Hi, I’m Cherylin. Today we’re going to be
replacing the 30 inch shelf in a Maytag Refrigerator. You’ll need to replace your 30 inch Shelf
if yours is broken or cracked. This repair should only take a couple seconds. We won’t
be needing any tools for this repair, but if you need a new Wire Shelf for your freezer
they are available for purchase on our website. Before repairing any appliance, always make
sure it is completely disconnected from the power source. In order to remove the wire
rack, simply lift up on all four corners and it will pop out of place. And then slide to
either the left or the right so when it comes out tip up, slide the other end out and take
the whole rack out. When replacing your wire rack, you’re going to come in at an angle,
slide one end into the top slot, until you can lower down the other side. Slide that
side into place and then push down on all four corners. And that’s it! Here’s a quick
recap. All of our OEM parts and tools are available for purchase on our website. Check
them out, along with our social media sites here