It is important, it varies from person to
person because technical adaptation is what could differ from person to person.
For what purpose you are doing if your mind analyzes, starts missing something,
grows into a desire of a glory or recognition of a certificate and then
you are doing service but you are claiming it’s a selfless service.
But actually you want a glory, you want people to recognize. So thus it may
vary some person to person. That thing may not give you any sadhana at all.
The mind has to become quiet, silent and recede so it can become receded, quiet
only when there are no expectations when you are working in this worid. That’s
the most troublesome. It’s very difficult to hold back the mind not to have any
expectations when you are working. When you are working means only when you
don’t have expectation that can be called a selfless working. Means you have
nothing to gain, simply you are doing. Still you are doing. That’s what is the
selfless service. It has to be though otherwise if the mind desires then the
sadhana doesn’t happen. So in that case it can be very effective also if you
don’t have expectations, if it is simply mind accepts so that is how I did for 20
years when I did. There were no expectations, no imaginations. When I was
with Swamiji, was serving, at that time there were no imaginations that I become
a Yogi and everybody worship my Pada Puja or everybody recognize me. There were
no such imagination ideas at all were there. I never thought that I would become a
Yogi and all these things would happen. So that is how the mind was simply quiet and
receding, receding. Then that purpose gets served Yeah, at least if you are trying to help
somebody, if you are considering others that is always recommended and good. When
though a little bit ego is there a little bit desire come, slowly it gets saturated
filtered and you go on losing that ego of expectations. So it is good. Good Karmas
are always recommended so that through that eventually you can overcome the
desires or expectations. Because always it is not possible for a person to
remain in Samadhi or in meditation at all times. Be coming out so when you come
out what type of life you are going to lead is important. Is your life helpful
to somebody or at least is your life not bothering to somebody, so that type
of things. So that way it is always good to go for a selfless service even
though it may not be selfless instantly