– Why is it deep down? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. – (screams) What is that? – Hi guys, Josecarlos here,
producer of this episode. For this challenge, we had reactors
wear a blindfold and stick their hands
in a mystery box. And to win, they had to
Try Not To Freak Out. Since they expected
the Try Not To Channel to put some really insane things
in the box, we actually put stuff
that normally, you wouldn’t freak out on
without a blindfold on, to see their reactions,
and it was very hilarious. So check it out. So Darius, for this challenge,
you’ll be blindfolded. – Oh. – (FBE) And then we’re gonna
bring out a box with a variety of things inside,
some more dangerous than others. – Dangerous, oh, that’s a fun word. – No, no, no! See, it’s days like these
where I’m like maybe I shouldn’t have
sent in my application, dude. – You made us eat bugs,
and you’ve made us eat the hottest candy in the world. – (FBE) You did it!
(Brandon screams) – Things can get not fun here. – (FBE) You must stick your hand
inside the box to feel whatever may be inside, all while remaining
calm and collected, because this is a Try Not To
Freak Out Challenge. – Oh hell no. – No, I can’t do this,
I’m gonna cry. I’m going to cry!
I am going, I’m already crying. – (FBE) If at any point,
you flinch, hesitate, jump, scream or freak out,
you’ll be out for that round, but you’ll be brought back in
for the next one. – Okay. – (FBE) The goal of the challenge
is to beat out the other reactors in this episode
and hold the title of chillest Try Not To reactor.
♪ (overtone music) ♪ – You know what, I deserve that title.
I think I should win this one. – (FBE) You think you’re gonna have
a hard time with this? – Uh, yeah, for sure.
Yeah, but let’s keep it positive, and chill.
♪ (overtone music) ♪ – This is one challenge
I will lose, and my palms are sweating,
so let’s do it. – (FBE) So for fans at home,
let us know what you think that we should include
in the mystery box for future episodes
down in the comments, and also subscribe to
the Try Not To Channel, so you never miss an episode.
– Try to play along. Blindfold yourself
and touch things around your room. – This is just…
(laughs) [bleep]! – (FBE) So here is the first item, we recommend
not to close your fists too hard for this one, okay,
when you’re in there? – Excuse me?
– Put your right hand up, so I can…
(Shar whimpers) This is my hand.
(feet tapping) – Oh, ok! (screams)
You can’t do that! Damn it, I just,
we just started. (buzzer rings) – They say that
when you lose one sense, your others are multiplied.
That’s what I’m hoping happens today. – This is terrifying. (laughs) Bitch. – I am terrified!
Oh my God! Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Oh my God, oh my God. Oh my God! I really, I dont’ think
I can do this, I really don’t. I’m terrified.
(buzzer rings) – I’m literally only afraid
that it’s gonna be alive. My palms are sweaty. Oh my God, I’m done,
I don’t wanna, I don’t like it. (buzzer rings) – Pretty nervous,
I’m reaching in the thingy. And I’m, I feel something,
is this a bowl? – Okay, great, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay. I’m feeling good,
just keeping my calm, you know? Whoa, what’s going on?
Oh! Here’s my strategy,
I’m just gonna use my pinky, and like feel it out first. Okay, now that I felt with the pinky,
I’m gonna use my hands. Oh, mm-hmm. – It’s ticklish.
They’re really wiggly. Oh no, they like my hand now.
They’re like, they’re greeting it. They were all scared at first,
now they’re like “how are you?” – Oh, is it a bowl? (screams) What the [bleep]
is in there? (whimpers) Ew! (screams) What is it?
(laughs) Is it rice?
(buzzer rings) – I don’t know what that is.
They feel like ladybugs. (laughs) – You know what it feels like? It feels like (sighs) Yes, it’s earth,
it feels like bean sprouts. Now I can’t eat bean sprouts.
Ugh! Okay, I did it, I did it. – (FBE) Alright, so you freaked out
for this one. What happened there? – Just not knowing what it is,
you guys are cruel. The FBE staff is cruel, man. – Alright, okay, okay, alright!
Okay. (laughs)
Oh my God, this is so ridiculous.
– (FBE) Alright. – You can’t put a black girl
in a situation like this. Oh. – (FBE) The next box
is in front of you. Carefully stick your hand in. – See, no! – (screams) What? (laughs)
– (FBE) You’re already freaking out. (Izzy laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Ah, wait. What the hell,
why is it vibrating? Is this a vibrator? I’m not touching a vibrator,
that’s gross. – I don’t like this!
Oh. – (FBE) You might hear a purr
or something. – Okay, well you’re gonna
make me think it’s a cat, and then it’s not gonna be a cat,
it’s gonna be a freakin’ scorpion. – Alright, thingy in here.
Um, I’m going in. Don’t hurt me, you know? – I don’t like this.
I don’t like this. Oh, what is, okay. Okay. – I want you to know
that I’m crying behind this mask. (cries) Okay, I put it in there,
I didn’t feel anything. (buzzer rings) – What, is that a…
Is that a cat? – But if you feel any licking Sergio,
don’t, just, just chill bro. Don’t, no excitement. – (screams) Why’s it warm? Uh, it’s some kind
of live animal for sure. It’s like a, it was like furry,
and soft and weird and fleshy. (buzzer rings) – It feels like fur,
but like fake fur, and it’s vibrating. – Um, something inside of it
is like vibrating though? – What is this? What is this? – Once you get through it,
and you stop scaring yourself in your own head,
it’s okay, it’s easy to get through. – I’m doing okay so far, but I feel like it might get worse. There’s gonna be something
that makes me jump, I feel it. – I didn’t know I was gonna be
blindfolded, and box sounds so heavy. – I can feel my heart rate
going up again. – See, I’m not relying on this sense,
so I’m gonna rely on other senses like hearing and smelling.
(sniffs) I can’t smell anything. – (FBE) How you feeling? – Adventurous. – I’m going in. Hello thingy in here.
My name is Darius. These are my fingers.
I’m going in. – Why is it deep down?
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I’ve never used profanity,
but [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]!
(buzzer rings) – If it’s like a bug,
I swear to God I will cry. This is how you get me to cry
during a Try Not To Cry Challenge! (buzzer rings) – Ugh, ah, no!
I was so close! (buzzer rings) – Ew.
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, what the [bleep] is this?
(buzzer rings) – What is, what the,
what is this? – What is this texture?
It’s like wet. If anything, that one felt
a little gross, but I feel okay right now. I’m just trying not to
overthink it. – What’s the next one? Am I gonna get through it,
that’s all I’m thinking of right now. – (FBE) Whenever you are ready,
stick your hand in the box. – I feel like a caveman. It’s like all intelligence
has been lost. – You know, I’m here for a good time
and not a long time, so it’s fine. – Hello in there!
These are my fingers. My name is Darius,
and I’m going in. – I feel um, oh.
Oh! (laughs) (buzzer rings) – Okay, I touched it.
(laughs) I touched it, I felt it, I touched it. – (FBE) What did you feel? – I don’t know!
(buzzer rings) – [Bleep] [bleep]. (laughs) Dude, it better not be
an insect or something. – (FBE) You are already
freaking out about it. – (laughs) I don’t want,
I don’t trust you guys! (screams)
(buzzer rings) – Oh, ugh, ew, ugh, ugh! What is this? (laughs) It’s so slimy. It’s like comforting to touch,
you know, like a stress ball. – Ugh, ugh, what is that? Why’s it so slimy,
ew, why is it so slimy? (screams) Aw damn it, I lost, didn’t I? (buzzer rings) – I don’t like it. It feels alive, and I’m concerned. It feels like what I would imagine
a turtle to feel like without its shell. – Ew, ew! I feel like it’s a frog. ‘Cause it felt like slimy
and smooth. – This is weird. It’s like a chicken breast
or something? – I know a chicken,
I have ate a whole chicken before. This is chicken.
I felt that leg, I love legs. – Dude, I’m gonna tell you right now, first of all
I’m a naturally curious guy, so obviously I’m gonna
wanna touch it, but that doesn’t mean
that I wanna touch it. My mind tells me no,
but my body’s telling me yes. – (FBE) Ready for the next
and last one? – Oh, this is the grand finale? – (FBE) Grand finale.
– I know how y’all like to play games. – (FBE) Gross. – Did you just say gross?
– (FBE) Yes. Uh, the next thing
is inside the box. Feel free to stick your hand. – Oh my gosh!
You just said gross. – This is the last one,
so this obviously gonna be the worst one. – Bro, I feel like since
this is the last one, like, I don’t believe in God,
but I really gotta pray to him, ’cause I might go visit him
after this, I’m gonna have a heart attack. – Okay, let’s full send it. – Hi, I’m Darius.
Nice to meet you. – The further my hand goes in,
without it like touching anything, I get nervous. – Make sure no one’s around, like there’s no hole in the box, and no one’s gonna
grab my hand or something. – Okay, it felt like
it just moved. I’m imagining things at this point. (Izzy laughs) – (FBE) You’re already freaking out. – I know! (laughs) It’s just my mind
thinks of the worst things, you know what I mean? Like my mind just goes.
(laughs) (buzzer rings) – What is this? – Should I unroll this thing? It feels like there’s
something inside, but it’s not, I’m gonna grab it
by the balls, as they say. – There’s something on my hands
that this thing is like leaving. – (screams) What is that?
(buzzer rings) – I gotta get at least
one of these, right? – (FBE) Yes, this is the one
to do it. – Oh, there we go,
oh, there, touched it. Mmm! – (FBE) How do you feel, good? – Yeah! (laughs) – (FBE) What if I told you
there were a dog from the office here? – There’s not a dog there. – (FBE) Might not be a dog,
but it might be… – A cat? (laughs) – This feels like a diaper.
You put a diaper in here? Poop?
Am I touching poop? – Oh, is it in the tissue?
Is this crap? Am I touching poop? I am disgusted. I just, just loved
on a turd right now. – Listen, my pits are drenched. My underboob is wet. And I’m sweating, and I’m sure
that my makeup is ruined under this, but you know,
anything for you guys. – (FBE) So you didn’t freak out at all
and therefore you won this challenge. (bell rings)
– Chillest reactor! (party horn blows) Right here, baby! (bell rings)
– I think the pinky poke strategy was definitely what helped me
take this dub today. – (FBE) So you freaked out
on a lot of these, and therefore lost this challenge. What do you think
about your performance? – (laughs) I’m so mad. I touched worms!
No! – I’m embarrassed!
I wanted to do better, I wanted to, in a perfect world, I would have passed
with flying colors. But just in that,
in those specific instances and situations, I’m just not,
I guess, that’s where my talent lacks. – I always watch these,
and I’m like dude, why are you guys
being such babies? But now that you’re actually donig it,
like, I’m, it’s exciting, but it’s also really scary. – Hey guys, it’s JC.
Don’t freak out, the episode is over,
but more are coming your way. So make sure to subscribe
and hit the bell so you don’t miss a single episode. And what else do you guys
want us to put in these boxes? I wanna know,
I wanna hear your feedback down in the comments.
Bye guys. You got this, you’re right there,
you gotta stretch ’em out. – Don’t, shh, shh, shh, shh!