For some of us, our cars are our lives. They keep us warm in the old, dry in the wet and sometimes we even sleep in them but perhaps more importantly, they get us from point A to point B So you have you ever wondered what
happens the cars aren’t serviced? Well, they end up here in the car graveyard Over the years, I’ve heard many reasons why a car hasn’t been serviced on its due date often it relates to finances. It may be that the motorist simply doesn’t have the money available at the time –
they haven’t budgeted for that repair or its one of inconvenience, they have a busy lifestyle and they simply don’t have time to take it to a repair shop.
As a busy working Mum with two young children it’s difficult to find time to do most things, let alone taking time out of your day to get your car serviced. My husband and I, we are flat out all the time. The car’s been beeping at me for months now So Jules has two options – this – or this What’s going on Mummy? Honey, I’m just going to call the RACQ. R A C Q We find out what happens when a car’s not serviced according to its servicing schedule is that over time defects develop they often become quite involved and can be quite expensive to fix RACQ responds to more than a
million road service callouts every year And many of those could be easily
prevented with some simple car maintenance In between the regular servicing they can carry out weekly checks. That
helps to make sure the car stays in a safe and reliable condition. They’re easy to do and all the information is kept in the owner’s handbook in the vehicle.
The last thing I’d want is to be stuck on the side of the road with my car broken down because i didn’t get it serviced. It’s important you keep your car servicing up to date, not only does it add to the value when you come to sell it
but it keeps it in a safe, roadworthy and reliable condition and…out of the car graveyard.