[music] We’re one of the few people in the world doing this
and being able to have that opportunity to work with people that are doing
cutting-edge things in this type of environment, its you know it’s a very unique
situation. Yeah Michigan’s a top notch school. like, people in this field, you know, like advisers that I talk to, professors,
whatever whenever you mention Michigan for engineering, biomedical engineering, Everyone has a lot of respect for Michigan. You definitely get a sense of pride in that you’re kinda pioneering new methods and you’re doing
things that you feel like its kinda of leading the
way and that other people will kind of jump on board later with. [music] One thing that really appealed to me about the offer that U-M extended to me was the five-year funding guarantee.
As a PhD student you are guaranteed a full five years of funding. You can’t beat that. The other schools that I
was considering was Boston University and Columbia, but Michigan offered the research fit – the best alliance with what I
want to do. You know it’s so cool getting to kind of think
about things that you want to do that haven’t been done before and just
having the freedom to go out and try it. My advisor that is fully
supportive of that and really just trusts me to do the work that I want to do.
I don’t think, you know, it’s something that you can just find at any school. At the University of Michigan, I felt that I am doing my best because
I was pushed to do my best and here they really want to make sure
they set an atmosphere that you strive for greatness. [music] [music] [music] In terms of like the social life and everything, everyone that’s here seems to love being here.
People in your classes always want to talk and work together. And it’s like
stuff going on all the time. There’s great restaurants
here there’s great bars and clubs. If you’re coming to school here in the engineering program, if you have an interest in art there’s museums you can go to. Everything you need and everything
you’d want to do is, you know, is somewhere in Ann Arbor. The whole overall, you know, experience at
Michigan has been very, like, encouraging. And yeah it’s kind of like very inspiring to do this work. Yeah, it’s amazing how much support and how much resources and all the opportunities that there are here, that you just really don’t find at a lot of other schools. [music] [music]