Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re
going to show you how to change the thrust spacer on your washer. It’s a really easy
job. All we’re going to need is a 7/16ths socket, extension, and a ratchet. We also
should have some dual action agitator grease as well. Let me show you how it’s done. The first step with this repair, as with any
major appliance, we should disconnect the power supply, just pull out the cord. We need to get the agitator out of the washer
to do this repair; most of these models will have some kind of fabric softener cup on the
top of the agitator, just simply grab hold of that and pull it off. Next we need to remove the inner cap & seal;
it’s a clear plastic device located just down inside the dual action agitator. Just
reach down in there, hook your fingers in it, and pop it out. The seal may or may not
come out with it. Next we’re going to take our ratchet with
the 7/16ths socket, locate the bolt in the center, grab the base of the agitator to keep
it from turning, completely loosen that bolt. Once we have the bolt completely loosened,
reach down pull the agitator from the base. Close our lid. With the bolt completely removed you should
be able to pull gently up on this top portion of the agitator to separate it from the base;
if it doesn’t come off easily you can set that on the floor and put your feet on it
to hold it down and pull up on the top. This exposes our thrust spacer, simply remove
this and discard. We should clean this portion of the agitator
just in case there’s any old soap scum on there; we’ll clean that up and we’ll apply
the dual action agitator grease mainly around the top portion here. Also note, that on the
inside there’s a couple of tabs here, those are for factory use only so you can break
those off as they will get in the way when you go to reinstall the top portion of the
agitator. Take our new spacer and you’ll notice there’re
two slots on it, line those up with the two slots on the barrel of the agitator. Apply
a liberal amount of the dual action agitator grease to that bearing surface. Then reinstall
the top portion of the agitator. Now when reinstalling this what we should
do to make it easier is to take the agitator bolt, put it in your socket, hold it upright,
and line it up from the inside. It just makes it easier when you go to put the whole thing
back together. Now the agitator is ready to install, center
it over the agitator shaft, seat firmly, tighten up the 7/16ths bolt, the top portion of this
agitator should turn clock-wise, but not counter clock-wise. Ok, everything is working good
there. Now to put our cap back on we should clean
up the groove that the o-ring sits in, install our new o-ring. It helps to put a little bit
of dish detergent on that before you slide it into the agitator barrel, it’ll snap
in a lot easier. Lower it down into place, press it in, make sure the gasket stayed in
place, put our fabric softener dispenser back in, and our repair is complete. That’s how easy it is to put a thrust spacer
on your washer; thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.