Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
the crisper support on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job. Let me show you how we do it. Now to do this repair all we need to do is
open up the refrigerator and then we’re going to remove all the items that are on this shelf
and pull the two crispers out and set those aside. Now with all the others removed off of the
crisper shelf we’re next going to pull crispers out and set them aside.We’ll
also remove the crisper glass, so just reaching underneath, push up on it and carefully lift
it out and set it gently down. Now next we’ll grasp that center rail as well
as the front rail on that crisper support and just pull that support slightly forward
while holding the center rail in place. Once you clear the front edge of it, lift
up and pull it away. We can discard the old one. Now when installing the new one, we’ll want
to make sure that we take the end that has the small protrusion pointing towards the
back and line it up with that slotted opening in the center of the crisper support.The top
edge of that center rail will lay in that little cutting. Put it in position, again, we’re just going
to grab the front of that crisper support, pull it slightly forward and allow the front
to drop in. Now we put the glass back in
and when installing the glass make sure that it sets down into the recess. We reinstall the crisper pans and our repair
is complete.