Hello friends! I have invited one of my colleagues, David Neal, to share today’s inspiration. Popes had overspent. When you overspend, you’ve got to pay it back. The banks wanted the money! And the only way the Church could raise the money to pay back the banks… was to increase the sale of indulgences. Isn’t it interesting that one of the causes of the Reformation was the misuse of money, and the corrupt way of getting it back. I’m excited about reading this book, ‘The Reformation’, by Owen Chadwick It’s appropriate for this year; it’s a great story; it’s a great significance to Seventh-day Adventists “Know your history, and you know where we are now. Martin Luther stood up for what is right; he stood up to share the beauty of the Gospel, Righteousness by Faith. What a great privilege it is to know that story”.