Swedish Narratives presents Heroes of Sweden Part Twenty-One – Reformation Body of Christ, sacrificed for you. Blood of Christ, shed for you. Good morning, my child! The service is over. Welcome back! I’ve noticed you’re active on Facebook. I don’t get you. Those opinions don’t suit a Priest of the Church of Sweden. You should act more like comrade Helle Klein. Pardon me, but to whom do I speak? I’m the newly assembled archbishop. Antje Jackelén has been a diligent worker in the vineyard of the Lord. Taking on this valuable heritage, a most solemn task. I don’t recognize you. Please tell me about your ordination. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. You may censor and sanction everything. In every area of the society. I thought we had freedom of speech. Your racism you have to give vent to somewhere else. I want us to protect Christian asylum seekers from being killed. Is that what you refer to? Now it’s up to you to decide how far to go, and what price to pay. Oblates, ooh. You may ask my friend, Fredrik Virtanen, what wine to choose. It should quench everyone’s thirst. Haven’t you heard the parable of the five loaves and two fishes. Some changes are to be done. A kind of reformation. What are you doing? For the updating of outmoded, patriarchal manifestations, no efforts must be spared. Do you mind taking this down? You talk about the Christian God, the creator of everything. A white, heterosexual man, as far as I’m concerned. Please leave and let me finish up. Communion has been held. Your last. I have hired an imam and a political editor from the social democratic agency ”Faith and Solidarity”. They will do your work. New wine in new wineskins. This is a church. I am a priest. Interpreter of the word of God. No, you’re a merchant. In my temple. Get out! Doesn’t sound good. Do you have anything else? What’s this? The fifth evangelist. Who played four handed with the Lord. Johann Sebastian Bach. Out of date, stale, Swedish psalms. And white dead men. How eccentric! I only play… You play this! Play!