never even seen it till today, but I already
love the owl. Oh! OHHHH! (laughs)
The owl doesn’t play around. – Oh, no. Don’t do it.
Don’t respond! No, don’t do it!! – (whispers) Don’t do it.
– (boys) Ah! Mom? Dad? – It’s like a sci-fi scary movie. – Look at those cold, dead eyes. (bell dinging)
– (chuckles) – Oh my god.
– Well animated. – Okay. I must learn Spanish. – To do an animation
for such a current thing, something as so fast-paced
(snapping) as a meme, I gotta give that person credit.
Great animation, great atmosphere. Mwah!
– (FBE) So, about these memes, do you hope to see more of them,
or do you think that this is one that can go ahead and stop?
– You’d have to know the app to get that one.
It can stop. – Let’s see more of it.
Let’s see how twisted and sinister we can
make DuoLingo appear. – I think people can really
relate to these, so this is okay. – This one’s kinda dark.
We might need some more happier memes. – I think it’s really creative.
– Yeah. – I like it.
– I don’t know. This one can keep going.
I like this one. You know, keep bringing on
all the creepy owl things. I like it.
– Hey, man, sure. If you guys are enjoying
your DuoLingo app, and this makes you laugh,
keep the party going. – The memes that we saw
based on this were all virtually
exactly the same concept, so I’m good. I get it.
– You’re kind of right. It’s like,
“Where do you go from here?” – I enjoy this.
Also, any memes that implies that a cute mascot owl
is gonna come kill me so I can learn Arabic or Spanish,
thumbs up in my book. – (FBE) So finally, we have
a couple memes surrounding the new movie,
“Avengers: Endgame.” – Ooh! Goody! Yes, yes. – I think I know where this is going,
and it involves Thanos and Ant-Man. – (reporter) But people are ready
to see this movie. They’re buying the tickets.
It’s nuts. I mean, how does that feel to know
that they love this film so much? – (Chadwick) It’s great, but I’m dead.
– (laughs) – That’s a very good way
to get out of spoilers. – Hell yeah.
– Just be like, “Listen, I’m dead.” – He’s shutting that down. – (reporter) What about
“Black Panther 2”? Anything you can tell–
– (Chadwick) I’m dead. – (both laugh)
– (reporter) We’re not ready for you to be dead, Chadwick.
– (Chadwick) I am. – (laughs) That’s funny,
’cause he’s dead. – I know Marvel has had
a really hard time with its actors spoiling
moments from their movies. And so, good for him, man!
Stick to the party line. “I’m dead. I don’t know how
this movie’s gonna go. I am dead.” – “When your coworkers want you
to answer your emails, but you’re on vacation.” (chuckles)
– (reporter) …they love this film so much?
– (Chadwick) It’s great, but… – (Chadwick and Matt) I’m dead.
– I’m dead to the world. I’m on vacation.
I can’t. (laughs) – (reporter) …give us a spoiler
or anything like that. – (Chadwick) I’m dead.
– Oh, no. I understand entirely. – People should send that
as their auto reply when they’re on vacation
for their email. – Yeah. The shrug.
– You just embed that clip. That’d be great.
– That’s a very good idea. – “That’s great, but I’m dead.” – “Me to the government when I die
before paying off my student loans.” – (both laugh)
– I’m so glad I dropped out. – (Chadwick) It’s great, but I’m dead.
– Mm-hmm! – (Chadwick) So, I don’t–
I can’t answer any questions. – (laughs)
– (reporter) …give us a spoiler or anything like that.
– (Chadwick) I’m dead. – I wish I could pay off
my student loans, but I’m dead! – I remember in animation college,
there’s a lot of different roads surrounding the college,
and we would have to cross the roads to get to classes.
And there was always a chance that you could get hit
by a car, right? ‘Cause people in that area
were just terrible at driving. And there would always be that,
“Well, at least I wouldn’t have to pay my student loans!”
– “I saw 14,000,605 possible futures.” – “How many did we win?”
– “One.” – “I’m good, Arrow Guy. Let’s”–
(chuckles) Arrow guy. “Let’s go. Let’s”–
(laughs) – (laughs) Oh, yes. The–
one of the Ant-Man theories. – Ohhh! Right in the butthole.
See, that’s actually what they should’ve done, though.
That would’ve made more sense. You just– boom,
and then it’s over. You know, and it’s just one shot.
– Are you familiar with– – No.
– So, first of all, Chuck Tingle, AKA the Tingler, writes a variety
of Amazon stories. And he wrote a story in which Ant-Man
flies into Thanos’s butt and gets really big
and blows up his butt from the inside.
And that is what we are seeing depicted here.
– “This leaked footage from Avengers: Endgame
looks insane.” – Oh! Oh, this can’t be real.
– Oh, gosh. Come on, Ant-Man!
Let’s go! – Oh, no! No, not the booty!
Ahh! (laughs) – (laughs)
– Oh my god. – (laughs) Oh my god.
Damn, that’s kinda lit. – God! It’s so amazingly–
it’s so well edited. That’s incredible.
– I hope that’s not the one thing that Doctor Strange saw envisioned.
I REALLY hope it’s not! – I don’t think
that’s what will happen, so it means one of those possibilities
in some universe, they had tried this and it didn’t work.
Maybe he’s got on underwear made of steel.
– I’m actually doing an episode on this right now.
There’s a lot of science that goes into exploring
what a man who can expand and shrink entering
another man’s buttocks would entail. It’s fascinating, actually.
Every once in a while, you just look at your life,
and you’re like, “Huh. This is what I do for a living.”
– (chuckles) “Climb up his anus.” Avenge the fallen.
– Ant-Man has gotta be the most powerful Avenger of all,
’cause all he has to do is just climb up the anus,
and boom. That’s it. See? It could’ve been easy.
They didn’t even have to have a war. – 2019 has had some real misses,
but I gotta say, those Endgame ones? Gold.
And the fact that the actors and Marvel have been comfortable
leading into, like, “Ant-Man climbing up Thanos’s butt,” great.
Good on them. So smart, because it just gets
the internet talking about what you’re doing,
which makes people more excited to go watch the thing
that you’re creating. – I’ll take more
of this kind of content. – I love it.
– Yeah, you can give me more of this. – This is wonderful.
– Yeah. – They’ll probably stop once
the movie comes out on the 26th. – Yo. Just stop with that.
Why don’t you say, like, Ant-Man goes into his mouth
and then does this the same thing. Why does it gotta be the butt? – Oh, they should
absolutely keep going. – I want more of the Thanos ones.
(laughs) Those ones are so good. I hate them so much.
And I think that’s why I want more. – I love this theory.
– I love this theory, but I think once
the movie comes out… – Oh, yeah.
– …it’s time to put this one to bed. – Keep that going as long
as possible, yeah. – We gotta see more.
I wanna see all the theories. Like, where is Ant-Man
gonna go next? – I just love these.
I love when fans come up with fanfiction or fan theories
of what’s gonna happen, and they’re just hilarious. – (FBE) So, as a creator online,
how important do you feel that memes are to what you do
and the online landscape as a whole? – Oh, they’re more important now
than they’ve ever been. I think memes
are the cultural currency now. And so, as a content creator,
it’s my responsibility to understand this stuff,
know where it’s coming from, understand the references,
this and that, so that way, I can comment
knowledgeably about it. – It is one of the best ways
that our content gets in front of new people.
It’s tough, though, because you can’t really
engineer that kind of stuff. You have to let people find it
and turn it into stuff for you. – It’s definitely important
to not only keep up with stuff like memes, but also
just to kind of keep an ear to the street of, you know,
what’s popular, what’s trending. It’s almost like a little cheat code,
you know, to get some extra views or to get some more engagement. – (FBE) So today, in 2019,
it seems that there are so many memes that come and go
so frequently that it feels like you’re never really able
to keep up with all of them. Do you ever feel that memes
or trends are competition for viewers’ time,
or do you feel that they are different
than watching other types of content online?
– I’d say they’re different than other online content.
One can be inspired by the other, and one can help the other.
But I mean, I don’t ever look at a meme and go,
“You are my competition.” – I think it’s different.
You know, if you want something just quick, you look at memes.
Boom. Scroll, scroll, scroll. But if you wanna sit down
and have a meal and eat while you’re watching a video,
then you can watch the YouTube videos and the longer form content.
– I have never thought about it. I suppose anything
that draws attention is competition in some form.
– Because there are, you know, only so many hours in the day.
– Do I need to be threatened by memes now?
– Uh-oh. – (both laughs)
– You put an idea in my head that I wasn’t ready for!
– We’re gonna be losing subs now. Quick! We gotta get back on TikTok!
Let’s make those memes. We gotta go. – Thank you so much for
watching this meme-tastic episode of YouTubers React.
– Go check out and subscribe to all of the YouTubers
featured in this episode. Links are in the description.
– Goodbye! – (exhales) Thank you
for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
Make sure you check out all the creators who came in
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Bye, everyone! (kaboom!)