My name is Vadzim Dubrouski I’m 47 years old I came to Taiwan from the Republic of Belarus I’ve been living in Taiwan more than 20 years And I work as a Chinese-Russian interpreter Let me tell you my story I got the illness inguinal hernia as a result of practicing martial arts mainly they were Brazilian jiu-jitsu akido, judo and karate I found out about my illness in December, 2016 in the end of the year once taking a shower right after the training I noticed that I had a strange swelling in my inguinal area and I felt a kind of light nagging pain there I went to see a doctor at first I went to one of the hospitals in Taipei I was examined by a surgeon and he told me that I got an inguinal hernia he also told me that I needed a surgery at first I hoped that I could somehow avoid the surgery the hernia was very small so I continued my training and tried to work out my belly muscles but just after a week I realized that it couldn’t solve the problem the swelling in my inguinal region appeared every time when I walked so I decided to get a surgery but I didn’t want to go to an ordinary surgeon I wanted to find a clinic which was specialized in hernia surgery so I started researching on the internet for the information I found the website of Taipei Hernia Center so I came here here I met excellent doctors and wonderful medical personnel I was examined one more time and the day for surgery was set January 10th, 2017 I was operated it was.. rather quick… I think it took no longer than half an hour I was under a sedative and local anesthetic I felt nothing just fell asleep and then awoke in my ward after the operation during the first night I felt some pain, not too strong but it made me uncomfortable on the second day I was discharged from hospital returned home and continued my treatment there I can’t say that I felt very uncomfortable or some strong pain as a matter of fact on the fourth day after the operation I returned to my work and accompanied my clients the whole day I felt light pain and it was acceptable and after a week I felt myself in a rather good condition after a month, in February I resumed light form of my physical training I returned to my aikido class and started light form training now it’s about two months after the surgery my aikido trainings have become more active I don’t feel that I’m ready for resuming my BJJ and judo classes yet as they require much more intensive physical load but as I was told by the doctors, in six months after the operation I would be in completely recovered condition and I could continue my normal way of life so I’d like to recommend Taipei Hernia Center to everybody if you have hernia problems you can get thoughtful attention and very professional treatment here it’s a really nice place I like it very much