Lunch break bell. Text message. (Join us on the roof) -I was doing a collection of this when I was a kid.
You know, like red wax and everything. – Guys, he’s coming, he’s here! Tada !!! -You’re crazy, guys!
We’re on the roof! -We even took you a little apple
for balance, buddy! -Oh, a little apple! -M. Broussard,
if you want to take your place. -My God, it feels just like home! -So it’s not a 4 stars,
but it makes us very happy! -It’s just like it! You are crazy, guys.
(Text message) – We are good here, guys!
– Absolutely ! Discussions
Noée’s text – Do you want to do something tomorrow night?
Yann – Did you hear Alexia sing? Baz – It was amazing!
Yann – It wasn’t bad.
Baz – Dude, that’s what you should do to win Emma back ! Noée’s text – Get a drink… The both of us… Baz – A music piece with a guitar.
Yann – No but dude, you’re annoying with this. I told you we don’t want to get back together. -You’re not eating, dude?
-Yes, yes, I’m coming. -It’s your mother ?
-No. -It’s your father ?
-No again. -It is my brother?
-No, it’s your uncle, bastard!
Baz (?) – It’s his uncle?
Arthur’s text – I’m sorry. I’m going to spend some time with my friends. It’s been a while since we hung out together. Okay, guys … Before eating, we’re not going to skip steps! -Oh !
-We’re good, guys! -He’d planned everything or what? -Then you book
your evening tomorrow because it’s my turn
to surprise you and it will be really awesome!
-You don’t want to do that on Saturday, instead?
-Ah shit! Why ? -Because I …
I planned something with Eliott. Since he doesn’t work at the video club
this week… -It’s annoying! -Yeah, and I, like, I … I promised
my mother to have dinner with her and all. Saturday is good! -Oh ok. And you can’t at all either, friday? -Well me … Yeah, tomorrow,
I have to go to the movies with my girlfriend. With Daphne, actually.
-Yes, it’s Daphne. Daphne, my girlfriend..
-OK, OK. Fuck, shit, I’m disappointed! It would have been cool. It would have been cool! -Next time, buddy.
-Well yeah, really. -Guys ! Baz -Don’t you want to go
on vacation together?
Arthur – Yeah we do. At my grandpa’s, like … He has a huge house in Normandy,
we can go all together with the girls. And, even better, it’s free! Let’s go ? We do that ?
-Oh yeah ! -What the fuck are you doing here? What is that ? Where do you think you are? And you, what are you hiding
behind your back? -Nothing at all, sir.
-Sorry? -Nothing at all, nothing. I… Nothing at all… -Because you smoke drugs,
on top of that? So that’s enough! Four hours of detention
for everyone on Saturday! -Ah no, sir!
It’s the holidays on Saturday! -You should have thought about that before, Mr. Cazas., Mr. Cazas! -It’s me, sir. The joint is mine. With my deafness and all that, it’s really to prevent … migraines. And if we’re here,
it’s because in the cafeteria, there is way too much noise for me. -It’s too much…
Shh … -So, it’s my fault, and please forgive me. -Ok I see. Okay. -Thank you sir !
-I only spoke to Mr. Broussard! -No but there, sir, it’s not fair!
-Are you deaf? -No. -You want to come at eight am
and come back the second week? So you put that away for me
and get out of here quickly! You have five minutes! -I’m sorry, guys. And obviously,
I’m coming with you on detention Saturday. it’s not even negotiable,
I tell you right away. -No, don’t worry, bro.
Don’t worry.