Let’s take a look at all the things we can
recycle. Paper and Cardboard – boxes, flyers, letters,
cards, window envelopes, tissue boxes, magazines and cartons that hold liquids. Any small or
shredded pieces of paper should be placed inside an envelope or box to keep it together
otherwise it can jam the sorting machines. Glass – bottles, jars with the lids on no
matter what they’re made of there are processes for sorting the materials once they’re inside
the sorting facility but when lids are loose they find their way into all the wrong places.
Don’t include glass cookware, drinking glasses, lightbulbs, window or mirror glass – which
are not recyclable. Often because they are strong or temperature resistant and don’t
melt properly in the furnaces which are used for melting glass.
Aluminium and steel – food cans, drink cans, spray cans and baking foils. These must be
clean and empty. Don’t include any other steel or aluminium items. Scrap metals or
metal household items must be disposed of in other ways.
Plastics – bottles or containers that you find in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.
You can also recycle some meat trays now – check the back as long as it’s not polystyrene
code six you can rinse well and recycle. Always keep the lids on after rinsing this keeps
the plastic together and gets it to the right place. Don’t include other plastic items
from around the home or workplace. Only plastic bottles and containers and some meat trays
are recycled through your kerbside collection service