♪ The United States Forest Service manages America’s
National forests and grasslands. grasslands. 193 million acres of natural beauty wildlife resources and recreation areas ♪ painting boundaries fuel reduction hand pulling invasive plants taking woody vegetation out tracking and recording all correspondent re-routing a trail creating these road blockages that’s a big job and we can’t do it alone. It’s been part of the history of the way
the Forest Service delivers its work for the past 100 years to involve citizens. We really believe that it’s
important for citizens who are owners the people that we serve to really be part of how we take care
of these lands. We have a very strong commitment to
engage youth and to engage citizens in how we deliver
the mission of the Forest Service. The Forest Service believes in
service to each other and the planet, The interdependency of people and nature that conservation means we protect preserve and restore public lands for
the people and enjoyment that diversity is key people and cultures, experiences and
ecosystems and safety underpins
everything we do. These are our values and what we value in our partners and volunteers. So I want you to be looking out for your neighbor that
you’re working with. thousands of partnerships projects and programs with citizens. organizations, friends groups and many
others help the Forest Service every day to steward public lands. 1972 more than three million people have volunteered over 136 million hours. This work is valued at 1.8 billion dollars, and equivalent to 76,000 full-time employees. we have a really robust volunteer
program at Midewin. I usually report about 400 adults
and 700 youth. The crew today out here working are putting in plant plugs that are difficult to
get established by seeds. We have a pretty small seasonal crew we couldn’t get in half as many of these plants without volunteer help. We’re mixture young, old, different races,
different backgrounds, cultures, but it’s a lot of fun. I’m a bison ranger, I’m a bird monitor,
I’m a Welcome Center host. I volunteer because I think it’s important
that the public give back to the agencies that manage these lands for us. Retirees are among our most loyal volunteers. They bring with them valuable
skill sets honed over decades of working, and youth are among our most
enthusiastic and energetic. We have some of the best volunteers
on the planet and for the planet. That’s just simply how we get work done around here. That’s all we know that’s how we do it we engaged all sorts of different partners. 21st century Conservation Service Corps projects help us develop our work force
and get essential work done. Veterans value the restorative outdoor work. It’s fun hard work. It’s very hard. You’re
gonna be very sweaty and hot. It’s the most rewarding work that I’ve
done since I’ve been out of the Army. We’re protecting the community I feel like
I’m accomplishing something at end of the day. The two goals are to get
veterans meaningful employment. The other component is to give land management
agencies the ability to get meaningful projects done in our local communities. Teenagers gain work experience in the
Youth Conservation Corps. I think it’s a great experience to get the kids outside get them exposed to you know the
beautiful outdoors. Digging in the dirt
is good for anyone. It’s good exercise It’s good teamwork. This job has taught me to be a hard worker. and take what I’m doing very seriously. when we get a project and we have
one week to accomplish it and we get it done in two days thats a big accomplishment for us. to not only think of it as a job
but you’re making a difference Good afternoon. Thank you for calling NFS. This is Hillary. and emerging professionals can access
career pathways with special hiring authorities and programs
like the public lands corps and the resource assistance program. Find your tree. Once you’ve found your tree switch partners. The RAP program means endless possibilities to me. learning trail maintenance, forestry management all these things this program really opened my eyes
and showed me different different opportunities because being an economics major
I only thought you know I could work for a bank. whatever your interest location or age.You are welcome. The Forest Service needs your help to care for the land and serve people. ♪