Hi folks I’m Bob Shrupp, physical
therapis.t Brad Heineck, physical therapist, and together weare the most famous physical
therapists on the Internet. In ouropinion of course. Brad, we want to do just a short
video on, we have a real live patient who had knee replacement done. She actually
works for us. Sure. She’s a physical therapist assistant, and we thought we
wanted to show how well the knee glide works we, we invented this, we created it,
and we’re kind of proud of it. Right. And in this instance it’s worked really well,
so we’ll just cut to the. Well, yeah we’ve used this for the last five years, as a
prototypes, and not only in this instance, but I can even tell you it works good in 95%
of knees. Yeah, I mean I told this story before Brad, we had a patient that came
in and we had seen her before we had the knee glide and we could not get her past
70. Mm-hmm. And eventually by using the knee glide we got her past 90, so she
could have knee replacement done, because they didn’t want to do it unless
she got past 90. It just makes that range of motion so much easier. You can help
with it better. It’s just a It’s a wonderful tool. So we’ve just got a couple clips
here with Rosey, so, thanks. Okay I’m here with Rosey. Rosey
just had surgery on Tuesday ,and it’s Thursday, so it’s just two days. Doing
really quite well, Rosey. She had the other one done, didn’t go as well ,so. You can
talk, but they may not hear you very well, but, anyway, we’re showing a difference
here, so again, she’s actually wearing a knee brace too, but ,we’re actually having
to start with a towel and we’re gonna show the difference how the knee glide
works a lot better on, on he.r so we’re gonna go ahead and put that in place,
because she can do that the floor scrub’s here ,but with the knee glide you
liked it flat didn’t you? Yeah, so, It’s kind of funny, watching Rosey not talk. There’s
a spider there. Okay, all right, now it’s a lot easier for her to start working on
the knee bend and then what she can do ,is she can take the other leg
and cross it over, and look at that, she can really get some bend now. The other
thing that’s nice about this, as a therapist,
it’s really, really easy to take a measurement. You can use both hands like
this, and then she can even push with their leg further, and now we can get a
really good measurement with the goniometer, so. You can actually use this
for straightening too. Yeah she can work on on the straightening and we can actually flip
it up like this, and she can work on that extension there. Trying to work it
straight so. All right, we’ll keep we’ll keep progress on Rosey, we’ll see how
she’s doing in a couple days,so thanks a lot. Okay we’re back here with Rosie I’m
still in my workout clothes here too – so are you Brad.Yeah, that’s the way it works. Rosey’s been doing
remarkably well you can see a little bruising here ye,t from your surgery, but,
it’s been one week now, since the surgery one week today. Correct Rosey? Yup. And she’s
made really good gains. She’s been using the knee glide. Why don’t you go ahead and go back and
forth a little bit Rosey, and as we mentioned before, what’s nice about the
knee glide is one, she can take her other foot, and push back like this, and look at
this. Wow. So, she’s getting a good range already, here, so as I measure. I don’t know, am I
in the way Brad? Oh, we’re over 90 Bob. Yeah, I think we are, are we? Yep. Give her a
little more Rosey. That’s stretching. she’s making a face. It’s probably far enough.
So,we got 96 – 97. I guess I’m gonna warn people, that don’t expect to be doing
this well, one week later. I mean that this is really. Right. Because, you know, it’s ‘probably in the top
five percentile, here, I’d say. She had her other knee done how many years ago? Six
years ago and that one was a little more stubborn. Yeah, but that one she had a lot
more trouble with. How straight are we going on this one here? So, and you said
you were down to about three degrees on that one? Little more, right now, maybe with
a little stretch, we can get down to that. Sure. That’s all. Alright. Nice job Rosey.
Have you done it, with the stilt up once? Yeah. see if we can. If going downhill
helps a little bit. Yeah. Look at that. There you go. Wow. Just a little change in
mechanics. Yup. She’s gonna be able to be dancing here, pretty
soon. There you go. Alright. Thanks everybody.