10 Things You Should Know About Garbage and Recycling in London, Ontario. Welcome to London, Ontario, where garbage
day is different every week. Collection here is on a
six-day schedule meaning advances ahead one day each week. If collection was Monday this week, it will be Tuesday the next, then
Wednesday following, then Thursday, Friday, but watch out for
collections that fall on a holiday or weekend, because it will advance multiple
days. The simple thing to remember here is:
check your Waste Reduction and Conservation Calendar. You need to put it out at the right time. Not too early and not too late. Anytime
from 6 p.m. the night before pickup to 7 a.m. the day of collection is perfect. Now about recycling, in London we have a two Blue Box program. One box
for paper and another box for containers. This is
important. Especially if you’re used to putting
everything in one box. That wont fly here in London, and I’ll
mention a few items that could be confusing. These are paper containers. Items like
milk cartons, juice boxes, Pringle cans and Tim’s cups. These are considered containers. The test is that if it can hold a liquid, it’s a
container. This one is pretty simple, just keep it tidy, people! If your bin
is overflowing it’s time for a new bin or another bag,
and loose garbage will not be collected. Everything needs to be in a regulation
can or bag. There’s lots of stuff that won’t be
collected, like electronics, metal or anything
hazardous to name a few. So don’t put your busted TV, stereo barbecue or propane tank, there are
several drop-off depots as well as businesses that will recycle
the stuff for free. Do your research visit London.ca. There’s lots of stuff
we do take like beds and sofas, however if by some series of unfortunate events
you’ve inherited bedbugs please wrap that old mattress in a giant
plastic bag. I mean, come on! Think about the person that is going to
be collecting that infested mattress. By the way you can get these bags City
Hall. There’s a garbage limit. It’s four
containers. To be clear, four containers is a maximum
people, not a minimum. And the City’s goal is to
reduce our waste-line so please do your part. On the topic of
waste-lines London has a 44% waste
diversion rate meaning that 44% of all residential waste is no longer going to landfill but
instead being recycled or composted. The amount diverted is on the increase
so like I said before, please do your part. All these rules are
in the waste by-law. If you’re not abiding, you’re living
outside the waste by-law people! And guess who gets the bill from the
city for cleanup, the landlord. This information is all over the place, go online to the city’s website at
London.ca or other sites like WhenIsGarbageDay.com, LondonTrash.ca, get the My Waste App
for Apple or Android devices, look in your Waste Reduction Conservation Calendar or visit us at City Hall between 8:30
a.m. and 4:30 p.m. where we’d love to help
you help us keep our city clean and green.