– All right, I’ma open
this one up. – You’re opening this one?!
– Yeah. – Oh, that’s exciting!
– Is that the gift? – This is the worst part
of Christmas. – When you watch
your siblings opening their presents and stuff.
– Yeah. (laughs) ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Happy holidays!
– Ooh. – Ooh.
– It’s my favorite time of the year. – (FBE) Today, in honor
of the holiday season, we’ve got some gifts
for you in another Try Not to Touch Challenge. – Ohhh.
– Wait. Is it gifts? – I think there’s gonna be
things presented in front of us? – (FBE) Well, these gifts
are all wrapped, so you won’t know what’s in them.
– Okay. – (FBE) You’ll be able to take
one of the gifts home with you today. – Oh! (laughs)
– Oh. (chuckles) – Oh, actually.
Merry Christmas! – (FBE) And just to get
a better sense of them, you can each shake one gift.
– (Tom gasps) – (FBE) And you can swap one time. – What?
– (FBE) But when you swap, you aren’t gonna know
what that gift is. It has to be wrapped.
– Ohh, you can’t do it after. Oh, no!
– Ohhh! – Years of shaking presents,
I feel like I have this one in the bag. But I can only shake one?
– (FBE) Just one. – Never mind. This is gonna suck.
– (both laugh) – Gotta look at it like this, though.
– That’s gonna be so hard. – Just sit on your hands.
and just be like, “All right.” – I don’t know if that’s even
gonna stop me. – (FBE) So, let’s bring in
the first round of presents. – Oh, man. I can already
feel my willpower diminishing. – This is so hard already.
I just wanna take it– oh my god. What’s the strategy?
Do we– – There is no strategy!
– Are bigger presents more valuable or smaller?
– Yeah, I’m going for an envelope. Maybe there’s money.
– Maybe we should hold out. – I don’t know. But big boxes,
could be more stuff in it. Is there a puppy?
– (both laugh) – Do you hear barking?
– What?! – No, I’m joking. (laughs)
– Shut the [bleep] up! Oh my god! This is hard!
I already wanna open it! – I think it makes sense
to have the best thing be the first thing
so that you can trick us, ’cause we’re gonna be like,
“Oh, first is the worst. Second’s the best,”
so we keep going. – Ooh.
– But also I do wanna keep going, so the trick is working.
– Let’s just pass on this one. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I agree.
– (FBE) Okay. – Next!
– Next. – Because it’s the first one,
I’m gonna let it go. – Yeah, yeah.
– I’m gonna keep my hands to myself, I think.
– I’m not gonna open it. – You can’t go out
on the first present. – This is so hard.
– I’m gonna pass. – I’m gonna go for it.
I’m gonna open it. (buzzer) I don’t– I– (chuckles)
– Jeannie, don’t by sh– – This is embarrassing!
Is that the gift? – (FBE) That’s the gift.
– Ohhh. See? She was naughty,
and she opened it on the first try.
– It’s coal. Eric legit mind-[bleep] me,
because he said the first could be the best,
and I jumped on it. – (FBE) Here is your next present.
– For some reason, I feel like this is a hoodie.
– It could be a blanket, like a nice, soft blanket.
And those are always nice. Those are always nice presents.
– It’s a clothing item of some sort.
– I don’t wanna waste a shake on this one either,
because we know it’s clothes. – Yeah, no. No shake.
We know. – Years of training. I could…
– Yeah. – …just see with my eyes.
– Okay, I’ll shake it, and then I’ll let you–
– Are you gonna shake it? – Yeah, I’m gonna shake it.
Yeah. Is that cool? – Are you sure?
– Yeah. – It’s something fluffy, man.
– I don’t know. – It’s a pillow.
– I’m gonna pass. – Okay. I’ma pass too.
– I ain’t openin’ it. – No.
– I’m okay. I pass. – Yeah, yeah.
– I’m sort of down to just open this and switch it later.
– You can go for it. Go for it. I’m deciding now.
I support your decision yes. – (chuckles) Is this Spider-Man?
Is it a Thor blanket? Oh, it’s an Iron Man blanket!
Oh, no. This is Spider-Man. This is mine now.
– Okay, can I feel it? It’s really soft.
– I’m gonna put this in my– – (FBE) Uh-oh! Remember,
this is a “try not to” challenge. – (both) Ohhhh! – I forgot about.
– I totally forgot the whole concept of the challenge is try not to touch. – This is the worst part
of Christmas. – When you watch
your siblings opening their presents and stuff.
– Yeah. (laughs) – (FBE) Here is your next gift.
– I feel like this is food… – (Anna) I wouldn’t
be angry with food. – …’cause it’s definitely
thicker here than it is here. – It reminds me of a bag of coffee.
– This looks like an air freshener. – I was thinking an action figure
or a pop figure maybe. – Ohh, okay.
– I’ll shake this little guy. – Is it light?
How– what’s the– – (laughs) I have no idea.
– (laughs) I have a big feeling
it’s a big gummy bear. – No, it’s an action figure.
It’s a bobble! – Ohhhhhh.
– I know exactly what it is. It’s a Funko.
It’s a Funko Pop. I have so many of these Funkos,
and I can totally tell by the feet. I can see right here.
I felt it when I was shaking it. His weirdly shaped giant head. The inability to stand up.
It’s a Funko. – I’m curious for what
the future holds. – There’s so many different types
of Funkos, that I feel like the one that I would want
isn’t this one. (chuckles) – I don’t think this is shake-worthy.
I’m gonna open this, ’cause I’m gonna stick
my original theory of small but mighty.
(buzzer) What is this?
– What is that? – Oh my god!
– What is it? – (chuckles) It’s– I don’t know.
It’s one of the bobbly head things. – (gasps)
– Oh! It’s Thanos. But Thanos in a Christmas sweater.
– I’m gonna open it. Let’s see what happens.
– Why is this one so interesting to you?
– I don’t know. It’s just interestingly shaped.
– Okay, okay. – I think smaller presents
are also slept on. – (both gasp)
– You said it! – Christmas Thanos! It’s awesome!
He’s got the Infinity Gauntlet! Oh, I’m keeping it.
– I have no idea what this is. I feel like it’s a toy.
– So, you’re gonna do it? Yes or no?
– Oh, no. I’m not doing it. – All right. I’ma open this one up.
– You’re opening this one?! – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s exciting! (buzzer) – Oh my god.
What is that? A toy! I knew it was a toy!
– Yo! It’s badass, though. – That is so cute!
You guys took it out of the box. That was smart.
– Yo, yeah. – I knew it was kind of like
a toy at the beginning or a figure. – With the Christmas sweater
this is sick. This is gonna be on my desk at home. – (FBE) Next up.
– Ooh! That is interesting. – Yeah, this makes me very curious.
– In my brain, I’m gonna be a child for a second.
I feel like it’s a Star Wars toy, because I saw that you have a toy,
so I want it to be a Star Wars toy.
– Might be toys. Do you wanna shake it maybe?
– This looks like the outside of like…
– Help a brother out? – Okay, I’m gonna shake it. (buzzer)
Shut up! I’m opening it. ♪ (“Star Wars” theme) ♪
(screams) It’s Star– [bleep]! I knew it. I knew it!
I knew it. No, did I tell you? I KNEW it!
– She did. – I’m gonna shake it
and stir it. Come on. (buzzer)
♪ (“Star Wars” theme) ♪ ♪ (vocalizing) ♪
– That is so cool. – And then Thanos just
kills all of them. He still wins.
– It’s the Millennium Falcon for sure. Maybe it’s an alarm clock?
– I like Star Wars. I just– this blanket’s more useful.
(laughs) I really need a blanket. – If it’s Star Wars themed,
I’m gonna have no function but to give it to my friends.
– I just love the idea of being able to just press a button
and have this epic theme music start playing in my house.
I think that is so cool. But then it’s my forever present.
– You have a phone. You can always play
your own theme song. – You’re right! You’re right! Eric’s talking sense
into me right now. Okay, okay. I’ma hold out.
– I’m just gonna open it, ’cause I can always switch
if I don’t want it. – There we go.
(buzzer) – Wow!
– Whoa! – That’s good quality. Okay!
– That is. This is not what I was expecting. Okay!
– (Haley) Nice! – (Tom) That’s a sweet replica, dude.
– I’m really proud of myself that I’ve shown
really good self-control, so the last two, I get to utilize.
– I’ma pass on it. – Okay, I’m gonna open it.
– (FBE) You’re gonna pass? – I’m gonna pass on it, I think. Yeah.
– I’ma open– I knew it was the Falcon! Oh my god.
How did I know that? – You’re good.
– That is so cool! I am SO keeping this.
I don’t need to trade with anything. – (FBE) So, this is actually
a Bluetooth speaker too. – It’s a–
– Yo, that’s crazy. – That’s like my two favorite
things together: music and Star Wars. You don’t understand.
♪ (“Star Wars” theme) ♪ – Oh, they’re gonna
take it away from you. – We can end it here, guys.
Thank you for coming. – The credits roll out.
– The credits can start rolling please. Thanks. Okay, I’ll stop. – Whoa, it’s a box!
– Here’s the next one. – It’s a box.
– That is a nice box. – I like boxes.
This is a big bo– Wait! Oh, god.
I’m having a flashback. I’m having–
just, I opened a box, and it had coal,
and I’m freaking out now. – Oh, man. Oh.
– Well, I’m not changing it. – (Labib) Oh, are you?
– No, because I’m happy with my gift. I don’t need anything else.
– I see the loyalty. – You wanna do rock, paper,
scissors on who shakes this? – Bet.
– Okay. (chuckles) – (both) Rock, paper, scissors.
– Okay. – You’re shaking it.
– Okay. (buzzer)
Oh, that some metal in there. Oh, no. Not metal. Glass.
– How heavy? – They’re just giving us
a giant glass bowl. – I’m gonna shake it.
– You’re gonna shake it? – I’m gonna shake it.
(buzzer) – Ohhh. Whoa.
– It’s glass. – Yeah.
– I think it’s a dish of some sort. – I’ma shake it.
(buzzer) – Oh, it’s making some noise.
Wait. Keep shaking it. – (gasps)
– Shake it back and forth. – This sounds like something
for the kitchen. – (FBE) So, are you guys
both passing on this or? – Yeah. No, we’re good.
– I’ma swap. (buzzer)
– Yeah, let’s go! – Oh my god! They’re Hanukkah cookies! – Let’s go. Damn, I came up.
I love food, so… – You got food. I knew it.
– Happy Hanukkah to everybody, you know, from your fellow Muslim.
You know, all one love. – Okay, I’ma swap.
I’ma swap for this one. (buzzer)
– Is it coal again? Please tell me it’s coal.
– It’s COOKIES! – Cookies?!
– Oh, god. Now the Star Wars thing
looked pretty [bleep] cool, just saying.
– Are you kidding? Those are sugar cookies.
Those are the best kind of cookies. – I know, but these don’t play music!
– But they’re edible! – Okay, I’m gonna open it.
– I like dishes. – ♪ (hums) ♪
– ♪ ♪ (hums “Star Wars” theme) ♪ – Okay, let’s do this.
(gasps) Cookies! – I don’t even want it.
I don’t even like cookies. – (FBE) All right.
Here is your next gift. – I love the paper wrap.
Great choice. – Wow. This is
Avengers wrapping paper. – It’s so cute.
– Maybe you guys just ran out of Christmas wrapping paper.
– It looks like, yes. – But who’s to say?
– This is a very specific wrapping paper out
of all the presents! – Ahhh! Avengers. Oh,
it’s probably Avengers on Blu-ray. Could be Spider-Man on DVD.
There’s so many different choices! – I don’t think I’m gonna
open it, though. – No.
– I’ma save it for the last one. – Yeah. I’m gonna wait
for the grand finale, I think. – We think it might be a DVD.
And I’m gonna be honest. I use Netflix too much to need a DVD.
– Yeah, I don’t even have a DVD player. – I’m not gonna change my gift.
It’s what I was meant to have. – (FBE) You’re still happy
with the cookie? – I’m chillin’.
– (FBE) I feel like the only reason I would open it is
because it’s something Marvel. But I already have something Marvel,
and something Marvel in the hand is worth two in the bush.
So, I’m gonna pass. – (FBE) Since no one picked this gift,
we’re going to quickly show the audience at home
what you guys were missing out on before the final round.
– (Kenneth) Might be an Avengers thing or a Marvel thing.
– (Anna) I guess I’m waiting for the last one.
– (FBE) Okay, last one. – Ah, [bleep]! I’m trading!
– Ohh! I’m trading. Yeah. – (Tom) This is a gift card.
I’m gonna say Starbucks or Amazon. – Gift card vibes. Small but mighty.
– Gift card. – This is what I’m talking about!
– Gift card. – This looks like a gift card.
– (gasps) It could be a letter that says, “Hey, here’s a pony.”
– So, what’s it gonna be, Eric, huh? – God. I don’t know. My–
– The only one playing. – My pop figure or a pony?
I don’t know. – I think it’s a gift card.
– It can’t be something super interesting, I think.
So, I’m gonna stay with my super interesting Thanos.
– I think it’s a gift card, but what if it’s just
an Amazon gift card that I can just use
in a random thing? This was something I’ve been
wanting to get, and that’s why I think gifts are–
it’s nice, because I wouldn’t get this
for myself! – I’m curious. I just wanna see it.
– You want me open it up. You’re getting on my psyche, man.
No, I like my Falcon. – (both laugh)
– (FBE) So you guys are sure? – (both) Yeah.
– I’m trading. – I’m sure.
(buzzer) – (both) Ohhhh!
– Whoa! – Ohhh!
– It’s $100 to Target?! – What?!
– (Tom) Let’s go! – Oh! Bye! (laughs)
– Oh my gosh! – Yes! Good choice!
– We actually did it! – Woo!
– We played the game right. We did it. (laughs)
– We did it. I can go buy some cookies now. – I’m opening it. Sure.
– One or two? One or two?
– Two. – [Bleep]. Okay.
We’re opening this. (chuckles) – Oh, okay.
– What is it? Ooh, Target.
– Yes. What the?! Oh my god!
– What? – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! – Oh my god! I thought
you all were gonna give me like a $15 gift card.
I’m about to cry. – Holy [bleep].
– And he was gonna take the blanket! – (both laugh)
– God, I’m curious about everything, and I’m probably not
gonna sleep tonight, ’cause I’m gonna be like,
“What was in the square one?” But at the end of the day,
I think I’m happy with my choice. – Thanks for watching Try Not
to Touch Mystery Boxes… – On the React Channel.
– You know what’s not a mystery? – The fact that you should subscribe.
– Let us know in the comments… – What you’re excited for this season. – Bye!
– Bye, guys! – Hey, everybody. Ethan here
from the React Channel. We hope you enjoyed this episode.
And from all of us here at FBE, we hope you have
a happy holiday season. Bye, guys!