She’s a really fun person and she has teached me a lot about her life. So I think it’s… fun! I was kind of lonely when I was living alone. I worked my eight hours, went home, ate, and went to game. I just got more depressed. I had a very comfortable life, but it was so lonely. There were days when I didn’t speak to anybody and… you get a bit… odd. The young people can bring to the elderly
the energy, the know-how in order to manage the information flows that you have around in the society. We hope that elderly people will bring to the youngsters a little bit of history of how things were before. We have seen that younger, as well as elderly people, are trying to make contact
with each other, and succeed. We didn’t have to do anything. It was exactly what we wanted. Fia has helped me very much with my computer and with the TV. I feel much better! She’s a really fun person. And she has teached me a lot about her life. So I think it’s… fun! Yeah, I do it for fun! There has been a few small conflicts. It was in the washing room. Someone took another one’s time. And… little, small conflicts, but it doesn’t do much. We hope that it will also be a saving for the society, because, as they are happier, they will be less sick, they will go less to the doctor. We really hope that it will succeed not only here in Helsingborg, but in all of Sweden, and maybe in other parts of the world.