SSD Performance Improvements
Enthusiast Solid-State Drive Hi, I’m Cameron with Kingston HyperX. Want to get your work done faster but don’t want to splurge on a new system? Just replace your hard drive with a Kingston HyperX solid-state drive. By replacing your hard drive with an SSD, you remove the mechanical inefficiencies that cause performance bottlenecks. After installing an SSD, you will see an immediate increase in overall system performance. Your system will start up and shutdown faster and your applications will load quicker than ever before. Plus SSDs are cooler and quieter than hard drives. Here is an example of boot performance and application loading with two nearly identical systems except that one is equipped with a traditional hard drive and the other with a HyperX SSD. We will start the machines simultaneously and load approximately 50 documents spanning 5 applications. You can see that the notebook equipped with the SSD reaches the desktop much sooner and begins executing files. In the end, the system with the hard drive took an additional 2 minutes to complete the same process. In a real desktop or notebook use case, this translates to less waiting and an overall better user experience. Improve your system’s performance with reliable HyperX SSDs.