Hi, I’m Cherylin and today we’re going to
be replacing a Crisper Front in a Maytag refrigerator. You may need to replace the Crisper Front
if the front of your crisper drawer is broken or cracked. This repair should only take a
few minutes of your time. You won’t be needing any tools for this repair, but if you need
a new Crisper Front, they are available for purchase on our website. Simply remove your
Crisper Pan, pull it all the way out. In order to remove the Crisper Front we’ll need to
turn over the drawer, and to remove it we simply need to lift up on the bottom on each
edge and lift it off the pan. Once that’s popped off, you can remove the front. To put
a new front on, we’ll flip over the drawer again right side up. We’ll take our new front,
sit the front on the two hooks on the pan, and then pop the bottom into place. And now
it’s ready to be put back in the fridge. Now we can re-insert the Crisper Drawer. You’ll
need to line it up with the tracks, you should be able to easily push it in. And now we can
close the doors. And that’s it! Here’s a quick recap. All of our OEM parts and tools are
available for purchase on our website. Check them out and let us know what you think on
these social media sites