If you really want to set the expectation for an experience and truly have it the herbalizer allows you to do that And the reason why is because you have precise temperature control, [Music] Right now I think a lot of people are still focused in burning their herb rolling a joint, using a pipe, and all that requires combustion You can’t really control the temperature when you are combusting It either combusts or it doesn’t. When you burn plant material, the charcoaley types of material that comes out of that is laced with carcinogens and really we don’t want to ingest carcinogens, and that’s where the vaporizer comes in. I’m trained as an aerospace engineer. That’s kind of where I cut my teeth and eventually ended up in the satellite industry. There’s a lot of special things that are involved in making and qualifying a satellite for use, and I think it really helped us in setting a criteria for what kind of materials we used in the herbalizer. Cannabis is an amazing plant, because it has 28 well known cannabinoids. [Conga Drums] Which are the oils and each one has its own character, its own effect on the human body, and by pushing hot air across it, it’ll cause the oil to boil, and create a vapor and that’s what everybody’s after, is that vapor. You flip a lid open, you put the herb you want to vaporize into the bowl. There’s a number of ways to actually consume the vapor: The whip, Balloon systems, there’s even freestyle and many, many others. Well if people just wanted to, extract everything out of the plant, and get one kind of experience from it, the temperature is not so important. But if you only want to isolate a few of those cannabinoids, you do that by controlling what temperature you vaporize at. You know maybe early in the day its just a very low temperature, very uplifting. Later in the day, euphoric, and then in the evening when you’re ready to go to bed, it’s the more sedative effects that you get with higher temperature. The the heating of the herbalizer is accomplished, the main element is a halogen light bulb. If you go back to the Thomas Edison days, when the incandescent bulb was originally created, the little-known fact is that it’s actually not really that great of a light source, it’s a far better heat source. We maintain that the herbalizer heats up before you’re ready to use it. So if you’re doing some sort of treatment for a medical condition like epilepsy. While they’re in the throes of the stages where the seizure is developing, if you have something can heat up and be ready to administer, vapour in less than one or two minutes, they can actually stave off the epileptic seizure. So that that’s a medicinal reason why it’s important, but the real reason I think is human nature. We’re basically impatient people. With our market research of the vaporizers out on the market – they were taking about oh anywhere from four to five minutes to heat up. We wanted to do a lot better than that, so our goal was to heat up in less than thirty seconds The herbalizer, took a quantum leap above where things were before. You know, we’ve always heard people talk about their their bad trips. Well, not to be had here. [Music]