My name’s Steve, I’m patient coordinator
here at the Birmingham clinic. Today I’m having FUE with Dr Michail Mouzakis. I’m
having it done to my temples and my crown. I’ve wanted to have this procedure
done for years now, I started losing my hair when I was about 18/19 so it’s been
gradual process so I’m 33 this year I’ve worked in the industry for about
seven years and it’s the first time I felt really comfortable with a company
and especially with the surgeon. Michail’s background is plastic surgery
in NHS so he knows the anatomy really well so I felt really comfortable with
him and obviously I’ve worked with him and every day I sit in his consultations
I consult on his behalf so I know so much more about hair through him so
it’s installed confidence in me and the company as well the aftercare is really
important here The Private Clinic so we look after our patients really really
well from start to finish so that’s made me feel really confident
and made me want to have the procedure done definitely with The Private Clinic
I’ve just come off holiday so and I’ve had to wear a cap the whole time I’ve
been on holiday and also SPF on my scalp so I haven’t burnt it. That’s
Michail’s strict orders. I haven’t been able to have any spicy food or any
alcohol or any coffee for a week before the procedure and also I can’t have any
coffee or anything on the morning having procedure done. I’ve also had to wear
loose-fitting top so I can put it over onto my head after the procedure rather
than something tight as obviously it would damage the follicles and I’ve had to buy some baby
shampoo as well so you have to wash your hair with baby shampoo fourth day post-op for
a week so I’ve had to get that. It’s a really straightforward process I haven’t
had to do much preparation it sounds a lot but it hasn’t been that difficult to
be honest nothing out of the norm and so it’s been a really easy
straightforward process, I don’t feel stressed out about it I don’t feel
nervous or anxious or under pressure the only thing I feel a little bit anxious
about is the injections because I’ve got a little bit of a needle phobia but
I’m sure I should be okay on the day I feel good today I feel really calm, I feel
really collected about everything usually I am quite an anxious person
but I feel really calm about it because obviously I know I am really good hands with
Michail. I know who I’m working with, I know the technicians really well and I
obviously know the clinic really well I work here every day so I just feel
really cool about everything so I’m ready – I’m really excited
I’m Michail Mouzakis I’m a cosmetic doctor and hair transplant surgeon here in
Birmingham at The Private Clinic and also in Leeds. I’m really glad today because
I will be offering my procedure, FUE partially shaven to Steven who is my
patient coordinator for hair restoration in Birmingham it’s his big day because um
he wanted that quite a long time so he’s the perfect candidate he’s fit he’s well
he’s at the perfect age early thirties and he has a typical problem a pale area
over the crown and it’s the partially shaven FUE it’s the ideal procedure for
young professionals like him I will only shave the donor area we will expose and
find the best grafts and then only treat the recipient area which will be the
crown and quickly implant the follicles and that’s it without changing his
look. It’s called also the marine haircut and has minimum downtime and I want him to
share his experience throughout the procedure with the future patients. How are you feeling today Steven?
I feel good, I’m excited I’m ready for it, I have wanted this for a long time so I am happy So people would always comment on my hair loss you know
from behind if they were walking downstairs they would always say something about my crown and
it mostly affects my confidence and especially the job that I work within
I’m customer facing a lot you know obviously in consultations and I do care
about my appearance so I want this done for me so I feel like now’s the right
time the right agent working the right company with the right surgeon so I feel
like I’m ready for it at this stage of my life I’m feeling okay at the moment I’ve had
my injections which were a little bit painful to begin with just a scratch but
after that everything’s been fine I’m having my extraction at the moment so the
follicles are being removed from the back of the head which is quite a long process
but everything’s okay I don’t feel any pain, it just a little bit
uncomfortable from lying down for a long period of time but other than that
everything’s fine So we’re halfway through now we’ve just
broken for lunch and I’m feeling fine I was actually really relaxed I fell asleep a few
times so it wasn’t as bad as I expected and the only thing that was a bit of a
pain with the injections but they were just small sharp scratches so it was the
extraction and this morning just taking the follicles at the back of the head
and now we’re doing the implantation so the follicles being placed into my
crown and then my temples that will be for the rest of the afternoon so that will be the rest of the day. Oh gosh, thats amazing You can see…
Did you do in here as well?
Yeah I’m going to do a bit more at the bottom Gosh! It’s amazing! Okay so we have just finished the procedure It’s 5 o’clock and we started at 11 so It’s been quite a long day the first part of
the morning was the extraction from the follicles from the back of my head
then we broke for lunch and then we’ve just finished the implantation to
my crown and to my temples there was no pain at all
the only pain was the injections and it was a really easy process it was
comfortable I felt at ease and we had the radio playing so it was a very relaxed
environment I didn’t feel anxious or anything like that I was checked on
constantly to see if I was okay so totally recommend it to anybody and I’m
usually quite scared with stuff like this like the dentist and the doctors and any
small operations I’ve been quite scared of but I’ve been really fine really calm
and collected and now it’s just the aftercare stages so I’ll need to take my
antibiotics and I need to also spray my hair every half an hour whilst them
awake for the next four days to keep my scalp moist so the next four days
probably going to be a bit of a challenge but I’m just excited some
final results