So the real reason I believe Microsoft
is releasing a surface neo and surface duo isn’t because it’s trying
to replace a smart phone. I think it’s far from that. Smart phones aren’t going
to be replaced anytime soon. It’s our primary mobile computing device
and a form factor we’re so used to and familiar with. I don’t think it’s going anywhere but
I believe there is this desire for that devices sort of fits between a tablet
and a laptop with the mobile sort of centric design to it but also
giving a PC like experience as well. And I believe that’s where the surface
Neo and the surface duo are sort of gonna fit in here. So starting
off with the surface Neo, which is pretty much aimed and more
being that tablet laptop hybrid they’re trying to reach. In this particular case it comes with
dual nine inch displays with the hinge in the center of it and that
hinge has 360 degree rotation. So you can flip it all the way out and
have screens on both of the sides if you want to. On the back there’s going to be a space
where you can attach the surface pen. It will magnetically connected to
the back of it as far as internals, what we know so far it going to come
with an Intel Lakefield processor that’s specifically designed for this. It’s
also gonna come with windows 10 X, specifically designed version of windows
for dual screen devices such as this. So I imagine other manufacturers are
looking to also get access to this version of the operating system. There’s also a flip up keyboard
that you can attach to it. It will flip and attached to the second
half of the screen right at the bottom and when you attach it right there
it’s actually going to bring up some shortcuts and little emoticons and
different things right above the keyboard right there. So this is where I think they’re sort
of trying to give you that tablet and laptop experience sort of all on
one here with the surface neo. Now as far as the
surface duo is concerned, that is more going for that
sort of phone and tablets, sort of mixed hybrid vibe there. This is going to come with
dual 5.6 inch displays. It’s going to have the same hinge
is going to lie to flip the phone, 360 degrees. Interesting thing
here. It’s running Android. Yes, Android, Microsoft. It’s officially
releasing an Android device. It’s going to have basically the best
of Google and the best of Microsoft because they’re doing a partnership with
Google to make sure that this device works really, really well. It looks like it has sort
of a nice Microsoft scan on
top of whatever version of Android. This will be inside
of it here, which is nice. Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen
dual screen devices and sort of this foldable for factor. We’ve obviously
seen the galaxy fold this year. The Huawei Mate X as well. Two devices sort of aiming for that
market with going with foldable displays. We’ve all seen this hinge design as it’s
happened on Android a couple of times with going all the way back to
Kyocera Echo from a while back, I think it was 2011 maybe
2012 when that was released. We also had a ZTE Axon M that
was released as well too, that had the dual screens set up
with it and while they came out, there was very little fanfare after
sort of the initial wow factor with them because really the software and everything
wasn’t really there for those at the time. And we kind of know what’s, it’s a little bit tricky with
these foldable screens right now. So we’ve seen some of
the issues with that. That’s why I believe sort of this hinge
design with a dual displays is I think the best way to sort of
introduce this form factor. Plus it’s really gonna I think cater
more to the productivity thing, having a couple of different displays. It’s going to allow developers to make
apps specifically take advantage of these things. Now the big question a lot of people ask
is why announce it now when they made t he release date of holiday 2020 I believe
the reason he did that is mainly one is they’re going to get a lot of initial
feedback from a lot of people’s initial impressions with this from
what they seen so far. That’s gonna allow them
to improve the device. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna find a
way to get an external camera on the outside of them. I’m pretty sure
they’ll find a way to get some, another sort of external display
on the outside of it as well too. So especially on the surface duo there. So you may be able to sort of check
calls without having to open up the phone fully. That’s going to be interesting
to see kind of what they do there. With that. This also gives developers plenty of
time to develop their apps to take advantage of this hardware
and the new operating system. Windows 10 X and Android as
well too with the surface duo. This gives them more of an advantage,
like more time to really make things for, it gives accessory
manufacturers time as well too, cause there will be definitely unique
accessories that could take advantage of this new dual screen, sort of mobile computing that we’re sort
of going into and trying to figure out how we’re going to enter this space and
what devices are gonna really be that niche for this. Like, I don’t expect
these to be big major sellers. These not this, this isn’t going to take over smart phones
or standard tablets or anything like that. I think this is going to have
its niche and slowly grow over time. I notice a lot of skepticism about
this right now. Funny enough, I really believe that this was Apple
announcing this and not Microsoft that they’d be more focused on the
positives over the negatives with this, so that’s just kind of a sediment and
sort of happens with these things in Microsoft sort of announces
things, but I do remember a device, a particular device that got a lot of
flack and got a lot of skepticism the first time he came out almost about
10 years ago and that device ended up changing the entire landscape
of smartphones going forward. That was the galaxy note. So there is a good possibility the surface
Neo and do could really be that game changer coming up in the near
future. But my question to you is, do you think foldable or hinge is the
best way to go about with multiscreen devices? Do you want to be about the
foldable display or do you
want to have the hinge in the middle as well too for a little bit
more assurance that we know that kind of does work versus the foldable
displays? Post your comments below. Let me know what you
guys think and as always, Live you tech world in high
definition. Thanks for watching.