Xbox One hello everyone, and so today we’re taking an
in-depth look at the Xbox One, Microsoft latest generation in the home console wars. Now the Xbox One is certainly a big piece of equipment it’s considerably heavy as well, certainly
when we place it against something like the PlayStation 4 or the previous generation of games
consoles what we see here is that Microsoft have gone big for their particular entry. Now the Kinect system comes with the Xbox One
as well and we’ll be discussing that in more detail later, but overall it’s quite a fully-featured package that
you get with the Xbox One as it were and it comes with a
high-price tag as well. Now what Microsoft have really gone for here
is kind of like your modern Bluray player but bigger I
suppose is one way of looking at it. They’ve certainly taken a lot of the criticism from the original Xbox 360 due to its problem with heat dissipation
and the Xbox One features a ridiculously large fan, but a very quiet one from what we can tell. Now the console
itself feels like a big black slab. It’s not
particularly well designed as it were. It really is just a case of well, here’s your
games console it’s in a box. It doesn’t really feel to me like Microsoft have put a lot of time and effort into designing Xbox One something to represent themselves in
your living room. It’s a case of well your mum’s not going to
complain too much, granny’s not going to complain too much, it just sits there looking like any
other piece of hi-fi equipment. On the back of the Xbox we have power HDMI out an optical, HDMI in for connecting your TV to the Xbox, twoUSB ports the Kinect connect sensor input which is not a USB port anymore. I have no idea what that’s for and that’s your
ethernet port and Microsoft also decided they were going to
fit a Kensington K lock as well. The controller has been
completely redesigned but it’s not so much as the shape being redesigned but the individual
buttons and sticks have been refined everything kind of
feels better on this controller it’s more comfortable to hold, the buttons don’t feel they have as much
kind of play in them. Xbox One Certainly with the joysticks, thumbsticks you
you won’t find you’re having to wrench them as far in order to achieve full movement and
also the bumpers and triggers feel much better in the hand. There’s been a
few changes to the back button and the menu button, they now represent slightly
differently. The Kinect sensor itself has been shrunk
slightly, it’s no longer motorised so it no longer
bobs up and down looking for you and it’s able to detect a much wider range
of motion and the fingers of your hand as well. Now what this does lead to is hopefully
better-quality Kinect in future. The headset has likewise been completely
redesigned and this time is much more comfortable
when placed on youre head it no longer pinches and a new volume control as well which includes a very big mute button
thank goodness. One of the coolest features of the new
Xbox is being able to say Xbox watch TV and then we can watch a bit
of Babylon 5. Thanks to the HDMI input on the
back of the Xbox One we can effectively hookup any HDMI
device, simply by saying Xbox One Xbox watch TV it will switch over to that
source and keeps the console running in the background. So that means that you can quite happily be
playing a game and switch over to the television or if you wanted to you could snap the
TV directly onto one corner of your Xbox display and carry on gaming at the same time. It’s a
revolutionary feature and it works incredibly well. I cannot stress this
enough, if you’re the kind of person where you do have all of your home
entertainment in one television set as it were then this is a killer feature. As you can
see I can also power-up a game of Forza, carry on browsing around the Xbox dashboard interacting if I want
to with various elements and my game is still loading in the
background. This kind of changes the nature of I’m just going to pop a game on because you no longer have to necessarily wait for a full boot-up, what you can do instead start
the game, carry on doing something else while it’s loading. So let’s dive into the settings of the Xbox One. So obviously we have a lot of settings it’s just like a smartphone in that
regard, so we can change all of our network settings for instance. We can set up our wifi or our ethernet and we
can also test the connection here as well. We can also tweak our Kinect which also
includes taking a look at the various things that
Kinect can see in various modes and there’s me there as well, and it gives a
good impression as to whether your Kinnect is able to see you clearly and all of the information around you as well. Within preferences we can basically set up things like our
Skype notifications, how notifications are going to be seen generally for parties Xbox One and also set up our preferred DVR provider
which is not available in the UK. And you’ve also got the ability to allow streaming that’s if you want to use DNLA push to
push content from your PC or smartphone directly to the Xbox. There’s no DNLA streaming here in the sense of it being a browsing device it is purely a receiver
at this point. You’ve also got the TV and one guide settings
which is not available in the UK just yet, should be launching next year
as well as the ability to setup Dolby digital audio on your Bluray drive, 24 htz is available there if your device supports it and you can also set up DTS as well. The system itself this includes the name of your Xbox how
it’s going to be identified on your local network your languages and your time zones and you can also restore your factory settings there if you really need to. Now this is one of the most important
areas, is display and sound. One thing I would definitely recommend is that you go in and you tweak the colour depth
to what your TV will support. If you have it on 24-bit pixels you will find the colour quality looks rather rubbish and again also set up the RGB
colour space as well. You can also tweak the audio output
for up to 7.1 or DTS all of that is available in display and sound and if you need to you can calibrate your HDTV as well. Closed captioning was a bit of a surprise. It allows you really to change how the closed captions will be seen on screen. You no longer have to have just boring black and white you can set it up to
exactly how you want those closed captions to be seen and that includes the colour and the amount of transparency that we added and the actual colour of the background that
the text will be sat on, all of this very useful for accessibility. In power and start-up we have the ability
to set our energy-saving mode and how long the Xbox will stay on for
with inactivity. Xbox One It would’ve been nice to see a few more
granular controls there rather than one hour or six hours, maybe two hours would have been nice and you can also turn on resume games quickly if you really want to, although that is a beta feature at this point. You can also from here go in and add
your family’s and also set up the me as it were, me your digital representation on the Xbox and you can also change your gamer tag and everything like that. This area really kind of just rounds up the information about you, your friends, your current grade etcetera, your reputation within the Xbox live system and you can also
change how you look including facial
expressions your hats, clothing and everything else
that goes along with it as well. It’s all very familiar if you’ve used
the Xbox 360 but it is nice to see Microsoft carrying
this metaphor forward Xbox One and it is quite nice to have a digital
representation of yourself you can make kind of look a bit like you. There’s not a huge
number of body types as it were just five
different sizes and all fairly conservative you might say
and the same with the various things like clothing, hairstyles and so on. It’s all
played very safe here very kid-friendly as it were. There’s
nothing overly controversial at all, well all right, maybe skullman but
anyway. One thing we really liked about this is
that Microsoft haven’t abandon all of the good work that actually went into this with the Xbox 360. It would have been very easy for them to simply say actually we’re going to ditch this idea
now, and in some respects it has been pushed into the background more than it was on the 360. It’s no longer
seen really in Microsoft’s eyes as quite so essential if you ask me. Now your apps and games and activity
areas as it were are all part of this kind of metro-style tile layout and you can go in and you can pin the most
used stuff if you want to onto your home Xbox One dashboard or you can quite happily just browse
through as you need to. With the activity system it allows you
to go and look at any of your friends’ activity on Xbox live. You can pull up video footage
they’ve recorded using the DVR feature. You can compare
games with them and your achievements and just generally
keep in touch and it all feels quite nicely done
although it would have been better I think if you could have had Xbox One a few more friends on screen at one time allowing you to compare multiple
achievements with multiple friends at the same time would have been really cool. The game DVR functionality built into
the Xbox One is not quite as good in my opinion as
the PlayStation 4. It allows you to capture when on-demand
up to five minutes of footage or at any time during a game you can
say Xbox record that and it will capture the last well they
say 15 seconds of footage but I found in practice it’s
anywhere between 15 seconds and 30 seconds of footage and there does seem to be some lag as it
were in the sense that if you try and use the functionality too close together so say you use it
twice within say 30 seconds you could end up with a clip with only one or two seconds of length where the buffer seems to have under run on itself.
It’s a bit of a shame. Overall though, the functionality does
work very well and the video footage quality is actually quite good. You can tell that it’s been compressed quite
a bit from the original full frames as it were and there’s quite a lot of compression
macro blocking going on but by and large it works pretty well. Here’s some footage from Battlefield 4 This is all happening within the game DVR system so this is not playing me playing the game live this is
playback and you can see it works pretty well Xbox One. The image quality has been reduced
slightly but you can still see everything that’s going on. Now in my opinion, the image quality here
played off the console is certainly better than the PS4 ends up
delivering via twitch but it doesn’t really get away
from the fact that Microsoft kind of launched with only, well
a lacklustre feature here really. You can edit a clip, including adding
a voice-over by your Kinect or recording an additional piece of
video footage on your Kinnect and you can stitch that together into
up to five clips along with your game footage. The problem is though that the system is
actually quite limited and very slow. As you can see, it’s spending a lot of time
pulling up the clips even though I’ve Xbox One just actually just been into this menu and pulled up those clips. It’s not cacheing the thumbnails. That is just bizarre in a modern day and age and it means that this is a feature that
you’ll probably not use very often it’s simply not quick and it’s not
fluent enough. You’re also limited in the sense that you have to
add five clips. You can’t add Xbox One three clips you can’t add four clips, you can’t add two clips you have to add five clips. Well if you haven’t got five
clips you want to add bit of a fail really and the whole way
through I kept thinking to myself, this just feels like the bare minimum to say oh look we’ve got game recording features but it’s not a
very good feature that they’ve added, it really is
lackluster to say the least. Twitch support is supposed to be coming
next year 2014 hopefully Microsoft will do a similar
job to Sony, in the sense of getting it
pretty close to working beautifully. Twitch always has lower resolution and bitrates than, you know, we may very well like and
certainly than YouTube’s live streams will provide but it does a very good job of conveying
the action and what’s going on on the screen so hopefully Microsoft will do a very
good job there. Unfortunately, if it’s anything like upload studio I don’t hold my hopes up too much It really does feel to me like this was an add-on thought. When they heard what
Sony was doing they quickly put something together. Unfortunately, as I say it’s a great
feature if it wasn’t quite so limited and as I say, it just feels like Microsoft could
have done just a little bit more to make this a
really stand out killer feature. For starters a buffer
longer than 15 seconds would have been really nice. I can’t quite see what the problem
with holding more than 15 seconds would be. If you can do five minutes direct to the
disk then they could do five minutes of buffered recording as well. One thing to note about the way the we’ll call it Xbox
record that feature works is as it’s actually doing its catch-up as
it were from the buffer when it finishes you will get a stutter on
screen as it pops up a notification and presumably decides to save the
content somewhere. So just keep that in mind that it’s not a perfect fluid experience. If you’re in a frantic multiplayer game at the time Xbox One that disruption of the sudden quick bit of lag as the notification pops up could be enough to get you killed as has
happened to me a few times. And we’ll just end this little section
with well, quite honestly by very cool set of kills from Battlefield 4. I
parachuted in the top of the objective, took out two people and set the bomb. This is the kind of cool
thing that upload studio is really all about, capturing those moments and being able to share them with your
friends. It’s just a real shame that the Xbox One sharing aspect of upload studio is boring and just tacked on in my opinion. You can’t
share to Twitch you can’t share to YouTube, you can’t share to Twitter, you can’t share to Facebook you can’t share to Daily Motion, you can’t share to Vimeo but you can share it on Sky Drive. Brilliant! Oh and by the way the share of the SkyDrive functionality doesn’t work very well. In our experience when we uploaded
to SkyDrive as well as onto the Xbox Live systems as it were for other Xbox Live users
to view our video we found that the video sent to SkyDrive was
all well and good but it took for ever to download it from SkyDrive. A 70meg file took over five minutes to download on 120meg broadband from SkyDrive. And this is all down to Windows 8.1’s atrocious integration with SkyDrive. It just seems that it’s
not able to pull the data down at full speed or anywhere close because it’s
utilizing Microsoft’s file transfer system. effectively built into the Windows 8.1 GUI. Is it a complaint for Windows 8.1, is it a complaint for SkyDrive, is it a complaint for Xbox Live? It’s a bit of a complaint about all
three. It just doesn’t work very well and ultimately if Microsoft wants people
to take advantage of cloud services it’s going to have to do just a little bit
better than that. The other thing worth noting is that
the upload speed that we found and the rendering speed
for around a two-minute clip was tortuously slow on the Xbox. It took for ever to render the clip and it’s not exactly having to work very hard in my opinion. Given the actual spec of the system we would have expected the video rendering to be much much quicker. Moving on to the
achievement system Xbox One this is an area where a lot of people are very interested in achievements. Things have been kept very similar here to
the Xbox 360. You can see a list of all of your games, you can jump in, you can have a look at your achievements. You also have time limited achievements
as well that are simply based on completing a certain number of
elements of a game within a 14 day time limit. So for instance in the case of Battlefield, play 100 matches within 14 days that’s pretty
cool but if it’s time limited to the first 14 days
a game is released kind of doing people a disservice that pick up the game on day 15. Moving actually into the achievements
of individual games you get reminded again of these very time limited achievements as well as all the achievements you have achieved so far and the achievements that you can work towards unless there are hidden ones from what I can tell. Some achievements don’t give you, aren’t
listed up front as it were. They’re there for you to discover on your own. And we can move in and look at an
individual achievement. So let’s now do the really exciting stuff. Let’s look at games on the Xbox One. So this is a title that everybody got
with their Xbox One whether they wanted it or not and it’s Fifa 14. Why did they give everyone a free copy
of Fifa 14, because it’s not a very good game. That’s pretty much the long and the short of it. I can’t see Xbox One any compelling reason anyone would go and buy the latest version of Fifa voluntarily. If you’ve played any of the Fifa games in the past, you have played this game. All it is is oh look, they’ve made the player models look a bit more realistic and unfortunately the gameplay is
still dull as dishwater. If you’re a football fan you’ll probably like Fifa or maybe you won’t that is a player base split
very much down the middle but for me, as somebody who doesn’t
particularly like football games, but has played every single Fifa because I have to, all
I can say is it’s more of the same but with prettier looking graphics. There’s
nothing here to recommend it as the best football
game ever made on the best console or anything
like that. It’s really just a minor upgrade, prettier
graphics and a higher frame rate and that’s your lot!
The gameplay, everything here is exactly the same as
on previous games in the Fifa series and on any of the other consoles you may have played it on. There’s just not a lot here to kind of
recommend, or to kind of say, well this is the killer title at launch. I can well understand why Microsoft threw that one in there. Next we have a game which can be
described as truly NextGen and that is Dead Rising 3. It’s very
much an open world zombie shooter. You’re going to have to
explore the world doing missions for various people so
you can complete the story Xbox One as well as lots of side missions as well.
You can pick up weaponry absolutely everywhere as well as things to heal yourself with and there’s quite a cool combo system as wellwhich is a hallmark of the Dead Rising trilogy where effectively as you find objects
around the world for instance a buzzsaw and a sledgehammer you can combine
them together to make a sledge saw, or all sorts of other very crazy weaponry. And there’s also
cars you can modify as well to make souped-up death machines, well death machines,
zombie killing machines certainly. The gameplay is really good and whilst for the first kind of hour of the game I was really struggling with it. I was
kind of like well this just feels like Grand Theft Auto with zombies. I wasn’t really getting it as such. After a few
more hours and now about 10 hours in I think Xbox One I’m really getting a feel for how awesome this game actually is. There’s an awful lot to do and it’s almost
at times overwhelming and also that the large number of objects you have to search the environment quite carefully looking for various bits and pieces can feel quite
overwhelming at times almost to the point of ah I wonder what it’s going to do, but Dead Rising, really great game certainly shows up what the Xbox One is capable of. Then you can move on to a game like Battlefield 4. It’s a cross-platform title so we’re able to play it across all of the different consoles PC and the next gens and what we can really say
about Battlefield Xbox One is it looks great on pretty much every
system. Beep if you want to. Certainly on NextGen PC it’s the way it’s meant to be played. But the only downside I would say on the Xbox One is that DICE the developers took the decision to lower the effective resolution and then upscale it on the Xbox One itself. Now this doesn’t actually cause a problem if you’re sat in front of your television set if you’re six feet away from your television but if you’re the kind of person who sits right up close to the TV or you’re going to be using this on a monitor then you might want to keep one eye on
Battlefield 4 because up close it doesn’t look quite
as good as it does on the PlayStation 4 or as it definitely does on the PC. You can see a noticeable reduction in clarity. Now like I say, it’s only a problem if you’re the kind of person who sits right up close to the games. If you’re the kind of person who’s sat on the sofa not so much a problem. Gameplay wise it’s a fantastic game and well worth checking out. Now onto another first
party title on Xbox One. This is exclusive to the Xbox. You will not find this on any other system and that is Killer Instinct a game that really wants to claim it’s free to
play but fails at the most basic element of being free to play. You get one character to begin with and then you can pay £15.99 to unlock the rest of the characters although your one character can fight against the
entire roster. You’ve then got cosmetic upgrades as well for Xbox One you character new skins effectively and cool
looking weapons and that will cost you another £15.99. It’s not
really a free to play title it’s more demoware but it’s a pretty good demo and it kind of
shows off what the Xbox is capable of. We would definitely like to see more
characters but as this is a remake of the original maybe that was a bit too much to expect.
But as I say great combos, great graphics, great fast
fluid gameplay at 60 frames a second, it’s just a shame that while Sony were doing free to play titles properly so everyone had loads of games they could
play, you know regardless if they only could afford one game when they actually
bought their PS4 there was plenty of stuff to do. Microsoft just take the other approach
and is really saying, look, if you want the Xbox One and you want plenty of games you are going to be forking out for them. That is a bit of a shame in my opinion. Next we have possibly the epitome of racing games these days Gran Turismo dropped the ball so badly over on Sony’s Playstations but it’s Forza 5. This game runs at 1080 P and in many respects it kind of puts the
naysayers in a corner because people were saying the
Xbox One is not capable of 1080P. Well here it is and if this is the future of Xbox One then the
future looks very bright. Forza 5 is phenomenal. The frame rate never dips, it’s always a solid 60 frames a
second Xbox One and it’s running at 1080p beautifully. One thing just to note, the gameplay footage on this channel because of the way YouTube operates the
resolution, the frame rate is dropped to 30 frames a second when you see it.We are playing it at 60
frames a second and it does look incredibly fluid and very very crisp. This is definitely the killer title at launch on the Xbox One
without a shadow of a doubt. If you buy your Xbox One for Christmas make sure you get Forza 5, you are
going to really really enjoy it. Personally, I like racing games
anyway but I’m quite picky. I was not a big fan
of what they did with Gran Turismo, I felt the whole game was a complete botched job over on PlayStation and Forza really has nailed it over the last few years. Forza 5 continues that
tradition with a new tire physics model that really
works in my opinion. The gameplay is challenging when you want it to be challenging. There’s plenty of options there, lots of
cars and a reasonable number of tracks although I would have liked to have seen a few more than 14 plus Xbox One their variations. Apparently there will be some download
content coming with more tracks who could have guessed that one? The graphics though are a prominent standout
feature, especially running at 1080p and there are moments in this
game where photo realism just leaps out at you,
especially with lens flares and the HDR effects as you’re coming through tunnels or suddenly turning round corner into a
bright spot. You really can feel like you’re right there in the race. I cannot stress enough how much I’ve enjoyed Forza 5 so far and even the multi-player feels so much better that in previous Forza games.There’s still a bit of a time delay in getting into the game in multi-player but once
you’re in there it’s really good fun. As you can see, there’s a quick clip being recorded all I simply said was ‘Xbox record
that’ and the Xbox then recorded from its buffer for me. One of the things that we have with all
the Forza games are braking lines, braking assist etcetera. You can turn those off to
increase the difficulty and in doing so you get a larger payout at the end of each race Xbox One obviously to be able to afford those
really big high-performance cars costing £1.2-£1.75m then you are going to have to really push the difficulty setting if you
want to get there quickly. Alternatively there is a token system that they’ve included which is effectively in game currency you can buy for real money
which allows you to unlock any car simply by paying credits.Or tokens in their case. It was disappointing to see that kind of
method provided. I really would not have liked to have seen Forza becoming like a Xbox One mobile game in that respect. Luckily it’s not too in your face as it were. It is there as an optional extra and can also be used to buy XP boosts as well which allow you to upgrade
and level your driver faster than you would do normally.However, the problem with having a full price premium title and in
app purchases it’s just a little bit cheeky in my opinion. Not the kind of thing we want to be encouraging on the next-gen consoles unless the game is
free to play. If it’s free to play, fine, in app purchase
all you like but with a title effectively costing £55 I do not expect to see in app purchases like that Xbox One. A very very odd and strange choice on the part of Microsoft’s first party studio Turn Ten ,definitely not something we need to be encouraging and in my opinion should be removed in the next Forza. So that is the Xbox One at launch obviously consoles develop all the time
and we’ll be checking back on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 over its life. We’ll be bringing you the updates
the thoughts and opinions as the console starts to develop and they add new features. We came away quite impressed with the Xbox One although its high price and quite large size, everything is big,
with Xbox, including the price, is one way you could look at it. It’s a good package and it’s a great home
entertainment system. Do I think that Sony are going to win on
this generation? I think they might purely because Microsoft have got far too
many rough edges here Xbox One. On the hardware front it’s too big, it costs
too much and unfortunately they haven’t released a
large enough number of games and the lack of free to play games at launch is a concern as well. But Microsoft’s got time to pull things
back perhaps remove the kit from the box, make things slightly Xbox One cheaper and get those independent
developers and free to play games on the system.