We live in an electronic world Electronics regulates our heat and light monitors our health, maps our travel plays our music, keeps our transport moving links us to family and friends across the
world via the internet Without electronics, our world
would grind to a halt You will learn how to write the computer code which drives many of the
digital devices we rely on to run and monitor our technological world You will learn how the hardware
controlled by the code is designed and fabricated You will see the reasons why
electronics never stands still As greater and greater computing power is squeezed into smaller and smaller processors so that a smartphone is faster, more versatile
and more powerful than computers which once filled a room You will glimpse the future as advances in nanotechnology
and quantum physics shrink electronic devices still further and make them operate at
almost unimaginable speed You will learn how to send
sound and data wirelessly via phone masts, cables, fibres and satellites that reach every part of the world,
and far beyond You could even produce your own music tracks and develop digital effects that make them
sound exciting and unique A world where a career in electronics
is a career in IT, telecommunications broadcasting, healthcare design, industry, robotics, art, conservation agriculture, research, finance anywhere that uses electronics,
which is almost everywhere Electronics is the future
Your future Why not find out more? See what it takes to become
an electronics engineer.