Hi, I’m Dan O’Mara. I’m
COO of Circuit Launch. Circuit Launch is a community
of hardware entrepreneurs, we’re specifically co-working
and office space and education all surrounding the
hardware electronics movement. So, we both have labs and
facilities and tools as well as all the things you need to be
able to just work everyday. We’re here to help entrepreneurs,
basically, to build cool products. We have a drone delivered coffee
company, which is really fun. We have a bioprinter being worked
on. We have a carbon sequestration machine, actually a machine that pulls
carbon dioxide out of the air. We have a Roboticist in Residence who makes a
platform where anyone in the world can build a robot, and then anyone in the
world can then control that robot and be able to explore and interact with people.
We have IOT, virtual reality and doing mixed reality, all of these things that I
only dreamed about when I was a kid. These are really juicy problems that
we’re solving. That’s been what just blows me away about
the community here. So, some of the tools that we
utilize at Circuit Launch here vary from everything from the
basics, such as really good soldering irons, DC power supplies
and good microscopes, and all the basics that you need to develop
electronics, and some of the the cutting-edge technology that we use is
for example the Voltera V-One, which is our PCB printer. It, along with some of
the other tools, brings the development time down so low. Like, being able to take
a designed circuit board and within about an hour we could
have it fully assembled. That’s incredible. The Voltera V-One has been
pushing our entrepreneurs to create new things in a faster more economical
way than almost any of our other machines.