AMETEK Land Process and Analytical Instruments Thermal Imaging Solutions for Reformers and Cracker Tube Furnaces Continuous Temperature Measurement Furnace Optimisation and Monitoring With the Near-Infrared Borescope NIR-B 3XR ATEX, IECEX and CSA Hazardous Area Certified Temperature Range 600 to 1800 C / 1112 to 3272 F High resolution thermal image with real time continuous accurate temperature measurement Tube Wall and Refractory Surface Hot Spots Hot Bands Flame Impingement Refractory Damage Dedicate Software – Data Points, Areas of Interest, Automated Alarms, Long Term Data Trending, System Interconnectivity High Temperature Measurement Accuracy …enables optimum process control through enhanced thermal imaging Real-time Thermal Data, Combined with High Resolution Visual Image … allows true real-time furnace optimisation and the opportunity to improve energy efficiency without degrading reformer lifetime Shutterless operation guarantees accurate, reliable data with no blind time 24 Hour, 7 Day Monitoring AMETEK Land Process and Analytical Instruments