– I’m gonna take a nap.
– No! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
you’re gonna be doing a Try Not to Fail Challenge.
– Okay, try not to fail. I try normally in life
not to fail things. – Dang. That’s like what
I’m best at too is failing. (laughs) – (FBE) So, you’re good
at failing? – Yeah, I’m the best at it. (chuckles)
– (FBE) All right, so the rules are gonna change
a little bit per round, but the most important thing
is that you must not fail at any of the tasks given to you.
And for a little extra fun. all of the challenges will be themed
around popular New Year’s resolutions. – Okay. I have failed all of
my personal New Year’s resolutions, so I’m scared.
– I’m always like, “Okay, I’m gonna save money,”
and I don’t. And then, “I’m gonna lose weight,”
and I don’t. “I’m gonna exercise.”
Nothing. – (FBE) All right, you ready?
– Hell yeah. – (FBE) The first
of our popular resolutions is to start eating better
by cutting back on sugar. We’re gonna give you
three different food items, and you’re gonna have 15 seconds
to tell us which one of them has the least amount
of sugar in it. – Oh, god. Okay.
Since I probably eat processed sugar like 90%
of my meals of every day, I don’t know how good
I’m gonna be at this. (chuckles) – Okay. That’s gonna be easy.
I got this one, ’cause I know bad foods,
because I eat them a lot. – (FBE) You got 15 seconds.
Which one has the least amount of sugar? Ready? Go.
– The least sugar? Um… God, this is difficult.
– This one is chocolate chip, but this is what I would immediately
think to be as more nutritional. A Vitamin Water thing and mustard.
Uh… you know what? [Bleep] it! Vitamin water.
– I think so. I don’t eat mustard. I’ll eat this,
but I’ll never eat mustard, so I’m gonna guess
this doesn’t have sugar. – If this a zero one,
it supposedly zero sugar in it. Oh my god.
I think it’s this. – I feel like it would
be mustard, right? – Least amount,
second most amount, most amount.
– This one. – I wanna say… (sighs) (sucks in breath)
(groans) – (FBE) Three seconds.
– Oh, no. Okay. The mustard. – I’m right, huh?
– (FBE) You’re so wrong. No, it’s mustard.
– It’s mustard? – (FBE) It’s mustard.
(buzzer) – Who eats just mustard, though?
That’s weird. What are gonna do?
Pour mustard into your mouth? No. That’s some weirdo stuff.
– (FBE) There’s zero sugar in mustard. – Okay. That’s what I thought,
but I was trippin’. I was like, well, ketchup
I feel like has sugar. So, I’m like–
– (FBE) Exactly. – Condiments are scary.
It’s a scary zone to be in. – (FBE) Okay, so another
common resolution is to start exercising more.
– I’m gonna be exercising right now? – (FBE) So, we’re gonna
have you attempt to do 10 push-ups in one minute.
– (laughs) That is impossible. – I can do three push-ups. 10 is…
10 is a New Year’s resolution. – (FBE) Three, two, go. – One, two, three.
(clock ticking) – I’m literally just
gonna go face front. (grunts) No.
(buzzer) – (FBE) Five. Six. Okay, so you got it. You did 10.
– Yeah! Woo! For fitness! (laughs) – (laughs)
– (FBE) I’m not gonna count that last one. Tori,
you didn’t move there. You got five. Six.
– (grunts) – (FBE) Oh, you got cocky. Boom.
– Boom. – (FBE) You did it.
– Thank you very much. – (laughs) I can’t do it.
– (FBE) 10 seconds. – I’m gonna lay down right here.
I’m gonna take a nap. (buzzer)
– Is that 10? – (FBE) That’s nine.
– You know what? Push-ups suck. Why do people still do those?
Those were not fun. – (FBE) You did it!
– (tiredly) Woo-hoo. But at what cost? – I’m gonna do the rest
of the episode from right here. – Therapy and working out has been
super helpful for me personally, but it’s hard,
and you have to stick to it, and you have to get over that hump
of like, “I really don’t wanna do this,” because 99.9% of the time,
it [bleep] sucks! – (FBE) For this next round, Ary,
the resolution is to be nicer and to make more friends.
But to achieve that, you must be nice to yourself too.
So, I’m gonna give you 30 seconds on the clock to
say five nice things… – No.
– (FBE) …about yourself. – Don’t!
– (FBE) Ready? – This is stressful!
I can’t even take compliments from other people.
I don’t give them to myself. – (FBE) Go!
– I think I have really nice hair. I like how I treat people.
I think I’m a really nice person. – I’m tall. That’s really nice
for reaching high things. That’s fun. – I started working out more,
so I feel like my body’s in check. I have beautiful hazel eyes.
Eyelashes are looking long and luscious.
Hair is looking cute. All around great personality, A+.
– I feel like I’m good at photography. I like to draw.
– Ary, you brush your teeth every morning.
That’s a good thing. One. – (FBE) Halfway.
– Oh my god! – I like to–
dang, I suck. – (FBE) You’re halfway.
– I smile all the time to spread good energy. I like to meditate,
which means I like to be spiritual, which means I care about myself.
Um, um… – And I like that my nose
is a little bit crooked, but it’s okay,
’cause it makes me unique. And… – I don’t even know, dude.
I have pretty eyes. I think I got really nice eyes.
– I’m a nice guy. I’m very sympathetic,
very empathetic. I have a decent hairstyle (chuckles)
that I’ve stuck with for a while. I like my taste in wardrobe.
I’m really good at video games. How do you jump?!
It’s, like, weird! – You have people that love you–
– (FBE) Time. – Ah, no!
(buzzer) – Thank you. I’m actually
really glad that I passed that one, ’cause that was the one that was
my entire New Year’s resolution was to be nicer to myself.
And I feel like this is the moment that it had been leading up to. – (FBE) Next up is money saving.
We’re gonna give you a mathematical word problem and see
if you can solve it in one minute. – I lose. That’s it.
– (FBE laughs) – I’m done.
– Okay. I failed stats and I’m a Libra,
so this is gonna be great. Libras are really bad
at saving money. – (FBE) Rudy…
– Rudy. All right, Ru-dy. (chuckles) – (FBE) Rudy received $24.75
for his birthday. He wants to split the money
into groups to save for three things: movie tickets, art supplies,
and music downloads. If he wants the same amount
for each activity, how much money will he put
into each group? – Oh my god. Art supplies and what?
Not that that matters. – I don’t wanna divide.
I don’t even remember how to do that. Can I use my phone?
– (FBE) No. – So, it’s 24.75 divided by three.
So… I suck with decimals! – Oh, so we’re just dividing it
by three then aren’t we? (scoffs) Bitch, who do you think I am? – I’m just gonna divide it by three and see where we go,
but I don’t know how to divide. I forgot. So, (chuckles) umm…
– I don’t know. Let’s see. – (FBE) You’re halfway there.
– (gasps) Halfway– oh my god. Okay. – Okay, so if I did that–
no, that’s not– that’s a two. Okay, so we got two.
And that would be like two left over. So, that’d be a seven.
I don’t remember. How the hell does math work?
– What’s half of 24? It’s 12. And half of that means nothing.
Don’t listen to me work that all out. – My brain. Ugh, my mind.
– I just put– me, this is why I don’t save.
I put $10 on movies, $10 on art supplies,
and $4.75 and on music downloads. – Wow, so I’m gonna
do it this way, I guess. We’re gonna call it–
– (FBE) Five seconds. – (sighs) Okay.
I think I have it. I know that it’s wrong,
but I rounded up. Well, (sniffs)
it’ll be about 8.22. – Oh! I got it.
I think. – (FBE) Three…
Yeah, it should be this. – (FBE) …two, one.
What’s your answer? – So, he would split it
into three groups, which is $8.25 for all three?
– $8.25? I don’t know. – Yeah, 8.25 for each thing.
– (FBE) Boom, you did it. – I’m so good at division.
I will NEVER forget division! – 8.25?
– (FBE) Yup. – Boom, bitch!
– I’m a [bleep] mathemagician. (laughs)
– (FBE) But unfortunately, $10, $10, and $4.75
is not, uh, correct. The answer is $8.25.
– Wow. – [Bleep], man. I was so close.
(buzzer) – I remember watching in high school
those videos of adults trying to do long division
or multiplying stuff, that I was like,
“I will NOT be that adult, and I will remember my long division.”
So, it’s been an active thing in my brain since high school.
– (FBE) For this final resolution, people frequently talk
about wanting to learn a new skill. So, we’re gonna teach you… how to juggle.
– I knew it was gonna be [bleep] juggling.
I can’t juggle. You should’ve got Eric.
Eric can already juggle. Then it’s not a new skill. Touché.
– (FBE) We’re actually gonna have Ethan in to teach you! – Whoa.
– Hello! – Let’s do it. Show me.
– It’s really simple, okay? Just pay close attention.
You ready? This is how you juggle. – You’re not even gonna– okay, sure.
I see what’s happening here. – Got it?
– Can you start and stop again? Okay. – I’ll do you one better. I’m actually
gonna teach you how to do this. – Okay, good!
– (Ethan) Yeah. Throw one ball up in the air.
When it reaches its peak, throw the other one. Ready?
– The other one? – Okay?
– Okay. – So, up.
– This is easy with one. – Throw that one up.
And then when it’s right here, throw the other one. (party horn blows)
– That was it. Let’s do– – Well, you moved that ball
just straight over. No, you gotta throw it back
the same way. No? – Dang it!
– (FBE) So, we’re only going to give you two attempts.
You’re gonna need to throw and catch all three balls to succeed.
So, you ready? Juggle. – Okay. No! – (snickers)
– (FBE) Okay, halfway there. – Dang it! – (groans)
(buzzer) – This one, this one, this one.
That was pretty close. I’m not mad at myself.
I felt like that was pretty good. (buzzer)
– Oh, I did it for a second. – (FBE) Okay, I’ll give you that.
– Can’t do it anymore, though. (ding) – (sighs) Was that a juggle?
(ding) – Focus, focus. Dang it!
(buzzer) – I’m gonna do it this hand.
I guess I can do it pretty well with this one, so boop, boop,
boop, boop… boop. Does that count? I mean, technically,
I did throw another one up after I did all three. – That counts, and you succeeded.
(ding) – Watch this. This is gonna be
like a true underdog story of somebody who you saw
during the training montage who couldn’t do it.
But now all of a sudden, it’s the big game.
This is your MVP! – (FBE) That was so close.
– That wasn’t bad. Play it back. Play it back!
(in slow mo) MVP. (thud)
(thud) (crash)
– (FBE) Unfortunately, that is a failure.
(buzzer) – (FBE) The game is Try Not
to Fail, and you didn’t fail. (ding)
– (chuckles) I don’t know how. I fail in real life,
so this is just a fluke or something. – I was pretty impressed with myself.
I thought I was gonna get hung up way earlier in there.
I guess I can’t really be mad on the last one, and it was juggling.
I think I did pretty well. – (FBE) Finally, what is your
New Year’s resolution for 2020? – I’m gonna learn how to juggle.
It looks fun. – Okay, so for 2019,
it was no self-deprecation. So now, for 2020,
it’s physically taking myself better. I feel mentally more confident,
so now I wanna physically look more confident.
So, it’s more just about– I think 2020 is looking better
for myself. – Thank you for watching us
try not to fail New Years resolutions on the React Channel.
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New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know in the comments.
– Bye! – Hey, everybody.
Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much
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