A while back I woke up inspired and thought I’ll start playing the guitar I had just received my paycheck so with a smile, I went to buy the instrument that would turn me into a legend I bought a McCallister 500 Copper aluminum strings, guitar picks and I even got that black leather guitar case I wanted so badly Was it expensive? Incredibly expensive But the sales guy told me that for such quality and that price I would not get anything better besides when the world would listen to me play the money would be the least important thing “the least important thing” “the least important thing” Since three months that guitar is laying there, in a corner of my place just collecting dust If I tell you how many times I pulled it out of the case I can count it off with the fingers on one hand the last time I took it out I just got around to clean it the thing is, after a week of having blown my entire paycheck on that instrument I realized that playing the guitar is not easy even worse, it’s super difficult your fingers hurt, your back hurts the neighbors hate you and will throw every insult known to man at you and one month after getting it I could not even play “Happy Birthday” this is exactly what Sterner talks about in his book how to not give up on your latest passion how to not say “fuck it” the minute everything gets a bit complicated what Sterner says is that we only have eyes for what we want to accomplish I wanted to be a classical guitar player what I didn’t know and never imagined is in order to become the new Paco de Lucia I would need to practice hours and hours that it would hurt that friends & family would look at me with annoyed faces every time I wanted to strike a chord and so life goes on we want to be soccer stars or learn Chinese we want to get that summer body or even become the new chef on TV but before you become all of that please learn what I learned from good old Sterner It doesn’t matter who you want to be or where you want to go the most important thing is how you get there the final result should be completely unimportant so if you want to be the next Messi you will have to practice a lot you will have to play too much soccer during the day and the night, with rain or sun if you feel good or bad you can even have a football in the shower but the most important thing is to completely forget about becoming Messi your head has to stay focused on the practice it has to be focused on bettering that shot into the goal if that paint stroke on the canvas adds or doesn’t help the painting or if that dance step is going well or you might have to break it down into smaller parts I don’t wanna be Zen but I promise you that if you keep focused on what you are doing you will start enjoying yourself, you will forget your anxiety you will actually find pleasure in what you are doing so next time you get all stressed out because you will never be as good as that Japanese girl playing the violin you saw on youtube forget about the girl, forget about youtube focus on the instrument start playing note by note, start with just one and play it as many times as it takes until it’s perfect once you have it move on to the next one, and I promise that in a couple of months you will look at yourself in the mirror and will say I’m playing a full scale! the truth about all this is, that a Messi a Van Gogh a Santana besides their natural talent I promise they did put in the hours many many hours and every additional hour they put into their craft they were right there without worrying about who they wanted to become or where they wanted to end up but without fear of failure Good old Sterner was on to something so next time you want to become a Classical guitar player ask your friend to lend you his guitar, because it surely will be cheaper than what I did