Hi, I’m Cherylin and today we’re going to be
replacing a Start Relay and Overload in a Maytag Refrigerator. You may need to replace
your Start Relay and Overload if your fridge isn’t running or if it’s too warm. This repair
should only take about 15-20 minutes. For this repair we’re only going to need two tools,
a quarter inch nut driver and a flat head screwdriver. If you don’t already have a new
Start Relay and Overload they are available for purchase on our website. Before repairing
any appliance always make sure it is completely disconnected from its power source. We will
be working in the back of the refrigerator for this repair. We’re going to need to remove
the back panel, it’s held in by quarter inch screws. Just go around and remove all of those.
Then you just need to loosen the screws on the side or you can remove them. You will
be able to remove the back panel. Set that to the side. So here we have the Capacitor
and the Start Relay and Overload. We’re going to need to remove it from the Compressor,
in order to do that we’ll start by disconnecting the Grounding Wire just to get that out of
the way. The Assembly is connected to the Compressor with a metal clip, we’ll need to
remove that. You can take a small flat blade screwdriver and lift it off the hook. It might
be tight. Lift it off. Once that’s off you can remove the Assembly from the Compressor.
If it doesn’t just pull straight off you may need to use the flat head to help pry it off.
Make sure you are pulling it off straight to not bend the tongs. Carefully remove that.
Next, we’ll need to remove the capacitor from the Start Relay and Overload. We’ll pull straight
out on the Capacitor, you may need to use a flat head to help pry that off. And then
we need to remove the wire harness. You may want to use the flat head screwdriver again
to help disengage that wire harness. And now we can put in our new Start Relay and Overload.
Once you have your new Start Relay and Overload we can connect the wire harness to it and
it will click into place. Grab your Start Capacitor, line up the hole and the prongs,
to push straight on. And now the assembly is ready to go back on the compressor. Make
sure to line up the holes on the Start Relay with the prongs on the Compressor. You need
to go straight on and be very gentle with this as well. Make sure it’s securely on there.
Once that’s on you can grab the metal clip. It’s tight working space back in there, but
you need to hook the bottom into the frame below the Compressor and it needs to hook
back onto the top hole and around to the Start Capacitor. Get that into place and then
reconnect your Grounding Wire. And we’re ready to put the back panel back on. Line up the
back panel, the bottom should go behind the metal frame. Line up all the holes and make
sure all the insulation is tucked in. You’ll want to start by tucking the cardboard
behind any screws you did not take out. Replace the screws. Tighten down any screws you didn’t
take out. And that’s all there is too it. Here’s a quick recap.
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