I know what you might say. “Universal Medallions shouldn’t affect the
Conclave, because that would then make the grind that Conclave players did completely
null and void. If we did this grind, so should everyone else.” That’s a flawed and nonsensical excuse. First of all, Universal Medallions only drop
from Disruption missions. Secondly, Universal Medallions have a 5% drop
rate from rotation C, meaning they’re fucking rare, meaning grinding them would be just
as, if not more time consuming than grinding the Conclave. Thirdly, Universal Medallions only give 1000
Standing each. The point of having Universal Medallions be
able to affect the Conclave was to give an option for players who don’t mind grinding
for Conclave Standing without having to play Conclave, because, as everyone knows, nobody
plays Conclave. If anything, Universal Medallions would have
been a bigger grind than Conclave itself, because you would literally need 372 Universal
Medallions to get to max Standing, which sounds simple, until you remember that each Medallion
has a 5% drop rate. This would have been a completely insane but
reasonable grind for players not interested in spending hours looking for a Conclave match
to take, but this got shot down because Conclave is apparently better off being more abandoned
than Evolve. Anyways, it should be pretty fucking obvious
to everyone that Conclave is dead. You can say that Warframe is a PvE game, which
is technically true, but that would easily anger the very small minority of players that
actually touch Conclave, let alone actually care about it. I mean, it IS true for a reason. Conclave isn’t mainline because Conclave isn’t
PvE, which isn’t the primary focus of Warframe because progression isn’t revolved around
fighting over players. Much like how we joke about Zephyr Deluxe
being delayed indefinitely, reworking Conclave is something that people like to joke about
on account of Conclave being, well, basically abandoned. However, I do think that it’s completely possible
to morph Conclave into an interesting game mode for players to get into, while at the
same time still somewhat being a PvP mode. This is something I briefly talked about in
a previous video. The core issue with the Conclave is that there’s
literally no point to really try it, unless you care about cosmetics or Conclave exclusive
Mods. Again, remember that Conclave isn’t designed
as the “focus feature” of Warframe, because Warframe never was and never will be a PvP
oriented game, so it kind of makes sense why there isn’t really anything quote unquote
“good” to obtain from the Conclave besides the Celestia syandana. In addition, Conclave has its own balance
and meta, because Conclave has its own Mods for players to obtain and use, not to mention
that some Warframes have completely different abilities within the Conclave, such as Ivara. However, this isn’t really the main topic
of discussion. Nobody plays Conclave because it has its own
grind, it has its own little meta and Mods, and it’s isolated from the rest of the game
just because it’s PvP. So, how could this be resolved? Well, the simplest way to get people to play
Conclave would be to change it from PvP, to PvEvP. You could instead also make it so universal
Medallions affect the Conclave just like the name “universal” implies, but that one guy
on Twitter ruined it for everyone else, so honestly that’s not an option at this point. Anyway, the reasoning for this is pretty straightforward;
since Warframe focuses entirely on PvE content, extending PvE gameplay to Conclave would make
it somewhat relevant within the game. Because Conclave has its own balance and meta,
it can also be prone to having bugs, but they might not be fixed as frequently as mainline
content bugs are, purely because again, nobody plays the Conclave; therefore either nobody
really reports those bugs or DE simply doesn’t care about the Conclave having bugs, because
again, nobody plays the Conclave. Introducing Conclave in a new PvEvP format
would not only get the rest of the community interested, but it would also revitalize the
Conclave without having to completely remove it like Raids were. Considering that Warframe was inspired by
Shadow of Mordor when they made the Kuva Lich system, I wouldn’t be surprised if Destiny
2’s Gambit game mode served as inspiration for a PvEvP game mode. Obviously that’s merely hypothetical, because
Gambit has more than its fair share of problems, but what’s important is the idea of it:
it’s still PvP content, but it doesn’t immediately allow players to fight each other. However, because Warframes are designed with
PvE in mind, balancing them for PvP is more often than not usually described as:
For the sake of convenience, this hypothetical PvEvP game mode will be referred to as “The
Battleground.” So, what exactly would the Battleground look
like? Well, given that Warframe is strictly an objective-based
game, the Battleground would essentially consist of 2 teams of players racing to complete objectives
as fast as possible in a set amount of time, until they face their own unique boss together,
and then proceed to fight the other team. However, because we as the players are usually
able to speedrun through content thanks to having Riven Mods and teammates with Riven
Mods nearby, players wouldn’t start as a team right from the start. I know that sounds a bit confusing, but trust
me, The Battleground is still at its core 2 teams of players facing off against each
other. I’ll go ahead and explain. The Battleground is a game mode that has 2
teams of 4 players fight each other in a race to see which team can complete their objectives
as quickly as possible before being allowed a chance to kill the other team. Each team is dropped into its own tileset,
but each player of each team is locked in separate rooms, each of which has a different
but randomly generated objective to complete. Player 1 of Team 1 might be dropped straight
into an Exterminate mission, while Player 2 of Team 1 might have to complete a Spy mission. However, as a twist, the first 4 players to
complete their objective spawn a random debuff on the other team; which can be anything from
increased enemy resistances or Radiation hazard, similar to how Sorties work. The point of the Battleground is to be the
first to complete all given tasks, which is why it’s encouraged for players to be as fast
and efficient as possible. This means that, if a team is fast enough,
they can spawn all 4 debuffs on the opposing team. That sounds unfair, but keep in mind that
a team’s objectives are completely individually; not as a team, meaning that the success of
a team relies entirely on the individual proficiency of the players. It doesn’t matter what objectives each player
gets, because the point is, each player of both teams would have their own objective
to complete. Forcing each player to go solo temporarily
in a team environment encourages them to have a sense of urgency, and this creates a sense
of competition between both teams. Regardless of what objective each player is
given, both teams have a time limit for all players to complete their 4 individual objectives. If a team fails to complete their objectives
before time runs out, the opposing team is given 4 random buffs; which can be anything
from increased Power Strength to increased Energy regeneration. Once all players of a team have completed
their objectives, they are teleported together into a completely separate room which would
have them fight a high level boss. When I say “high level boss”, I don’t refer
to something like The Sergeant; I refer to something like the Wolf of Saturn Six. Those of you who played the first Season of
Nightwave might remember how annoying he was to fight; and that’s entirely the point. A team might be able to breeze through all
4 randomly assigned objectives, but they still have a boss to kill. The first team to kill their boss would then
be teleported to the opposing team’s tileset, but all Warframe powers would become disabled;
both for winning and losing team. At this point, it comes down to pure gunplay. Both teams face off with standard weaponry,
and whichever team is left standing wins. Both teams are equally rewarded with Standing,
Credits, and any other associated rewards. However, the players of the winning team are
each given a 10% buff to all reward gains for the Battleground, which can stack up to
100%. Although winning 10 Battleground matches in
a row is not a simple task, it is still possible. This would encourage players to keep going
back to the Battleground, in order to maximize the amount of possible earned rewards. All of this of course requires balancing. To address this, the Battleground would have
2 modes: Casual, and Competitive. Casual Battleground would allow players to
jump in as either a full squad or as random players, both teams have a time limit of 5
minutes to complete their objectives, and Riven Mods for all weapons are disabled by
default. However, both teams may vote to enable Riven
Mods, and if both teams agree, then Riven Mods may be enabled for all weapons. Competitive Battleground would be for full
squads only. Both teams would have a time limit of 5 minutes
to complete their objectives, but Park or and all movement-related abilities such as
Volt’s Speed are completely disabled. Riven Mods for all weapons are disabled by
default, but again, both teams may vote to enable Riven Mods, and if both teams agree,
then Riven Mods may be used for all weapons. Of course, there are plenty of other things
to go into, such as matching up random players with other players of similar Mastery Rank. Given that this entire game mode is strictly
hypothetical, that’s a bit irrelevant. The overall point here is, Conclave does not
have to be ignored as it is currently. It could be so much more if it were converted
into a PvEvP format, which would not only breath life into a forgotten aspect of Warframe,
but it would also give players a chaotic but potentially entertaining new way to play the
game. Thank you for watching.