Hi, I’m Cherylin, and today we’re going to
be replacing an ice maker cycling thermostat in a Maytag Refrigerator. You may need to
replace your ice maker cycling thermostat if your ice maker is not producing ice. This
repair should only take about 15 to 20 minutes. For this repair, we’re going to need four
tools: a quarter inch nut driver, a flat head screwdriver, a phillips head screwdriver,
and a pair of needle-nose pliers. If you don’t already have a new ice maker cycling thermostat,
they are available for purchase on our website. Before making this repair, make sure you completely
disconnect the refrigerator from its power source. We can open the freezer door. Start
my removing the ice bin. Then we can remove the wire shelf. Simply push up on all four
corners, then slide to the left to release the one side. Tip up and slide out to remove
the wire shelf. Next we can remove the ice maker. it’s held in place by 3 quarter inch
nuts. We’ll start by removing the one on the bottom. And we just need to loosen the two
on the top. Once those are loosened, we can lift up on
the ice maker, lift it off the screws. Then we’ll need to disconnect it from the wire
harness. We can take a flat head screwdriver. Lift up on the tab, and disconnect those.
And remove the ice maker. And we can set the ice maker on a work surface. We’ll start by
removing the shut off arm. In order to do that, we’ll need to pull out on the end in
the motor, and then we can slide out the end in the water fill cup, and set that to the
side. We’ll need to remove the motor cove. that will just pull straight off, like so.
Then we have 3 screws here- phillips head, so we’ll take our phillips head screwdriver
to remove those. Once those are removed, carefully pull the motor out. Next we’ll need to remove
these two screws behind the motor.Once those are removed, you can pull off this white assembly.
Remove the wire harness from the retainer and then we can remove the motor casing. the
thermostat is actually located inside the motor casing. In order to remove it, we’ll
just need to press on the prongs so it pops up. And you can discard your old thermostat.
Your new thermostat will also come with a new retainer clip so you can remove the old
ones. Just take some pliers and pull up. You can discard those. Then we can insert our
new clips. and you can grab your new thermostat. Yours may look like this, or it may look a
little different, either way it’s going to be inserted the same way. We’ll need to insert
it prongs down, and it should push through the other side. And before we reassemble,
we’re going to need to put some allumilastic in this sensor here. it helps to conduct a
proper temperature to the thermostat from the ice maker. If you don’t already have some
allumilastic, it is available for purchase on our website. And we can squeeze some allumilastic
onto the sensor. About a dime size on there. Cover the sensor, and we can reassemble it
to the ice maker. We’re going to need to line up all these stems and push straight on. Like so. Replace the wire harness at the back, and we can replace the screws. And now we
can replace the motor. You’re going to want to make sure that the 3 screw holes line up
with the 3 on the casing, and while you’re lining those up, you also have to turn the
ejector so the flat side of the ejector lines up with the motor. Once that’s lined up properly,
you’ll be able to push it all the way into place. And replace the screws. You can replace
the motor cover. It will pop right on. And finally, we can replace the shut off arm.
We’ll start by inserting the flat side into the water fill cup, then we can insert the
other end into the hole on the motor casing. You should be able to turn the switch on and
off. And now we can replace it into the freezer. Replace the ice maker. We’ll start by connecting
the wire harness. then we’ll just need to make sure that the fill tube sits inside the
water fill cup. And we can set it on the screws. Replace the bottom screw. And tighten down
the top two. And that’s it. Replace the wire shelf. It will go in at the same angle it came
out. Slide it into the holes on the left, lower down the right side, center it out,
and then simply push it down into place. And we can replace the ice pan. And close the
door. Finally, don’t forget to plug in your refrigerator. Thank you so much for watching,
we hope you found this video very helpful. If you don’t already have any of the OEM parts
or tools that you saw in the video, all of those products are available for purchase
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