hi everybody Phill and I came
out to somewhere very different for us to film today and where we are is the
Oxford wood recycling in Abingdon and what we were looking for was some wood
for some different projects that we’re going to be making and I’m going to be
making a workbench out of secondhand wood some wood that’s been taken from
builder’s yards and from building sites and offices and so on where this company
actually goes and takes down the wood loads it up brings it here dismantled it and then sells it on to people like me people like you and
there’s some pretty neat projects that you could get from just ordinary
everyday wood that others might be throwing out which will make your
project very inexpensive looking at some of the prices here I think I see that
the prices are about 1/3 I might pay for new but what this gives me is a complete
variety I can go looking at some of the stuff here I’ve got a piece of three by
four here rough sawn would it make a workbench it make a great work bench
I’ve got another piece that I pulled out earlier where was it this one here you
can see the plaster laps that we’re going across the ceiling or the
underside of a ceiling here so I’ve got a three by four that’s in great shape
it’s got very very close annual rings and this would be a very nice piece for
a workbench leg well I can get three work bench legs from this one piece
alone so for about five pounds five pounds six pounds I’ve got three of my
four work bench legs so this is a good place to start your projects from if you
want it if it’s less than you know perfect then you may want a work bench
is a work bench within a few minutes of working on a work bench it’s an old
workbench it’s got dings in it it’s got all kinds of things going on with it but
I like that idea I like the whole concept of upcycling I like the whole
concept of having materials that would otherwise fill the lungful we’re not in
anymore those days are gone and now we’re upcycling recycling and really
making some top-notch projects so watch what we can do with it some more leg
material here Phil rough sawn I don’t mind rough sawn what rough sawn is
really great for for me because I can just plane it through it
it’s got a big old curving down this length here but that curve disappears
when I cut this in two and cut one of the legs from it I’m going to be pretty near
straight by the time I cut that in two so that’s a great leg for my bench only two
of those because that’s just two meters long and I need there’s another one a
bit rougher this one’s got some checking in it these checks this type of check
won’t deteriorate that will stay like that for the rest of its life so I
wouldn’t worry about those you could Phil if you film them if you felt
like it was necessary but my legs are going to be out my bench overall height
is going to be 38 inches and I’m going to take two and a half inches off for the bench top so 38 takes me down to 35 and a half and then
an inch on top of that so I need thirty four and a half inches for my overall
length of my leg so that’s 34 and a half 39, 69 is going to be I can get two legs
out of that one now normally I might be looking for three by three would be
plenty X 3 by 3 and I’ve got 3 by 4 so I would just leave that as a 3 by 4 and
plane the 4 faces and have 4-inch legs one way that’s my leg material picked out
my apron material boy look at this here, this is perfect so I can get aprons out of
this is it long enough not quite long enough rough sawn again but what this
will do it will do my cross rails 1×6 so I could make them one by six I’ll
cut down to one by five somewhere around there is plenty wide enough so that’s definitely an apron there’s another one another apron not apron Crossrail I mean
sorry there 2.4 that will give me two aprons there so I can get two aprons out of that, a little bit of wormhole here whether it’s living or not you’ll have
to check probably not I would say that’s not living got some concrete on here you
can clean that off quite easily with a scraper a bit hard on your planes so
you’d have a rough cut rough scrub plane or something but I might pick a little
bit deeper see here I’ve got some there’s no yeah there is concrete there
but that flicks off so that wouldn’t be an issue so things like that to look for
look for wormholes look for concrete look for knots buried in there anything
like that try and get that down to a minimum but those are my cross rails
then I’ve got my bench top which is right over here this is a good deal if I
come here bring you around here here I’ve got some clear cut these are two by
and two by threes these would be in America here and the UK would be the
other way around so 3 by 2 so let’s go culturally I’m in Britain so this would
be a 3 by 2 and nice clear material it’s got some knots in it doesn’t matter for a
workbench straight start these are all pretty straight but they’ve not been
used so these would be some kind of off cut that somebody’s cast aside and then
the company goes in and buys them up or even gets paid to take it away sometimes
and so I bought this I bought this pallet here 50 pounds which is a pretty
good price in the UK in fact it’s an excellent price because that’s bringing
this down I’ve got 50 sticks of wood that are enough to make several bench
tops for my 50 pounds so really I’m looking now at buying about 50 pounds
for about a hundred pounds I’ve got a bench I’ve got two sawhorses and I’ve
got a shelving unit that I can buy from this I think that’s pretty good value
for money and I’m using solid wood so that’s great this is the benefit of
upcycling using recycled wood and we’re not filling the landfill with any more
waste wood so it’s not waste it’s great stuff you