Research has shown that home is best. Having spent time discussing this with my patients I know that they often want
to go home but aren’t able to go home without
certain amount of support this is why Neighbourhood Teams are there Neighbourhood Teams are able to prevent patients from coming into hospital by
treating them for chest infections, helping them to mobilise at home etc . So they can actually stay at home and get better whilst in their own homes, in
their own environments. similarly Neighbourhood Teams support us to get our patients out and facilitate discharge a little bit quicker. Research shows that patients who stay in hospital over a protracted period of
time actually don’t get any better after a certain point. So it’s very clear that we need to get our patients home when they are optimum and not have anything
to delay discharges. you might have conversations if you’re an inpatient around your discharge and when it’s best to get home and they may be some
reluctance to go home just because you’re nervous about doing that or there
may be some barrier of some description often this can be seen that we are kind
of trying to make our patients go home quicker than they want to, but we know that actually home is best which is why we’ll speak to our
colleagues and Neighborhood Teams to see how we can facilitate your discharge get
you home in your own environment and be there where you can recover, continue to
recover with support from people in the community. I know where I want to be and that’s at home.