Hi, it’s Steve. Today, we’d like to show you how to change
the upper dish rack assembly on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy job. Let me show you how we do it. Now, to do this repair, we’ll begin by removing
all of the items on the upper rack. We’ll also need to pull that rack completely
out of the dishwasher. To do so, we’ll need to release the rack stops,
and just depress that little tab at the top while pushing up on the stop and that will
lift it out of the rails. Now, with the rack stops removed, we can then
pull that rack completely out of the rails, push them back into the dishwasher. We’ll set that on a suitable surface, so that
we can change out the wheels and the spray arm. Now, with the rack removed from the dishwasher,
we’ll begin by removing that middle spray arm. Simply take the single screw out of the feeder
tube for that and lift that off. Then, we’ll lift the spray arm and bearing
away. Now, with the spray arm out of the way, we’ll
next remove the pivot for that spray arm by depressing one of these tabs on either side
and just press that end down. Squeeze it enough that we can pull it away
from the bottom side. Do the same on the opposite side and we’ll
set that aside. We’ll go to the rear and we’ll remove that
one in the same manner, and set that aside. Next, we’ll remove the wheel assemblies. Turn that rack back upright again. To remove them, there’s a little tab on the
top side in the middle. We’re just going to depress that enough that
we can push that wheel assembly away and remove it. Do the same for all four. Just depress that tab enough that we can push
it to the outside. Now, if your rack has these clips for the
glasses, we’ll need to remove those next and they just press off from the bottom. Push up on them, then just slide them off
of the tine. You may also have this clip on the left front
corner. Again, we’ll need to just pop that off of
the wire on the bottom, pivot it and slide it off. With all of the items removed from the old
rack, we’ll discard that. To install the wheel assemblies, we’ll slide
them in between the rear vertical tine and the one next to it. Rotate it, so that the gap in the middle fits
over those two. Pivot it down into place, and then snap the
top in. Now, we’ll need to put the center one in next. Locate those two tines, tuck the wheel assembly
in, making sure that the wheel is pointing out, and snap it into position. We’d repeat the procedure on the opposite
side. We’ll start with the rear one first. Locate the center. Now, we can turn the rack over and our next
step will be to put the little spray arm supports on. We’ll begin with the one at the rear. Simply tuck one in down into position and
pull it up to lock it and just depress it enough that we can tuck it in off the other
side, and then snap it up into place. Take the center one, repeat that procedure,
tuck one side in, depress it, push it down, and then snap it up into place. Next, we’ll take the middle spray arm. Set that down into position. Make sure the bearing is in place. Take the supply tube, we’ll tuck it through
that opening on the back and then lower it down over the center spindle. Reinstall the retaining screw. Now, if your model used the clips for the
glassware, then reinstall those in whichever position you like. Just line it up on the top, snap onto the
vertical tine first and then press it down onto the horizontal one. The last thing we need to do is to reinstall
the clip on that left front corner. Slide it over that lower wire, line it up
with that first loop, and snap it in place. Now, we’re ready to put the rack assembly
back in the dishwasher. To reinstall the rack, we’ll start by opening
the door, then just pull the rails out, so that we can line the wheels up. Begin by putting both sets of rear wheels
into place first, and then line up the front ones and push our rack completely back into
the dishwasher. Next, we’ll reinstall our rack stops, making
sure that we have the prongs facing down, just line them up and snap them down into
place. Make sure they’re locked in position. We can close up the dishwasher, and your repair
is complete.