My name is Tony, I’m a repairman for Puls. Everything from phones, to TVs, to appliances. So, before Puls I was helping my dad at a convenience store, I was a box boy restocking shelves. I was trying to find a more permanent job, because I definitely
didn’t want to be a box boy for the rest of my life. I saw an advertisement for
Puls saying I can make $30 an hour. I applied, got in, and that’s where I
started. One of my favorite things about working with Puls is being able to
travel and work. I am not stuck in one place, I can travel nearly anywhere I’d
like and still pick up a job and work. Thanks to Puls, I was able to pick up
on a lot more skills and I actually learned a little bit more about me. I
found out that I like working with my hands, [and] I love repairing things. Puls was the perfect platform for me. One of the things I love about Puls is the peace of mind. I am able to get enough jobs to sustain me and anything that I need. I
never have to worry about marketing, I never have to worry about advertisement. Puls does all the work for me all I have to do is open the app and
claim a job. I had an experience with a customer who had problems with a rival
company, they kept rescheduling her and moving her appointment back again and
again. Eventually, she just cancelled with them, made an appointment through us, and she was very happy that I was able to show up the next day. I was able to diagnose
her dishwasher and come back the following day with the right part to fix it. When I first get to an appointment the customer is usually unhappy.
Whether it’s a broken phone or broken appliance, and being able to take them
from the state of unhappiness to joy is – I mean I can’t even explain it.
It just, it makes me happy as well, being able to put a smile on their face.