I usually try to make my repair videos entertaining. But I know sometimes you just want to get to the down and dirty
diagnostics info without all the antics so here it is the Whirlpool Duet direct drive washer diagnostics mode in a nutshell…That’s the last one I promise. To enter the diagnostics mode be sure that the washer is in standby with all the indicator lights off then choose any three buttons except for
power or start and press them in sequence one two three, one two three, one two three. if you get it right you’ll know The Duet washer has three diagnostic modes. The error code mode the user interface test mode in the
quick test mode the full Whirlpool washer repair guide is
available at ApplianceAssistant.com was a complete list of error codes the quick test sequence breakdown as
well as troubleshooting common problems click here for the free repair guide. To
view saved fault codes press the third button used to enter the diagnostics as you
press the third but you will cycle through the last four saved fault codes once you’ve reached the last save fault code you were here three beeps you can clear the code from the washers
memory by pressing and holding the third button again for five seconds the user interface test mode is started
by pressing the first button that you chose to start the diagnostics all the lights will again turn on and
you can check each button and the cycle knob by turning the knob and pressing a button to see if it beeps
and the light turns off you can start the quick diagnostic cycle
test by pressing the second button that you used to start the diagnostics a complete list of what washer part is
being tested in what exactly is happening can also be found at ApplianceAssistant.com if this video was helpful please remember
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