– Have you ever had sex?
– Yes. – Mmm, damn!
[Inaudible] What? ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Vivica, how well would you say
that you know your dad? – I think I know him
pretty well, I think. (laughs) – Hmm, do you? – There’s not really
too much I don’t know about her. – Uh, there’s plenty. – (FBE) Well, today,
you’re gonna be having a chance to find out
just how well you know your dad, because you’re gonna be
able to ask your dad anything you want
while they are hooked up to a lie detector. – I’m so excited.
This is gonna be awesome. Do you have anything to hide? – (sighs) Not that I could tell you. – I watch all these
criminal mind shows. I can pass a lie detector test
like nothing. – So you’re saying you’re gonna lie. – It’s a certain…
– So he’s saying he’s gonna lie! – (FBE) So we’ve done this once before
with our kid reactors, but today we’re giving
our teens the chance to ask the hard hitting questions that you’ve always wanted
to ask your parents. – Okay. – Be smart with the questions you ask. ‘Cause you have to drive home
in the car with me. – Mmm, okay then. – You ready?
– I’m ready. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – I’ll go easy on you.
I won’t be too… – This feels like wearing a bikini.
– Oh my God. – Alright, let’s start
with some easy ones first. – Okay. – When I am at school,
do you look through my room? – No, not really. – What’s the verdict? – (FBE) It looks like the truth. – The truth.
– Yeah. – Good to hear. – Well have you ever
gone into my room and went through my stuff? – Yes.
– What? That’s true.
– (FBE) That’s true. – Wait, why? (laughs) – I was looking for
a toenail clipper. – What?
(both laugh) Is that it? Have you ever went in there,
just like, just to go through stuff, just to go through stuff? – Yeah.
– What? – (FBE) That’s true. – Do you love us children, or do you love your wife,
Patricia, more? – I love you both.
– Not an answer. – (laughs) That’s my answer. – There’s no equal.
It’s either one or the other. – I love Mom more. – (FBE) That’s the truth.
– Okay. – ‘Cause without her,
I wouldn’t have you. – How often do you look
at my social media? – Once a month.
You’re not that interesting. – (laughs) Aw, you’re such a pain! – (FBE) Sadly, that was the truth.
– Damn it, ugh! – Was I an accident,
or was I planned? – You were so planned.
– I was so planned? – (FBE) That is the truth. – (laughs) That is the truth, okay. – Were any of your children
a mistake? (both laugh) – Yes. – (FBE) I mean, he is
telling the truth. – Oh my God. – When’d you lose
your virginity? – Uh, what was I?
14. – Is that true?
– (FBE) That’s true. – 14. (laughs)
I was a man at 14! – He’s like let me just
wild out. – I was a man! – What would you say is
like the craziest thing you did as a teenager? – Ooh, probably getting arrested.
– What is that? Yes or no?
– (FBE) That’s true. – Did you really?
– Yeah, I never told you? – You never told me that.
That’s new! – Have you ever been
like really arrested before? – Yes. – Really?
– Mm-hmm. – (FBE) That’s true.
– What age? – I got arrest at 15.
– 15!? – I got arrested at 15,
the police broke down our door, ran up in our house. – Just to get you? – No, to get my brothers.
– Oh. (laughs) So it wasn’t your fault? – Well, they arrested me,
because I had weed on me. – Oh. (laughs) – Have you ever stolen anything? – Yes.
– (FBE) That’s the truth. – In my misspent youth,
I went through a period where we were stealing
pink flamingos out of front yards. – (laughs) What?
– And so, by the time I got to college we had like 30 of them. – I know you’ve said
you’ve done, you’ve tried weed before. – Mmm, yeah, I was a pothead. – So was that the worst drug
you’ve ever tried? – Yes. – (FBE) That’s a lie. (both laugh)
– Yo, I knew it! – Do you think I do
too many drugs? – (laughs) Yes. – Is that true?
– (FBE) That is true. – Yes. (laughs) – Who is the most annoying
out of your kids? – The most annoying out of my kids? I’m gonna keep it real.
Doniyah. – That’s true, isn’t it?
– (FBE) It looks like this one’s true. (both laugh) – Who is the most talented
in the family? – (sighs) You all have good talent. – (FBE) This is definitely
making you nervous. (both laugh) – What she’s saying is
it’s a lie. – I know what she said. You’re one of the…
– I’m the most talented? – You’re the most talented. – Out of all my family?
– (FBE) Sorry but that’s a lie. – Oh my God!
(both laugh) Of course, of course! – Are you happy we moved
to L.A., or do you wish
we were still in Dallas? – Oh no, I’m blissfully happy
to be in L.A. – Really?
– Truth. – (FBE) That’s true.
– She’s nodding. – (FBE) Yeah. – ‘Cause I feel bad sometimes.
– Oh. – Since I’m like the reason
we came out here. – No, you know that’s not true. – I know, but still, like, you guys have every right
to decide where we should live. – Absolutely. – And I like totally
took control over that for our family. – No, that’s not true.
– So. – This is the decision we made
as a family. – (FBE) He’s telling the truth.
– Yeah. – Wow.
– These are good questions. – So good! – (FBE) So Jaxon, I did lie to you
a little bit. – Hmm? – (FBE) So now we’re actually
gonna turn the tables. – Oh good.
(Enza laughs) Ah, damn it. – Come here little Jaxon.
It’s my turn! ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – How often are you doing drugs? – Um, probably like once a day.
(laughs) – Do you think that’s too much?
(laughs) – Well, I don’t know,
because with weed being legal, it’s kinda the equivalent of like
having a glass of wine before bed. – (FBE) I think you’re
a little bit unsure about that one. You’re not fully sure
if it’s good for you. – Well maybe it’s not. – Have you stolen anything? – Absolutely!
– What? – Uh, last time I was in Japan,
I remember stealing stickers. – (gasps) Of all places, Japan?
(Jaxon laughs) Do you know what happens in Japan? – What happens in Japan?
– Oh my God. Stays in Japan, obviously.
(both laugh) – You told me and your mom, like you’re going
to your friend’s house. Have you ever gone somewhere else
besides your friend’s house? – No, I don’t think so. – Mmm-mmm-mmm.
(Vivica laughs) I don’t think so.
– Yeah, no no, I don’t. – Yes, it’s a spike,
it’s a couple spikes in that mug. – (FBE) Not sure about that one.
– Mmm, we ain’t sure about that one. Mmm-mmm-mmm. – When I was like 13,
I remember, I told mom that I was going to the mall, and I actually went
to this boy’s house. – 13, man, I was 14,
you was younger than me! – Do you have a boyfriend? – (laughs) Technically, no. – (FBE) Question did make you
a little nervous. (both laugh) – I’m dating somebody,
but I don’t have a boyfriend. – Gotcha, qualified. – Truth?
– (FBE) That part’s the truth. – Truth.
– Nice. – Did not expect you to ask that.
– No. – Have you had a girlfriend?
– No, never. (both laugh) – (FBE) I’m not so sure about that. – May have had one or two. – When I’m away,
do you have… – Oh, okay, let’s not. – Well I won’t say the name, but…
– I know what you mean. – How often do you guys…
– Often. (laughs) – Yeah?
– Yeah. – (FBE) That’s the truth,
and I can tell it’s definitely making you nervous. – (laughs) Yeah. – Have you ever
done it in my room? – No!
– Okay, good. – Have you ever had sex?
– Yes. – (FBE) That is the truth. – God darn!
(screams incoherently) Man, you answered that one like,
mmm, calm. – It’s okay, ’cause mom knows. – Mmm, damn!
[Inaudible] What? – Have you had your first kiss? – What first kiss we talking about? Like, when I was like three? – First intimate kiss. – No.
– (FBE) Well… (both laugh)
That’s a lie. – Okay, yes, I’ve had
my first kiss. – When you pick your nose,
do you rub it on a chair? – Absolutely.
Everywhere, everywhere! – You know that’s my worst… – Especially in your jackets.
– Oh shut, I hope you’re kidding. I swear.
– (FBE) The jackets was a lie. – Yeah.
– (FBE) But the rest is true. – Okay. – Do you feel good
about your career right now? – Yes.
– (FBE) That’s the truth. – Yeah. – Do you feel like
you’re doing everything for your career right now
that you can do? – No, I feel like
I could be working harder. – (FBE) That’s the truth.
– Huh. – I’m not exactly
where I want to be right now, like obviously, I want to be
doing more. – Yeah.
– Than the place I’m at right now. – Yeah.
– But like, I am happier in this project.
– Good. – Like I’m happier doing
the solo stuff than playing in bands
and stuff, basically. – Good, very good.
– (FBE) That’s the truth. – Who do you like more?
Me or Dad? – No comment. – I’m not offended
if you like him more, but he should be offended
if you like me more, so go ahead. – No comment.
– You’re a chicken. – I don’t wanna say.
– Why? – That is such, that’s such,
I hate, I don’t wanna pick sides! – (FBE) There was a big spike
when you said that you didn’t want to make a comment,
so I’m feeling… – He’s scared, it’s gotta be his dad. – Stop making that face at me.
Stop making that face. – Do you love Dad more? – I’m not saying anything.
That’s a sinister look. – Have you ever
wanted to fight your mom? – No. – (FBE) That’s the truth. – You ever wanted to fight me? (Vivica laughs)
Keep it real! Keep it real, like… – (FBE) We don’t even need
the answer to that one. (both laugh) – You’re like “I wanna knock you out!
You get on my damn nerves!” – Do you know how much I love you? – Yeah, I think so. – (FBE) That’s true. – That’s all I got.
– I mean, you and Mom always say that like you guys
love me more than I know. So like, I think sometimes,
I don’t really realize it, ’cause sometimes I assume the worst,
but like, I know that whenever anything happens,
it’s out of like love, and because you guys care, so. – More than life itself.
– Yeah. – (FBE) So finally, do you feel like this experience made
you guys closer today, or do you think you might
have been better off without it? – I think it made us closer. – I think it made us closer. I’m still in trouble
with all the rest of my kids. – No cap.
– But. (laughs) – Yeah, when this goes out.
– (laughs) Yeah, I’ll be in trouble. – There weren’t like
any bombs dropped or anything in this. Like there wasn’t like
any big things where it was like “what?” – Our love could always grow more,
but is so strong, it did not require electronics. (both laugh) – (FBE) Would you ever wanna
do this again? – Yeah. – Yeah, but I wanna do it
with the whole family. – Yeah, I know,
I wanna do it with them, them, them! – I wanna say some serious
questions here. – We honestly wanna thank you
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