Hi I’m Cherylin and today we’re going to be replacing the bi-metal defrost in a Maytag refrigerator. You may need to replace the bi-metal defrost if your refrigerator or freezer is too warm or too cold. This repair should only take
about 20-25 minutes. For this repair only going to need 3 tools: Phillips head screwdriver, quarter-inch
nut driver and a pair of wire strippers. If you don’t already have a new bi-metal defrost they are available for purchase on our
website. Before repairing any appliance always make sure it’s
completely disconnected from the power source. To remove the wire rack, push up on all 4 corners You’ll then be able to slide it to one
side and take one end out. You can tip it up at an angle and
remove it. Next we need to remove the small cover on the air tower it’s covering up a quarter inch bolt we’ll need to remove that. with our 1/4 inch nut driver. once that is removed you can press in
the tabs on the side of the air tower till it pops out. Push 4 tabs and you’ll be able to lift up and remove the air tower. next we need to remove the screw on the
ice box cover or if you have an ice maker you’re gonna
need to remove that there are screws that screw in here
that you just need to remove in order to remove the ice maker. So we’ll unscrew this screw now we can release the ice maker cover by depressing the tabs on the top and bottom. the ice maker harness will be connected
on the inside it’s just held in by a tab. So just lift up on the tab and it’ll release from the harness. next we’ll need to remove the 4 Philips head screws located on top of the evaporator cover. With those screws removed we will be able
to tip the evaporator cover forward There’s a ground wire connected right by
the ice maker harness so you’re just gonna need a prior that off. You’ll be able to remove evaporator
cover. So here we have the bi-metal defrost it’s
clipped onto the copper line here. so we’ll start by un clipping it. Just be very careful of the metal down here it is very sharp. In order to remove this bi-metal defrost we are going to need to cut the wires to it. So we’ll take our wire, cut those free. And we’ll strip about a 1/2 inch off of each of those wires and I’ve got the 14 gauge. Now we can take our new bi-metal defrost we have a lot of wire that we can work with here just cut it so you have an appropriate length of
wire to fit in your freezer here. We’ll cut those as
well. Probably just going to do a couple inches down. Again we are going to strip off about
a half inch of the insulation. And then each of the wires. So now we can wire nut the wires
together. Pink to pink. You don’t really need to twist them together too much first but just put the wire nut right on top of those. Twist them down And do the same for the brown wires. Now we’re ready to re-clip on our new bi-metal defrost. It’ll clip right back on to that helper line. Again be careful of the metal right below. Now we can replace the evaporator cover. Line it up with the bottom here You’re gonna need to reconnect the grounding
wire on the little pad that it came off of. It’ll clip onto place there. And feed the wiring harness through the ice maker hole. And then you can push the evaporator
cover into place. And now you can re-screw in those screws. Now can replace the cover for the ice
maker harness just reconnect in where it was originally connected. It flips into place there. And then you can realign that with the back till it snaps into place and re-screw in
the mounting screw on the bottom. Now we can replace the air tower. It’ll sit right in the back where it came out of. And then just push it back into the slots that the tabs popped out of. Remount the 1/4 inch screw in the middle. Replace the cover. One side of the cover is smaller then the other side just pay attention to that and it’ll clip right into place. replace the wire rack by bringing it in at an angle. slide one side into the holes until you can lower it down and even it out. Push down to lock it into place. and that’s it here’s a quick recap All of our OEM parts and tools are
available for purchase on our website Check ’em out along with our social media sites here.