Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
the condenser fan motor on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job. All you’ll need is a quarter inch nut driver,
a small flat-blade screwdriver, a quarter inch socket and ratchet, and a pair of pliers. Let me show you how we do it. Now, to do this repair we will need access
to the back of the refrigerator, so we’re going to pull it forward and disconnect the
power. Now that we have access to the back of the
refrigerator, we’ll disconnect the inlet water supply to the ice maker valve if it’s on your
machine. Then we’ll remove the back panel. [background noise]
Steve: Pull the back panel down out of the way and locate the condenser fan motor. If your motor has a quick connector on it,
we’ll simply release that. Take a flat-blade screwdriver, lift up on
the locking tab and pull the harness away. If your model does not have that quick-type
connector, you’ll need to cut the existing wire harness and install the new connector
that came with the kit and follow the instructions that were with that. Next, we’ll remove the three mounting screws
that secure the motor to the mounting bracket. The location of the three screws securing
the condenser motor to the mounting bracket, there’s one on the top, one towards the back,
one way inside here. You may not have enough room to put a quarter
inch nut driver in there, so you’ll have to use your ratchet. [background noise]
Steve: One of these screws is a little harder to access, always back. [background noise]
Steve: Now with all the screws removed, we’ll pull the motor forward and angle it through
the opening. [background noise]
Steve: Well, next we’ll take the existing fan blade off of that motor using our pliers. We’ll just grasp that speed nut and turn it
counterclockwise. Carefully lift the old blade off of the motor. You can remove the little rubber washer on
the back, discard that. Use this opportunity to clean the existing
blade. Now that we’ve cleaned the fan blade up, we’ll
make sure that the rubber washer is installed on the motor shaft and then when installing
that fan blade we want to make sure that we have the concave side of those blades facing
towards the motor. We’ll install the new clip that came with
the package and carefully tighten it with our pliers. Make sure we haven’t bent those blades. Next, we’ll reinstall the new motor into the
mounting bracket taking note of the location of the wire harness connector. [background noise]
Steve: We’ll start each of those three screws individually before we tighten any of them. [background noise]
Steve: Now once we have this three screws started, we can go ahead and tighten them
up. [background noise]
Steve: Once we’ve tightened all three screws, we’ll then reconnect the wire harness. Make sure the locking tab engages and then
we can go ahead and put the back panel on. [background noise]
Steve: It is important that we have this back panel in position. It does affect how the airflow works with
the condenser fan motor, so make sure that it is intact and that it’s properly installed. [background noise]
Steve: Now with the back panel in place, we can now push the refrigerator back into position. With the refrigerator back in place, we’re
now ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete.