– Watch this!
– (laughs) That’s sick. – Dude, science RULES. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, once again,
we’re going to be testing your survival skills
with a Try Not to Die Challenge. – What? That honestly sounds
like the most horrifying experience. – What is this? Like,
Try Not to Die Chal– like… I’m just trying to chill today.
– I saw that video, and I wanted to be in it. (laughs) – (FBE) I’ll give you everything
you need to complete a specific survival hack.
– Cool. – (FBE) You’ll get two points
if you can figure it out without watching a video,
one point if you can figure it out after you watch a video.
You’ll get zero points if you can’t do it.
The person with the most points wins, and the person with
the least points dies! – Okay. All right.
Now I see the premise. It’s a figurative death.
– So, I have to really be on my Man vs. Wild stuff today.
– Last time I survived, right? Today, Try Not to Die,
I might fail it and die. – (FBE) So, first up,
we’ve given you everything you need to start a fire. – Doritos and a lighter.
– (Labib) We used to do this in elementary school for our teacher
trying to tell us not to eat chips ’cause of how much fat
they have in there. – Is this what they teach you
in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? ‘Cause I’ve never gone
to those things. I think I’m not supposed
to burn the bag, ’cause that’s bad for the environment.
– We’re gonna do some testing, some A/B testing, right? So, a little too flammable.
It immediately goes out. It almost doesn’t hold a flame.
– They light up! Right? – All I can think of
is just lighting the chips on fire. – Why don’t we just try
lighting a [bleep] Dorito? Right? (ding)
Why is this holding a light so well? – And create your bed.
You let that generate some smoke. Are there smoke alarms in here?
– And this is it. And then, you just pile
a bunch of wood or Doritos, depending. (ding)
– (Jeannie) Start a bigger fire Okay, let’s just go around,
just light other ones. Oh, I think I ran out of gas.
– And you can just do this, and it’ll be on fire,
I’m pretty sure, the fat. (ding)
Hold on, hold on, hold on. Look. No, don’t do that? (laughs)
– As the grandma in the Christmas Krampus movie says,
“Keep the fire hot.” (ding)
There. And now I’ve created my own little campfire.
This is the easiest one. I was actually expecting it
to be kind of a challenge. I’m like, “Oh, you chose
the easiest hack.” – Really makes me think
about eating Doritos now. – It’s in our bodies!
We put that in our bodies! – (woman) So, these little
curvy chips are great to kind of stack…
– Oh! Okay, so they’re stacking it up. – That’s insane. – See, they’re doing–
I mean, they’re doing the same thing I did.
I just lit it first. – Cool. Nice.
Very simple. – Everyone, pile up.
This is how you make hot Doritos. – Oh. Oh! Let’s [bleep] go.
We got a [bleep] fire. Oh, we got warmth.
– (blows) Wow, that’s big. (blows) You guys– oh, [bleep].
– (FBE) Brandon! – Oh, [bleep].
I let it go too long! Goddammit! – (FBE) So, for your next hack,
let’s say you’re bleeding and you needed to make a band-aid.
– Okay. – (FBE) So, we’ve given you
everything you need to make a band-aid
and what you need to test it. So, you’ve got some fake blood there.
You’re gonna put fake blood on your tinfoil like
it’s an open wound and then make a band-aid for it.
– Is this a tampon? – Wait. Is this what I think it is?
– (FBE) Yup. – It’s a coffee filter?
– (FBE) No. – No? Oh, it’s a tampon.
Oh, yeah, this could still easily– this, if anything, is way better.
– A tampon’s pretty much like gauze, right?
– This is fake blood? – (FBE) Yup.
– And I have to pour it on this tinfoil?
– Just a little bit of– oh, no. Ow. My skin. I’m bleeding.
– What’s up with all this plastic? Step number one,
how do I unwrap this? – Knowing myself,
I would have a knife on me, so I would be able
to dice this up. Oh, there’s scissors.
– I’m gonna be honest. I’ve never opened a tampon.
I don’t know if they’re open-able at all.
– Welcome a tampon unboxing video. See, I already bled out at this point.
– Wow, I’ve never played with a tampon like this ever,
literally ever. – We’re about to learn what
a tampon looks like in the inside. – In any situation,
say this were my arm, I would take the tampon,
expand it as much as I could, and then apply over the blood?
– How does it work? It expands, right? When it gets soaked? All right.
All right, you put it down. Now, the tape.
– Watch this! Bam! (laughs)
(ding) A band-aid!
– That’s literally all a band-aid is. (ding)
– Seems like that would be a good absorption right here.
(ding) – There we go.
(ding) No blood.
– These survival hacks are things I’ve done
just growing up as a kid being lazy or practical.
– (FBE) Labib, this was a really good try.
You definitely had the right idea. Unfortunately, I don’t think
your band-aid would quite do the trick. (buzzer)
So, we’re gonna have you watch a video and see
the proper way to do it. ♪ (tranquil music) ♪ – Ohhh! I see. Okay.
Ohhhh, okay. – I mean, yeah.
It’s just kind of– it just makes sense.
– That’s way more [bleep] tape than you would use
in a wilderness situation. You’re in the wilderness.
You’re trying to save on resources. They’re just like, “Oh, yeah!
Tape, tape, tape.” Yeah, ’cause you’re at home, bro!
I still have a whole-ass band-aid left. – (Labib) I gotta the person first. – I just put on lotion,
so maybe that’s why. Still didn’t do it right.
It’s okay. Ohhh, I did! Oh! (laughs) Okay. – Same thing. Same concept.
I’ll be mindful of the waste here. You know the deal.
(ding) I secured the cut.
You know what I’m saying. – (FBE) If you can’t start a fire,
there are other ways to stay warm. Can you make a heater
with these items? – A heater?
– These are the more complicated ones. All right. Is there anything
in the bucket? – Calcium chloride pellets.
– We’re gonna open this up, first? And that might be
the biggest task for me is opening this up.
– (grunts) Is it salt? – The forbidden Dippin’ Dots.
– Someone could literally make this look like Dippin’ Dots
and give it to someone to eat. – This is like Breaking Bad
kind of stuff. – What’s going through my head
right now is should I apply the water directly to these pellets
or if there’s a second bag here, should I apply water first to this bag
and then place this inside? So, I’m gonna take the pellets.
Eff it. I’m gonna apply the water directly.
– How much water? Okay. – Let’s hope it doesn’t melt the bag. (ding)
Oh, yeah. That’s it. – It’s already getting warm. (chuckles)
(ding) Boom. Heat.
– Make sure it’s sealed, because we don’t want
any water leakage. Oh, yeah. It’s hot.
It’s hot. Ooh! It’s hot. – That’s awesome, ’cause it’s like
a little handwarmer. And it gets SO hot.
This is too hot. It’s not sippable for tea.
– See, if you do it like that, it’s pleasantly warm.
If you just grab just the beads, that’s where it gets really hot.
Look, there’s even– look, there’s a little steam.
– Just wanna pour it in there. Damn. Oh, this feels so good. – (FBE) So, yes.
– Wow, that’s awesome. Cool. – (FBE) That’s exactly right!
Two points! (ding)
– Yes! Dude, science RULES.
– (FBE) This video shows you how to make a handwarmer
that can be activated at a later time.
– Ohh! Ooh! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Oh, okay. So, there’s the water. – Ah, I see. So, they’re keeping
the two solutions separate. – He’s got it all packed up.
Pushing the air out. – Ooh, so fancy! – That’s a good-ass idea.
I’m glad I figured that out without the video.
I was like, “Hmm, this is just chemistry.”
Logic wins again. – Really shocked right now,
’cause no one literally taught me how to survive.
I was just born. No one told me anything.
I’m just figuring it out on my own. – (FBE) So, next up,
if the electricity goes out, you’re going to need
to create your own lantern or lamp. – Okay.
– (FBE) So, do you think you can make an amplified
light source with these items? – (softly) Amplified?
Okay. – Scissors. Lighter again.
Box cutter. Candle. La Croix can.
This is interesting. Obviously, there’s gonna be
some cutting required of the can. – This is like a light bulb.
And I feel like I’m supposed to figure out a way
to put it inside. – I don’t know.
I know how to do it with a water jug,
you know what I mean? So, I’m assuming
it’s the same thing almost. – My first idea is to cut
a few windows in this, or you can just make one window,
stick the candle inside, and then the light has to travel
through just one area. – I guess I’ll just start, you know? – Okay. Okay, cool.
Two equal– okay. – Say we were to do this, right?
Take our candle. – A light. Then you put it in the can.
And that’s a light, right? – Yo! That’s [bleep] home decor, bro.
HGTV House Hunters, where you at? – Woo. And then I can
cut holes in it and it would give off more light,
’cause it would have more room for light to escape.
– Everyone turn the lights off real quick.
You all wanna see this? This is romantic right now.
Bro, this is sick. – Wow. Okay. (laughs) What?
(ding) – Was this it?
(ding) Oh my god! (laughs)
I feel so accomplished. – Oh, yeah. Ohhh!
(ding) I can’t navigate you
through a cave, but I could probably get you
from your living room to your bathroom safely.
– (FBE) While I appreciate this take on this,
this is not the correct hack. – I was about to say,
that would’ve been– all right.
I’m curious to see– I mean, there’s probably
other ways to do it, but I’m like, this is definitely
a simple way to do it that would give you more light.
– You were on the right track but not quite what
we were looking for. Are you ready
to see the official hack? – That’s what maybe I was looking for.
Okay, let’s see. – So, they cut down the middle. They cut in like an “I” shape. – Ohhh! I see.
Okay, okay, okay. Yeah. – So, you just cut– okay, cool.
They cut a little window also. Ahhh.
– Ooh. – Then he just opens it up
like barn doors. – That’s [bleep] sick!
– Exactly what I did except I just removed the whole door.
– I wanna try it again. – It’s literally the same thing.
Now I’m actually gonna cut a hole, just do little slight
small slits in this. Come on. (monotone) Woo. I fold it open.
Ah-ha. Wow. Oh, now I place a candle–
I light a candle and I place it inside.
This achieves the same thing. It’s using the aluminum
to bounce the light off. Could achieve the save result
just slitting slits here. I was just lazy.
– Slice the middle, okay, so it can open up. Vibes. That’s [bleep] vibes in here.
Yo, this is dope, though. Imagine having 20
of these in your room. – (FBE) So, for our last hack…
Now, we’ve been really nice today, and we’ve given you a lighter
as a source of fire. But what if you didn’t have a lighter?
– I could still make fire. I’m confident in my ability
to still make fire without a lighter. – (FBE) Let’s see if you can! So, for your last hack,
you’ve got cotton, a battery, and steel wool.
– Ooh. This is interesting. I haven’t done this method.
– Create a fire? With what? Like this? – (Ethan) Does that work?
Oh, sh– ahhh, brain! (laughs) That was cool.
– What if I just touch it– oh! (laughs)
(ding) What?! What?
– Does it react like– What’s happening?
Did something happen? Did something happen?
I don’t understand. – What I’m gonna assume
is we’re gonna take a little bit of the steel wool.
This is probably gonna be our conductor between the positive
and the negative of the battery. And while we do that,
we have to get our cotton ready, ’cause it’s our flammable piece. So, if we– there it is.
There it is. There it is. – Whoa!
(ding) This is the craziest thing ever.
– [Bleep] look at that. That’s wicked. (ding)
(laughs) That’s sick! Ah, man. I love science.
– There it is. (ding)
Yay! We did it.
– (FBE) You did it! – We did it in the last episode,
and I learned a lot from that, ’cause I guess that was the one
I was– that’s the one that really stumped me.
I didn’t know how to get a fire going, you know? But it’s just
a little conductivity. It’s cool. It’s fun.
– [Bleep]. Put this battery in my mouth and rub my head with this?
(buzzer) Oh, y’all got
a fire extinguisher out here? Oh, I’ll watch the video. Hold up. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Battery, steel, wool, cotton.
– What the [bleep]? People really be doing this out here? – Wow. Wow!
– I was having fun with an experiment. I was like, “This is how logic works.
Let’s check my brain’s logic. Oh, look. It works.”
– When I get it exactly like the video,
I wanna pat myself on the back. – (FBE) So, go for it.
– Ohhh! (ding)
Ah. Now I know why we have a fire extinguisher. Okay. Oh, [bleep]. Oh, [bleep].
Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I feel like the Elmo meme.
Have you seen the Elmo meme where it’s like, “Fire. Finally.”
(smoke puffs) (fire crackling)
– (FBE) So, there were a total of 10 possible points,
and you got 10! – I survived! (laughs)
– Yo, did I get a perfect score? I didn’t die!
These just feel like puzzles, just trying to figure out
how to get to that solution in the end is just really fun.
– I think I did better than expected. Usually,
for these type of things, I rate myself pretty low
in what I could do maybe ’cause I just don’t try it,
but I feel pretty good. – This is the most I’ve ever
felt like a winner at React ever in my life.
I’m still so shocked that I did that. (laughs)
– (FBE) How do you feel about your reliance
on the internet for survival? – Oh, we’re– I’m one million percent
reliant on survival and I think everyone else is too.
They might just try to avoid it. – Let’s go camping and actually
use all of these methods as the only way to survive.
(snaps and claps) Let’s do it. – Thanks for watching us
try not to die on the React Channel. – If you liked this episode,
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Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching! Deuces!
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