Hello everyone out there!
Today is a very special day. The Last Reformation America have just got
the first Jesus Center. Yeah! It’s behind me. The Last Reformation: The Arc. Today was a very special day. Maybe you’ve
seen the video I did a few weeks ago where I told the amazing, incredible story
how the Holy Spirit led us here, how we met Fred and his wife,
how God just did something in their hearts, in our hearts, how the Holy Spirit was
leading and how this place was 2,2 million, but he just loved this. He loved what he sees
in The Last Reformation. This is what he was longing for and he just
went from 2,2 to 1,2. I told in the video how a family met God
a half year ago, a little longer time ago, and they are selling their house in
California and donating 800.000 to this place. So we only need 400.000 and the place
is already payed for. I told an amazing story how God wanted
to do something amazing in this place. Have you not seen the video,
then go in and see the video. But today, we signed under the paper. The house is not sold yet, but God have
done so much and we signed under the lease with option to buy, to give us more time with
the house, because we felt it’s time to move on. Sorry, so the owner, Fred, he gave the baton
over to The Last Reformation today. Gave the baton over and we are just so ready.
This is a new beginning and we are so excited to see what God
is going to do on this place. When the owner Fred and his wife left this place
we were waving and it was a special day. As soon as they drove out, five minutes later,
the first family came in and got completely changed.
It’s so beautiful what God is doing. A few days ago I was on “Chick-fil-A”.
I recommend “Chick-fil-A”. And I was sitting there and I heard
a young girl, 17 years old, with her daughter who was 11 months, stood and talked
with somebody. And I felt God put in my heart to bless her.
So I took the money I had and I gave her the money I had. And she broke down
and started to cry in “Chick-fil-A”. And she was so touched by it. I talked
a little with her and gave her my card. I left. She wrote to me short time later:
“Hi! My name is this and this. I was the one you met in “Chick-fil-A”.
I didn’t tell you my name but I am so thankful. I’ve never met anyone as kind as you.
And thank you so much for giving me the money. I was so touched.”
And I started to talk with that girl, and write with her. She have now
seen the movies and today she came here. As soon as the owner drove out, she came with
her mom, with her two siblings and her daughter. And they all met God. That young girl was
filled with the Holy Spirit today. She met God. Her mom got set free
today. So beautiful. The other sister, she got set free and was filled with
the Holy Spirit and that family today got changed. And we had the beautiful, beautiful time.
And they live only 20 minutes from here and we are going to see them much more.
So today the baton was given over. Today the key was given over. And it didn’t
need to go more than one hour before the first family have got their
life changed. And many, many, many, many more families
and people are going to be changed on this place. Look at the place.
This is the Arc. I’m going to put more videos out later
and tell about this place. There is a golf court right there. And look
at the view. It is an amazing, amazing place. So we are ready to launch the first school.
There is a big TLR team ready to run the school. In the middle of November the first school
will start. We have people, friends, Andreas and Jenny and other, from Sweeden
are coming, other people from different places are coming to help to run the school.
Soon I’ll have my working permit and I will there also, as soon as I get that,
be able to be full time on the school and be part of that school. And we are so excited to see
what God is going to do in this place. So now, there is a lot of people busy,
renovating, making it ready for the first people to move in,
and then, in a very short time, we will start the first school
in the middle of November. So come and visit us.
The Last Reformation: the Arc. We will make more videos.
We will put the address out later, and so on. Yeah, we are just excited. So today is a day
of celebrating and we are going to do that. A new beginning.
God bless you all out there. Thank you for your prayers.
Thank you for standing together with us. This is the new beginning not only for us
as a family and for those people at schools and those people who are staff,
and those people who are going to be part of this. This is a new beginning for
America. This is a new beginning for America. And we really felt that today that we are
at the beginning of something big today and we look forward to see what God will do
in the future. And in the future we will look back
at this day, the 1st of October, when the Last Reformation signed under
the paper and this is our new “Jesus Center”.
God bless you all out there! Bye-bye! Aaah! The Last Reformation: The Arc!
It is official! We have started. Ah! – One small.
– Who is finished? Simone, this is the only thing
you could think about the whole day. This is amazing. The Center is official.
The Last Reformation America have just got the first “Jesus Center” and we want
to celebrate. Look at the cake. Come and eat it with us.
God bless you! Bye-bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community