and So the women practice on the egg, what [do] the men do okay? The men the first thing they have [to] practicing that we call sharpening the knife okay, ram hug okay, so the whole key is very simple you get [an] oil we call the Baby oil baby oil, okay? and you put it in and now you put the Peanuts [you] warm evening in the co winter you warm them up you get a hot power okay, and you make it a warm Okay, and you put it here make sure all the blood flow okay, okay? Now you get the peanuts out [and] you pull the skin a lot of people they never circumstances yeah So they have the skin so you put the skin and you get the oil [in] the hand and your right hand corner I did you rub Rub Rub Rub? Especially on the Klan penis rub them [fifty] time right? okay, because you make them strong and Not sensitive, okay, sit. Enter, sweetie. Pam one one Right side 50 times left side [you] come from 50 combat 50 Times down a lot Okay, how often am I doing this you have to do every day until you can control every day [yeah] Hahaha, if you want one copy doing that if you want something if you want to be good with it you have to practicing Okay, all right, but when you get it now when you make a little bit okay, so I’m sharpening the knife But you’re not a knife, okay? All right. You don’t travel in the night. There’s the number one number, two you have to learn how to Contracting the Prostate gland right because the tooting are suffering the fun part here when you when you’re doing You want to test that you do it right or not when you urinate you up the you deanie? Yeah, and then it’s a fun part here [that] it’s a project man, okay, okay? Now the endless is differently okay? so people cannot separate and they they don’t know a [discrete] on energy system work because they so when you contract the project and because Male G-spot is in process right, so when you contract the project [man] in the front You feel energy activate here, so you contract and you feel here at do it now you do it, right? So [you] contract one two three four izzy five six? seven you contract we and the time 300 are they do I do that when I’m urinating to try to practice know when you know that muscle? you just practice all okay all right 50 you can split the mouth [50] time or ass do something and sometimes you sit on the Working, and you do 50 time very quick 50 seconds, okay? No one not even one minute okay, so you do it and now you hit expansion you big and You do that until you feel Possible when many calculation the pressure of the ejaculation is from the post again contracting Okay, so I’m exercising the exercise, okay And four people have posted men stolen up a problem this one who solved the problem, okay? Just like but I need [three] [hundred] [three] [hundred] times do [not] get you in the time You cannot do and now you do it until you feel okay? Oh, really? Yeah, okay call orgasm without ejaculation, right? Yeah, so you feel so you see when you do when when you get it? It’s very quick to to time you can [yeah] When your screen is all guess I’m coming up, okay? I like you Ain’t call me ejaculation, okay, but you you are controlling them okay, okay? So one you control them the the next thing we need to massage the testicle because one you diversity Okay, so we got the testicle if people have to be think about [it] because your hands have energy okay? So this chi, or we call energy with your fire So like the formula of ice [ice] [at] E equal Mc square? You are energy you have met you have material Mass and you have C [square] is fire So now you have fire And you have the testicle [if] material if you rub them in up the chain to energy there is [the] key okay, okay? Because why because one you do prolonged in not ejaculation you don’t have to eat [circulation] every time So that I’ll have a number very simple number, okay, man If you want to do practically this one you have one fixed number, so you know the time they call priceless goal Statement why very simple if you are 20 years old at least four days No, exact you can have 10 times 20 times set in four day, but no exaggeration But after four day you want it that way okay? Okay? Okay, but it’s 13 years old [eight] days Okay 8 day you can have many time steps, but you don’t have to ejaculation every time okay? other day because if you don’t do that the sperm Are to mastic out and the body can a beaut we built to you draining your energy too much just we actually okay but most men don’t know how to have an orgasm without ejaculation next because Then they may will learn how to stress do that hold them okay? If they don’t know how to massage the penis and Contract the Prostate gland okay? They cannot control okay? so you have to do the sharpen the knife first right you have to do the 300-Day Right and then what then try it on you know you can do already try [already] you can have sex and you do practice more And nothing hey, I can control it Yeah, you see and when you when you get so high so high so high you stop the you have to understand Orgasm Orgasm the Peak of Orgasm if you want more then no more is ejaculation Okay, yeah, so now the most enjoyable time when the understanding is around so okay So okay, so okay, so okay, so near the peak now you stop on the tick and Now you bring the orgasm upward And that is the key okay the whole key when you make love [do] creating so much orgasm and one you have orgasm two one Now we say here the peak Here the peak here, so when you go up to the peak you’re [Gonna] go down You finish ejaculation the finish, okay? So when you go up here you go up about here like almost the top almost 95% You painting it just in the beginning 80% 80% don’t go don’t but value the fire if I [here] we call the point of no return point of no return Okay, when you go beyond a [pony] [touch] [the] over saturation then you get away, and you [win] a cube or in my case 16 days you’d be okay in your case. How many days one month one [months], okay better? It gives [this] right, but I one month you Can you can have sex as many times as you want if you can do this process? Yes, okay? So back [to] the detail so you get up to 80% and [then] what happens at 80% [where] [you] [send] your stuff with stop Stop just try and do it all out. Okay little bit not completely out now You just rest control, and you just contract the same thing you contract for the program contract [contractor] [for] [circuit] or you can orgasm or work gives the contract? Contrast field orgasm okay now. You’ve been this aggressive upward okay now. It’s traveling up your body to the brain to the brain now Because the rule written down there is four thousand eight hundred years This arousal or gas ability can heal you this is written down in Chinese text of quarters and 800 le must be true Okay, unless not but the west put that now there’s a whole key, okay continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community of passionate people building the best versions of themselves Just click on the link below and I’ll see you on the inside