[Music] let’s see a bunch of tools but when you break in any place you will not have to duck – let’s find first where are the tools inside they’re done ok the tools are under the driver’s seat right here there so first we pull here sit in front and here we find the tools that we need to do the change let’s see ok here are the tools good guys so first of all we have to lift the car so we put the gap more or less like here and now we find the correct spot ok here is the spot for the four deduct look we have the wheel here we put the jack here like this and we start feet move ok we have to lift the car and off able to remove the wheel the spare wheel so we start like this okay the car is lifting as you can see okay now the Willis litter as you can see let’s find the screwdriver now we have to remove the screw so we use this this tool – like this with the feet – so now the screws are soft so we can remove it with the with the hands like this please don’t lose them give it in a place where you are not going to lose them and you remove all four screws and now we remove the wheel very good so now all four screws are removed and now we can just take off the spare wheel and put it there haier repair it wheel like here we have he put this spot in here like this [Music] and how we have to match the holes to the screw we put the first cue like this yes phew taunt and then we put all four screws and then we can use the the tool from the heat of the ban and finish to screw them but don’t talk them too much until the end you first screw them all until the onion and then we are going to use our foot or legs to finalize torquing really hard them so they don’t fly while you are driving okay one more last one is resisting a little more okay now it’s going okay now all four are in place but they are low torque so let’s put more pressure there like this you know for remember don’t forget anyone or your wheels will fly [Applause] okay now we have to we have to store the wheel spare wheel let’s go okay done don’t forget like me to remove the jack it’s important to remove it before you go again just in game nice to store the wheel we have to open the back door like this then with the same tool we have to remove this screw here this okay we are under the van so in the back part so we don’t have to remove completely the screw that’s with you before we have to remove it enough to do like this open the compartment and then we put the wheel here okay let’s place the spare wheel do so now again like this okay now advancing but we have to skew this again enough don’t forget it because it’s not you will be launching wheels to other cars that’s not good oh say okay very good thank you for watching [Music]