Hey guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
were going to go over how to use OAXRAY on acehardware.com. So, once you get to aceharware.com you can
go to shop and then go to a subcategory that you’d like to go to. Right now, I am on flashlights and headlights. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Ace
pages there a little different than other pages but you can actually view in 9 products
per page or you can click on this and it will do if you all items. So, right now I’m going to left click on the
OAXRAY extension let that begin running in the background. I’m going to go to shop and I’m into tools
today so let’s go to power tools. I’ll go to corded drills and if I scroll
down to the bottom I can hit view all and run OAXRAY again. Since the pages are so large on this one is
going to take a little while to go there’s 159 items on this page so it’s going to take
a little bit longer than normal I’m going to move on to a different subcategory here
and I want to choose something that’s not overly large so that the shipping is not overly
expensive, so let’s see power screwdrivers and I’ll go down to the bottom again and
do view all and this is the last time a click on the OAXRAY extension and let that run. So, after a few seconds you’re going to realize
that your pages are completed loading. So, I have mine set up so that it’s filtering
from the highest ROI on top and the lowest ROI items on the bottom. You can just click on sales rank, ROI or net
profit to sort however you’d like. I also have a setting to filter out anything
that is not at least 1 sales rank or under 500,000 sales rank and also have an ROI threshold
at least 20% set in here. So, it just automatically filters these out. If you take any of these thresholds away all
the items that were on your sheet are going to come back to the sheet but if you put the
filters there again it’s going to remove anything that does not meet the ROI requirements. So, I’m going to scroll down, I’ll sort
by sales rank let’s see and the first item I see where I can double my money it looks
like it has an ok sales rank and it looks like it matches. Are these going to be these colored lights
right here? So, I’ll click on the link here on Ace,
looks like it selling for $7.99 and if I go back and click over here it appears to be
the same item, same brand and everything. 33 customer reviews so there’s a good amount
of reviews on it and it looks like the buy box is done by a prime seller. It looks like there are some cheaper ones
available but they are either out of stock or back ordered or something like that, so
we’ll just continue. The reviews look really good, so it looks
like this item is selling pretty frequently here and with all the reviews that it has
it looks good. Looks like it’s going to be pretty easy to
ship in. I’ve actually sold a lot of light bulbs
throughout my time selling on Amazon and it looks like that’s about correct 129,000. Last thing to do is we can pull up the Keepa
and see what the historical pricing has been but it does look like there’s a low-priced
seller but they might not be or might have not been in stock so I’m not even sure if
Keepa is going to show us the current pricing or if it’s going to show that back ordered
price. It’s going to be pretty easy to ship to
Amazon I’ll put 50 cents there and we’re going to pay $7.99. Looks like after we pay $7.99 we’re going
to clear $7.38 and also, we can pull up Raise if we’d like to see if there’s any discount
there I haven’t even looked so I don’t know. Some of the more obscure sites will not
have a discount but looks like there’s 2% discount on Raise and then if we want to take
an extra second we can go to Ebates. So, now we’re on Ebates and I’ll type in
Ace again. Oh man! Okay that’s the winner. So, it looks like not only are we getting
8% off, okay 8% in cash back plus 20% off site wide. So, we’re probably going to end up paying
so let me add those two things up – we’re getting cashback of 8%, we’re going to get
at least this 10% off and we’re also going to do 2% there so we’re talking about 20%
less. So, whenever I plug that in 20% of $8 is about
$1.60. So, we’re going to pay about $6.40 for this. Then I’m going to recalculate everything just
make sure everything’s correct. So, now looks like we’re more than doubling
our money on this item. All because we checked out Raise, we checked
out Ebates and we see that there is this code right here, I would have never seen it otherwise
so it’s always good before you put something in your cart and purchase it you check out
Ebates, you check out Raise to see if you can find a few extra percentage because now
instead of making less than 100% ROI we’re probably at like 120% ROI just because we
did that couple moves. If you want to stick around I will do another
item on OAXRAY and it looks like this red one right here and the ROI and things are
going to be pretty similar. But this one lights up red $7.99, pick up
in store, delivery same thing 18, really good reviews. This one looks like Amazon’s on it but it’s
backordered and Amazon has this thing in stock for $23. So, it’s actually more expensive than the
yellow one was so that’s really good. Same deal pretty easy to ship. We plugged this in here the number should
look approximately the same and we’re still going to get about the same discount. One thing I like to do is go wide on purchases
rather than deep. So, if I were buying $100 on there I’d buy
some of these couple just in case Amazon comes back in stock and just kind of buy more than
one product especially if you’re new and you’re getting started and you’re trying to
figure out how to get started on Amazon and you’re not really too sure. I wouldn’t buy 100 of one thing until I had
a pretty good understanding of everything. So, this item of margins a little bit larger. It looks like if you spend $6.40 after your
cash back and Raise in those things you’re going to make about $10. So, you’re going to make one and a half
times your money, probably a 150% Roi, return on investment. So, you can find these items here and there. I probably ran 3 or 4 pages and these are
just 2 lights I came up with within the last couple minutes. So, I think that everyone has an opportunity. You just have to use your time wisely and
run as many pages as you can try to find those items and the more obscure the website generally
the less competition, the less people are going to be looking on it. So, thank you guys very much have a great
day make some money using OAXRAY.