There’s been a lot of focus of the 15-inch MacBook Pro on my channel recently But today I want to bring attention to the 13-inch device And I think for most people this is a more compelling and just better product overall compared to the 15-inch device So this was also updated this year the 13-inch to the 8th gen CPUs And these are a really big step up from the previous generation But the real draw here is two things number one the price point this is a $600 cheaper than the base model of the 15-inch and The size a 13-inch device is so much easier and just more comfortable to carry than a 15-inch device Like the 15-inch devices are great If you need the bigger screen if you need the better processing power But if you can get away with the 13-inch device go for it because it’s just a much easier Payload in your bag, wherever you go doesn’t matter 13-inch portability Trump’s 15-inch Anyday, the hard work isn’t drastically different from last year’s model, right? It’s faster, obviously from the new CPU and the GPU got a small clock bump But battery life is the same despite having a slightly bigger battery it still has super fast storage still has an excellent screen touch bar for the touch bar fans the speakers however are Redesigned they were always excellent But now they’re slightly cleaner and all four USB-C ports now support Thunderbolt 3 There are some feature ads like the updated true tone display So that will change the color temperature depending on the environment that you’re in and you also get the third-generation butterfly switches So underneath each key cap you now have a silicone membrane in there to protect it against dust and you also have access to hands-free Siri if that’s your jam so the processing power in the 8th gen CPU in here is a Huge step up because of the core count, so this is now running four core CPUs instead of the two core CPUs from previous generations And that’s a big big difference depending on your workflow You can hit like forty to sixty percent improvement compared to the previous generation. That’s big So it doesn’t matter what you’re doing if it’s like Photoshop, video editing, if you’re a developer, any kind of CPU intensive task is gonna be better on this device Significantly better on this device than was in previous generations And I think that’s the real draw here to be able to get away with stuff that required a four core 15 inch device from the previous generations and now you can put that workflow into a 13 inch and Basically get very similar performance. That’s a huge win so As an example I’ve never been able to edit 4k videos on the 13-inch MacBook Pros from the previous generations like two core CPUs could never Handle that footage very well. The new ones can handle it so much better. It’s much smoother. Render times are still a little slow. But the fact that I can edit 4k videos in Premiere on a macbook, like a 13-inch MacBook is pretty cool This thing starts at $1,800 and that’s where things get a little bit weird Because this is a MacBook because it’s an Apple product. You’re gonna pay that premium, right eighteen hundred dollars is a lot The competitor is this guy. This is a Windows device. This is the XPS 13 the 9370 this is my favorite Windows Device on the market right now this similarly spec to this goes for around $1,400 and that’s with the 4k touchscreen So the value that you’re getting out of this device is just so much better than the MacBook. So This makes the whole decision between like should you get this or should you not? difficult because if you’re comfortable on either platform like either a Windows device or an Apple device Then my gut feeling is just go for the Windows Device because it’s just so much better in value just raw value but if you have a preference for Mac OS you need something a little bit more powerful the 13-inch with the touch bar is probably the one to get and Don’t be drawn into the whole 15-inch device because traditionally this is the one to get if you need power the bigger device But this year the 13 inch can handle a lot of stuff the thing that I find most Disappointing with this whole upgrade this year though is that the 13 inch device is from Apple that didn’t have the touch bar Didn’t get the new CPU so those are still running the two core seventh gen CPUs and If they had put 8th gen CPUs into the base model as well like the non touch power devices I mean it would’ve hurt the sales of these ones But I think it would’ve just been a really good value for most people because that extra processing power from those new CPUs is money Ok, I think that wraps it up like if you’re looking at devices right now and you’re kind of deciding between 13 and 15 keep in mind that the 13-inch is So much more powerful this year than it has been in previous generations. Ok Hope you guys did enjoy this video thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time