My name is Toni Setiono, I am the island manager at BOS Nyaru Menteng. This fruit will be delivered to Kaja Island this afternoon. This is the amount of fruit going to Kaja Island. This neighborhood farm grows things like eggplant and beans, which they sell to BOSF. BOSF has three islands; Kaja, Palas and Bengamat Island. To avoid drawing attention from the monkeys, we cover the fruit with leaves. After that we go from island to island, bringing the fruit to the various feeding points. The orangutans on the Island can be aggressive. We have to be careful. That’s why we have to travel in groups of two or three. There is one dangerous orangutan, Desti. The one with banana. He can be little aggressive. He is angry because he wants to get the fruit but isn’t able to because we’re too close. He’s afraid. I am observing the orangutans’ behavior. How they eat, how they make nests, how they find wild fruits, termites or insects. How do they socialize among each other? We write it down carefully, including the position, what the orangutan is eating, etc. Based on this daily observation activity, decisions can be madeas to which orangutans are most suitable for release back into the wild.